Turn left into Purgatory resort and park in one of its many parking areas and ride up the road or /shuttle to the top parking lot at Hermosa. I will say that the very end of the loop was almost impossible for us to follow based on the All Trails route. Went during autumn and it couldn’t have been better! Make sure to bring plenty of water as there is no drinking water at any of the trail heads. (Note: I am from Arkansas so not use to hiking at higher altitudes). A rest stop for main camp site, then from there you can hike different trails. The last 1.2 miles back up to the trailhead is the most strenuous after a mostly moderate hike of 7.6 miles of beautiful mountains and river views. Hitting it early definitely helps avoiding traffic. Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. Salubrious! Easy parking on a weekday at the Trailhead. Easy access, across the street from the lodge. Did this to go towards the Chicago basin. Wouldn't do it by itself, just don't see the point. And the aspens sounded beautiful as always! To the south is the forested canyon of Cascade Creek, making its way inevitably to the larger Animas River. Passive recreation opportunities support a trail along the narrows of the frequently dry Purgatory Creek bed that runs through this natural area.There are three access points to Purgatory Natural Area.Access to Lower Purgatory Natural Area Trail Head can be found at 2101 Hunter Rd this trail head features 35 parking spots, water fountain, port-a-potty Access to Prospect Park in the Northern part of Purgatory Natural Area can be found at 1414 Prospect. I did the full 5 miles to and animas river and loved walking across the bridge hanging out at the picnic tables for rest and walking to the train tracks. Views were amazing! It was a hike for a couple of 50 year olds from Missouri, but well worth it! Beautiful scenery! Recommend a lot of water if hiking in the summer after noon. Purchased in 1996 by Jack Alves as Jack's Roadhouse, "justa a beer joint". Challenging but not too bad for two guys used to sea level elevation. Just below, tucked in the valley called Purgatory Flats, a mountain stream called Cascade Creek runs rapidly through the trees. This was a wonderful trail, my family and I just did the 2.5 mile part to the creek/ camping ground. Did 8 miles round trip this morning with my dog. This trail is used for camping. In terms of trail difficulty It is relatively flat compared to trails in Austin, but most of Dante's Trail is rocky and choppy. © San Marcos Convention and Visitor Bureau. The creek includes upland meadows, canyon bluffs of 40 feet or more, dense juniper thickets, champion oaks, and a flood control dam. }); - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/colorado/purgatory-trail very scenic trail. You head down on switchbacks and into the forest. To access upper Hermosa Creek parking (near Purgatory): Take Highway 550 North from Downtown Durango. It opens up in Purgatory Flats area on Cascade Creek. Being an out and back trail it’s nice because you aren’t forced to go the whole 10 miles. On December 1, 2001, owners changed and bar was purchased by Floyd and Jamie Chapman. Lower Purgatory (Hunter Road) is the most popular trailhead and fills up quickly on weekends and late morning Spring days. Upper Purgatory has the most challenging trails. Purgatory Flats TH to the bridge over the Animas River is an 8.8 mile out and back hike that mostly follows Cascade Creek. Easy trail. Once you cross the Animas River, hang a left and follow the trail there. We did 2 miles round trip in just over an hour (we went fast on the way back to the car because of the mosquitoes). Visitors can hike along an old jeep track that winds through the property. Got some great pictures. Pace yourselves as the last couple of miles back up the mountain is hard... As a first hike in the altitude it was a little rough the last mile back up. Unexpectedly gorgeous given the ease of access with beautiful valley views and a fantastic flowing river hang out at the bottom. Terrance Siemon Purgatory Flats. Beautiful fall hike. I wouldn't bother with hiking along the train tracks as is marked on the trail but that is my two cents.

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