Next Precondition calf sale will be: Saturday, December 5th at 10:00 AM. Feral hogs may be hunted at night with the use of a spotlight or night vision, but it is a good idea to provide a courtesy call to your local game warden to let them know you will be hunting feral hogs. No exhibitor may show a market animal which has been previously sold at a county, regional, or major livestock show auction or sale in which the ownership of the animal has changed hands after the state validation deadline for that specie. Van Zandt Commission Company. Exterior Home Convenience- swings, benches, picnic tables, playground equipment, etc. In the event of 2 animals with the same placing, the exhibitor must declare the sale animal 15 minutes after the 2nd animal has shown. I am also verifying knowledge that my family and I may be prohibited from future participation in organized validation programs in the State of Texas, and could face possible criminal prosecution and/or civil penalties if implicated in any of the aforementioned acts. Each exhibitor selling a market animal in the Premium Auction must bring his or her own animal in the ring unless it has been cleared by the Junior Livestock Superintendent. However, any landowner that plans to trap or snare hogs should have a valid Texas hunting license, since these activities could affect other wildlife species. Exhibitors must be enrolled in, and attending, public or private and/or home school elementary or secondary schools in Texas. 7 or 8 way Blackleg. Projects in the silent auction may be picked up after the sale on Friday until 9:00 p.m. or Saturday, April 7. We also work in partnership with other public and private universities, agencies, foundations, organizations, cities, businesses and industry to enhance the education we offer. No exhibitor name or type of entry required. ), 10/29 1269 THE TAX RATE WILL EFFECTIVELY BE RAISED BY 4.47% PERCENT AND Will RAISE TAXES FOR MAINTENANCE AND OPERATIONS ON A $100,000 HOME BY APPROXIMATELY $24.82. FFA or 4-H club member.

10/14     871 VAN ZANDT COUNTY ADOPTED A TAX RATE THAT WILL RAISE MORE TAXES FOR MAINTENANCE AND OPERATIONS THAN LAST YEAR'S TAX RATE and. Next Special Cow Sale: December 15th at 6:00 PM ** Check our Facebook page for pictures of the advertised cattle ** Buddy Edwards: 903-570 …
Van Zandt County Livestock Auction Inc. is a public livestock auction. It is legal to use suppressors (silencers) on firearms to hunt feral hogs, but an Alcohol Tobacco Firearms Form 4 must be completed to purchase a suppressor. Jim Cox. Premium Auction Rules The maximum number of market animals to be sold per specie will be based on a percentage proportional to the percentage of exhibitors in that species out of 100 market animals to be sold. Van Zandt County Fair President . Form is submitted through requester's email. 9. Junior & Open HEIFER ShowS. 4. Any exhibitor with an animal in the premium sale has the responsibility of delivering their animal within a 50 mile radius, as directed by the Buyer. Those exhibitors failing to have their pictures made with their animal and/or not giving the photo to the buyer will receive only floor price. MARKET BROILERS Superintendent: Chassity Durham-Sukiennik & Corky Ragland 1. Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace Exotic species, including the feral hog, may be hunted throughout the year. No seller, or agent acting on sellers behave, may approach a buyer during or after the auction requesting to re-obtain the animal � whether give back or purchase. 11.

Prior approval must be granted by the specie specific County State Validation Committee in the event the animal will be outside the direct care of the exhibitor. All Market Goats must be in place at the fairgrounds by 10:00am on Wednesday, April 4, 2012. The Market Lamb weigh in will start at 10:00am on Wednesday, April 4, 2012.. Friday 6 p.m. to Midnight $20 arm bands . 5�CJ aJ h8� h�� 5�CJ aJ h8� h>iL 5�>*CJ H*aJ h8� h>iL 5�>*CJ aJ h8� h�� 5�>*CJ aJ h8� h�� CJ aJ h8� h�-� CJ aJ h8� hI8� CJ aJ h8� h2! Exceptions to clipping will be left to the superintendents� discretion. minimum with -15 lbs. Declaration must be made 30 minutes from completion of show. Participation information is provided under the Public Notices link. October 31, 2020. Click for a hub of Extension resources related to the current COVID-19 situation. Landowners want to know who owns feral hogs and when that person or agency will get rid of them.

Mechanics ShowSuperintendent: Jeff Morris & Buddy Winstead Purpose: To provide an opportunity for FFA and 4-H members to display the projects constructed in agricultural mechanics laboratories or home shops and: 1.� To promote the development of skills in agricultural mechanics through competition. (Please download the form, fill it out, and hit the submit button at the bottom. Failure to attend school offenses against juveniles. You may pull animals, other than Champion and Reserve Champion, out of the sale if you wish to keep them. An entry fee of $50.00 per pen will be charged. The Market Goat Show will be held Wednesday, April 4, 2012 Only wether goats will be allowed to show. JUNIOR LIVESTOCK MARKET ENTRY FORM. Agricultural buildings- chicken houses, sheds, holding pens, storage units, etc� 10. All breeds show together. Market animals (Beef, Sheep, Swine, and Goats) must be owned and under exhibitor�s daily care by the following dates: October 24 - Steers, January 12 � Sheep, Goats, and Hogs, to be eligible to participate at any major livestock show within Texas. Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Exhibitors are responsible for their exhibits for the duration the birds are on the grounds. 15. No decorations will be allowed. Join us for the Auction, Friday evening starting at 6:30pm in the Todd Berry Building!! The Administration of the Texas 4-H and/or FFA Programs reserve the final and absolute right to interpret these guidelines and to arbitrarily settle and determine all matters, questions, and differences in regard thereto, or otherwise arising out of or connected with or incident to �Texas 4-H/FFA Livestock Program Ethics Policy�.

