Universities in Hong Kong are very welcoming to international students. Those that are inhabited are constantly developing, and there are some incredible natural wonders to surround yourself with.
As a conclusion, it would be interesting to see whether any changes take place in 2021 in the top ten countries with the best education systems in the world – mostly related to the expansion of competitors from Asia, mostly Mainland China, and also South America with Brazil. And while higher education and universities are often under the brightest spotlight, with sources such as Times Higher Education´s World University Rankings and QS Top Universities bringing out related data each year, we are up to the challenge of expanding that focus.

Read more in our Study in Malaysia directory. Click here for more information. In this article, we would like to present you with a ranking of the ten best education systems, worldwide, based on information provided by U.S. News & World Report. In Denmark, Germany and Sweden you can study a variety of programmes, including many in English, free of charge, given that you are coming from the EU, EEA or Switzerland, or any other third country at German state universities! Though separate from Chinese politics, the culture and history of China is still prominent here. Notably, the former lists six of the seven European countries starring in this article in the elite group of the Top 60 of the world, with only Denmark missing out a place. Many of the top universities in Asia offer courses in English, so it’s definitely worth taking a good look at each one to see what would be available to you. And before you start thinking that Australia, Canada and the United States have not received the attention they deserve, here is some food for thought regarding, once again, their respective higher education systems. Furthermore, higher education institutions in Europe take up excellent ranking positions, globally. Read more in our Study in Hong Kong directory. The United States ranks 11 th which incidentally is the same ranking the country has for the most prosperous countries list. Sign up to StudyLink.com today for free and be the first to hear about any new study abroad opportunities, Five reasons you should study business in Europe in 2021, Fashion management graduate programs: let’s talk about MFI professional courses, Politecnico Di Milano: A Hub For Innovation, Build the Future By Studying Digital Business, Master in Management – Study at one of the most beautiful campuses in Luxembourg, Accessory design, the rising star of the fashion industry, Save your favourite courses to build a shortlist, Be the first to find out about exciting new study opportunities. Present your postgraduate study programmes on the MASTER AND MORE fairs! Read more in our Study in Singapore directory. As well as the lessons you will gain from your courses, you will also find yourself learning about the Asian way of life and perhaps to open your mind to the world around us. Many of the country’s top universities are based around the capital, Kuala Lumpur. There’s a lot to see, and with great transport systems, it’s really easy to get around too. India is a beautiful country with a globally recognised spectrum of courses. ... More than 1.18 million international students were studying in the US in 2017. Significant investments have been made into China’s higher education system, and with the importance the country places on learning, it is fast becoming one of the top destinations for studying abroad. Best education system is the key to success in every country. “Education,” as Nelson Mandela said, “is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” And while every country on Earth has a schooling system, there’s a vast discrepancy in how well each country is able to use it and arm its children with education, leaving the most successful, high-income nations racing ahead of the struggling ones. Some of the universities you may be looking to study at could have some language requirement, however many only require that you are fluent in English, which can be proved with TOEFL and IELTS certificates. Beautiful, diverse and endlessly fascinating, Indonesia has a lot to offer international students. Reuters, Explore the latest strategic trends, research and analysis, With only 62% of the world’s human capital stock fully developed, the United States and Germany are among the best-performing nations in a top 10 dominated by smaller European countries, 5 things to know about jobs and skills in 2017, Jobs are changing. Great for those who love a busy lifestyle! education sectors. However, while we never mentioned anything about the United States in that text due to the European focus, here we can say that even more American universities saw their ranks going in the wrong direction for similar reasons, and in both cases following a reduced number of international students. There is a great mix of Asian culture here, low crime rate, wonderful food and lively cities, though it still holds some beautiful rural areas which are steeped in their own cultures and traditions. Finally, Australia registered increasing levels of internationality as stated by QS, with five Australian higher education institutions holding excellent positions in the Top 50 for 2020.

Even more, each country is also represented by one or more public universities! The technological developments across the country have seen its universities arriving at the forefront of the education world. Read more in our Study in Turkey directory. Chinese culture is influential in the lifestyle of Taiwan, but they also take influence from other cultures, such as Japanese, Western and Aboriginal society, which makes it a wonderful and diverse place to learn.
The country is swiftly becoming a top destination for studying abroad and has worked hard and invested a great deal to become so.

As you may know, the culture in China is fantastic. The language is fairly easy to learn and the cost of living is low, so it’s a great way to learn a new language and experience a brand new culture as you earn your degree. Its presence in the World University Rankings is growing stronger, and the wide range of course options makes Hong Kong a great choice for studying abroad. Many come to study the Bahasa Indonesian language, but you can also study a Bachelor or Postgraduate university degree at one of Indonesia’s excellent higher education institutions. South Korea’s economy has boomed over recent decades, and education, tourism and transport systems have all been transformed. Multiple choice questions no longer appear on the city’s exams. Singapore has a friendly and open business economy.

Indonesia encompasses over 17,000 islands. As a country, it is swiftly evolving and a really exciting place to be as our world develops.

Asia is the world’s largest and most populated continent on Earth. There is often a student union fee applied, however, that can be best described to minor when opposed to tuition fee – usually coming with the benefit of accounting for different discounts. Campus life is varied and lively, to reflect the high number of international students. Indian universities are vibrant and welcoming.

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