The three syllables really flow nicely. I just have no idea where to start with middle names! This product is displayed based on comments within this post. Traditional- Margot Elizabeth M Margot Eleanor M Margot Angeline M Margot Rebecca M Margot Penelope M, Floral- Margot Lavendar M Margot Violet M. These are great! If you don't have a family name to use, maybe a maiden name, a favourite character from a book or film, a house name, a name from a place that is special to you, if you're married maybe the name of the flowers you had at your wedding or something? Margot is the best spelling, esp. Margot Jasmine came immediately to mind, not sure why. Because of the link with Margot and Marguerite/Margaret I wouldn't want another flower or gem name along with it.

What kind of stone is in the engagement ring? I am choosing it with the expectation of it rapidly gaining popularity! Maybe it's just where I live but I have heard it a lot! I think I agree. Ah, thanks! How about Margot Belle or Margot Fleur? Here are some others I can think of that sound nice. Margot Elizabeth ..... the name of a childhood friend : ) Margot Jean-Claire ... pronounced like the male French Jean (zhahn), also for females in France and in New Orleans (my home).

Otherwise, Poppy and Ruby both make me think 'red'. I'm not a big fan of the name Belle/Bella or names that include that like Isabella. I agree with those who say that it should be super feminine and long. It's the name of my car and actually I'm now considering putting it on my eventual progeny names list. We were going to go with Clair. Margaux is the name of a chateau and the red wine produced in the nearby vineyards.

So don't pick a 'boring' middle name on the basis the first name is unusual!! It was allegedly first used as a name by Margaux Hemingway, who changed her name from birthname Margot Louise to Margaux, after the wine drunk by her parents on the night they said she was conceived (TMI, surely!) Even if it tripled in 2015 it would still be rare.

Margot, defo! The only family name I wanted to use is Norah (husband's great aunt whose engagement ring I have) but I don't think it goes with Margot. There were only just over 100 in England and Wales last year. To wonder what kind of workplace I've got in to? We do have similar tastes! My dd is lucky I didn't do such a thing.

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Also, people will automatically spell it Margot and annoy her!I think Margot is quite an easy name to match with actually:- Margot Elizabeth- Margot Catherine- Margot Philippa-Margot Josephine-Margot LouiseJust thinking of some of the classic girls names in DD1's school year.

Her name would have been lambrini. Only files 8MB or smaller of the following types are supported: JPEG, PNG, GIF. This is page 1 of 1 (This thread has 22 messages.). Margot BluebellMargot GeorgiaMargot EllenaMargot NicoleMargot LynetteMargot ImeldaMargot AliciaMargot Samantha.Re Margot Hemingway being named after the wine her parents drank the night she was convinced. Fleur reminds me of a girl I don't like as it is her middle name on Facebook. Last name is one syllable that starts with M. I think something 3 syllables or longer would flow best with the single syllable last name.

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This was on our list if our LO had been a girl. With Poppy being a flower, and Iris, how about another flower name? I have a Poppy (angel baby) and a Ruby Iris (rainbow). I'm guessing you chose Iris for the rainbow meaning, being a rainbow baby, so it would be nice to have another name with meaning rather than just a random one. - £100 voucher to be won, Talk widget showing discussions of the day & trending threads, Subscribe to Mumsnet emails direct to your inbox. Margot Emily Margot Persephone Margot Victoria Margot Jasmine Margot Elizabeth

Margot RoseMargot IrisMargot PearlMargot Olive/OliviaMargot Camille. I have a cousin named Margot and her middle name is Evangeline, after a great aunt. Margaux is an accepted spelling in French speaking countries. Poppy doesn't have a middle name so it may end up that we don't bother having one at all. And those who are too young to have seen it, check it out. To ask for help in how to help my single friend pregnant with twins aged 50? I also recently heard someone named their daughter Margot Darling and I LOVED it, wish my SO would go for it. :). The 'proper' name is Margot, short for Marguerite but for a long time a stand-alone name in its own right.Margaux is the name of a chateau and the red wine produced in the nearby vineyards.It was allegedly first used as a name by Margaux Hemingway, who changed her name from birthname Margot Louise to Margaux, after the wine drunk by her parents on the night they said she was conceived (TMI, surely! in the UK. Get expert guidance from the world's #1 pregnancy and parenting resource, delivered via email, our apps, and website. I am an avid reader and I am open to names of characters with meaning from books … Need help find the right name for your newborn?

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