1-0  S. Alexandersson (11) 1-1  J. Manns (17) ---------- HT: 1-1 ----------2-1  F. Ornblom (50), 1-0  J. Lindberg (38) ---------- HT: 1-0 ----------2-0  J. Lindberg (75), ---------- HT: 0-0 ----------0-1  A. Kabashi (70), 0-1  I. Jonsson (8) 1-1  S. Nnamani (13) 2-1  C. Omeje (28) 2-2  N. Brondsted Vesterl (29) ---------- HT: 2-2 ----------3-2  V. Gotesson (84), 0-1  R. Williams (24) 1-1  O. Pettersson (26) 2-1  M. Haglind Snagre (31) 3-1  N. Maripuu (37) ---------- HT: 3-1 ----------3-2  W. Loeper (48), ---------- HT: 0-0 ----------1-0  O. Nnamani (64), 1-0  J. Hopcutt (21) 1-1  S. Nnamani (28) ---------- HT: 1-1 ----------1-2  C. Omeje (53) 1-3  C. Ljungberg (90) 2-3  P. Engblom (90), 1-0  J. Stenberg (3) 2-0  J. Stenberg (35) ---------- HT: 2-0 ----------3-0  I. Jasarevic (71) 4-0  P. Sejdiu (85) 5-0  K. Cissoko (90), 1-0  F. Jno-Baptiste (12) ---------- HT: 1-0 ----------1-1  E. Ahmetovic (66) 1-2  T. McNeil (79) 1-3  B. Alexis (82), 0-1  S. Nnamani (19) 1-1  A. Almeida (30) 2-1  Own Goal (40) (o.g.

Lead-defending ability (at home)In home matches, AFC Eskilstuna have taken the lead 11 times and have conceded an equalizer on 5 occasions, corresponding to a home lead-defending rate of 55% (for an opponents' equalizing rate of 45%). Find AFC Eskilstuna results and fixtures , AFC Eskilstuna team stats: squad, top scorers, yellow and red cards, goals scoring stats, current form.

Statistics - AFC Eskilstuna. All statistics are with charts. AFC Eskilstuna are affiliated to Södermanlands Fotbollförbund. Each of the 5 segments spans one-fifth (20%) of the total points held by the team ranked 1st in the league. 3-2 ahead of Ljungskile SK, remember this is just the team that is ranked at the bottom of the table with 15 points after 21 matches. Lead-defending abilityAFC Eskilstuna have taken the lead 18 times and have conceded an equalizer on 9 occasions, corresponding to a lead-defending rate of 50% (for an opponents' equalizing rate of 50%). They started out in division 8 of the Swedish football league system but only nine years later they had made it to the second tier Superettan. Currently, the score gap between these two teams is not much difference when only 4 points behind each other after 221 matches. [citation needed], The team were winless, having only acquired 4 points from the opening 12 matches and were firmly rooted to the bottom of the league table. Every club and every league has it's own section allowing users to submit links to related websites. Equalizing abilityOf the 22 times that AFC Eskilstuna's opponents have taken the lead, AFC Eskilstuna have managed to score an equalizer on 7 occasions, corresponding to an equalizing rate of 32%. The reader should be open-minded choosing all information updated from the internet or the content that you are interested in.

so the total number of goals giving the lead to a team might be higher than the number of matches played by the team.

Note regarding the Goals giving the lead and the Goals giving the lead to the opponent values: both the team and the opponent team might take the lead more than once during a single match, [5] Michael Jolley was announced as new manager on 13 June 2017. AFC Eskilstuna form stats indicate an average number of goals scored per game of 1.63 in the last 8 matches, which is 46.8% higher than their current season's average.

Goals giving lead to opponent and equalizers scored

Last and next matches, top scores, best players, under/over stats, handicap etc. Väsby United was a feeder club to AIK who participated in the second and third divisions of the Swedish football league system. So, with home advantage and excitement after the last consecutive victories, Tunavallen’s home team is more appreciated and the above match will be a wise choice. [10], On 15 January 2018, Nemanja Miljanović became the manager, after their relegation to the Superettan.[11]. In the previous round of GIF Sundsvall’s away trip, the home team Tunavallen had a dramatic 3-2 victory in a match where they were ahead very early, it was in the 21st minute. BK Forward 1 IF Karlstad 0. The recent performance of coach Keith Millen and his students is extremely poor when 5 consecutive matches near anywhere on all fronts, they have never once enjoyed the joy of victory when losing 4 and 1 draw, in which the only draw especially against Trelleborgs FF, the team is not appreciated when it is ranked 11th at the moment.

Goals giving the lead and equalizers conceded

For more info on how many times each team has taken the lead per match or how many times per match their opponents have taken the lead, you may want to view the following pages:


Eskilstuna City (Sweden - 2. SPORTS-PREDICTION.NET is proud to be a specialist page that summarizes the football news for all Football - Sports enthusiasts. [2], Football Club Väsby United was formed in 2005 when the two Stockholm clubs FC Café Opera United and Väsby IK FK merged. Umeå FC: 0:3: AFC Eskilstuna: Most goals conceded (home) 2020-06-27: AFC Eskilstuna: 1:3: Umeå FC: Most goals conceded (away) 2020-06-23: Dalkurd: 5:0: ... Football tables" (FCStats.com) is a website designed for users looking for league tables, fixtures and results of various competitions.

Below you find a lot of statistics for this team.

AFC Eskilstuna’s home field record this season is very bad, having only taken 11 points after 3 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses. (2) (Equalizer goals scored / Goals giving lead to opponent) * 100.

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