The top five commodities in order are: nursery/greenhouse, forage, beef, dairy and vegetable production. 2.����Entry fee is $5 per project and due at the time of validation. The minimum per each class is guaranteed a place in the sale order. Showing an animal for another individual by claiming ownership in order to show in a specific livestock class or event is prohibited. Delivery should be the week of February 22-23. Steer validation October 24, 2011 Hog, goat, & lamb validation January 12, 2012 Broiler validation January 12, 2012 Ag mechanics validation January 12, 2012 All entries must be tagged by the superintendent or designee, on validation day, no exceptions. The use of inhumane fitting, showing and/or handling practices or devices shall not be tolerated. 1.4K likes. ��ࡱ� > �� n p ���� m r � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ � �� 8z bjbj�V�V G� � � �q D �� �� �� � � � ! This figure does not account for damage in suburban areas or growing concerns over impacts to water quality, as in the Plum Creek Watershed. At Van Zandt Commission Company we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy when buying and selling cattle. No artificial fill using pumps or water hoses will be allowed on the Fairgrounds. The animal is ineligible for exhibition at any livestock show on the local, county, state, regional and national levels. Van Zandt Livestock/Forage Committee. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service is a part of the largest informal education system in the world. Only exhibitors may be in the sale ring with their animal while it is being auctioned. No limit as to the number of projects exhibited by individuals, classes or organizations. Here, the codes states, “A person is subject to this chapter as the caretaker of an animal and is presumed to control the animal if the person:(1) is the owner or lessee of the pen, pasture, or other place in which the animal is located and has control of that place; or (2) exercises care or control over the animal.

10. Our county is home to just over 53,000 residents and covers 860 square miles of gently rolling land that includes prairie soils on the West to pine forests on the East side. Weigh in will start at 10:00am on Wednesday, April 4, 2012. Conducts handgun license denial hearings. maximum. All goats must be de-horned with no more than a 1 inch regrowth. Saturday 12 p.m. to Midnight $20 arm bands. You are only guaranteed floor price for your animal in the Premium Auction. Van Zandt County Courthouse Exhibitors must be between the ages of 9 (or 8 and in the 3rd grade) and 19. Van Zandt Commission Company. Interior Home- lamps, tables, coat racks, shelves, decorations, etc. Entries will not be accepted without Quality Counts verification number. 10/19     987 All Market Swine will be tagged on Thursday, January 12, 2012, from 4:00p.m. How to Reconstruct & Recover Records after a Disaster, AgriLife Extension lends support in Imelda aftermath. Weight Limit: 85 lbs. After weigh-in no clipping will be allowed. Steers, goats, lambs, and hogs must be in place by 10:00am. CJ aJ . 2020 Open Livestock Show Rules. Van Zandt County Fair. For more information contact your Ag teacher or 4H extension agent. Exhibit areas are to be kept clean at all times during the show. The judge�s decision is final. It is the responsibility of the parent or student to secure a buyer for their animal in the Premium Auction. Conducts driver's license suspension hearings. All exhibitors must be academically eligible to show. All Ag mechanics projects must be entered on Monday, January 12, 2012, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Van Zandt County Fairgrounds, no exceptions.
Home: Market Report: Female Replacement Sales: Preconditioned Calf Sales: Contact Us: Website Designed at Homestead™ Get a Website and List Your Business. maximum +/- 5 lbs. Outdoor cooking- BBQ pit, smokers, fryers, grills, etc. In the end, they may be surprised by the answer. Our county is home to just over 53,000 residents and covers 860 square miles of gently rolling land that includes prairie soils on the West to pine forests on the East side. Market Report. There will be one weigh back allowed. Only 4H and FFA exhibitors will be able to enter weigh-in area. Entries must be made through the AST or CEA. Clipping with cordless clippers is allowed on the fairgrounds prior to weigh-in. All hogs, lambs, and goats will be paint branded prior to the sale. First Baptist Church, 106 Colt Road, Livingston, Texas 77351, Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostics Laboratory, Texas A&M College of Agrculture and Life Sciences. 10/24     935

2012 All entries must be complete on the validation dates. � Created by Congress in 1914, it is a unique three-way partnership of the U. S. Department of Agriculture, The Texas A&M University System and Texas county governments. Hogs will bed on shavings only. MARKET LAMBS Superintendents: Walker Cleveland & Kelley Clements Refer to all general rules.

Mechanics projects. Judges: Market Swine & Steers - Stu Dildine. (Individual show rules may determine ownership requirements for non-market animals.) Exhibitors will be notified when to pick up their broilers, by their advisor/extension agent. The entry forms must be turned in on the day of county validation, or the exhibitor will not be allowed to show.

Lambs will be broken into 3 classes, light, medium, and heavy, as evenly as possible by weight at the discretion of Superintendents. Non-sale animals will be eligible to sale on the floor truck. Prepares report for auditor and treasurer. Wednesday 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. $15 arm bands. Once an animal is sold in the Premium Auction, it is the property of the Buyer or the Floor Buyer.

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