The low voltage power supply (18 to 32 VAC) is marked "ER". Use the wiring diagrams below to connect to power. 6 UV Lamp Connection 1. When all the other components are properly installed connect the UV Lamp … This is a circuit which powers a UV LED so that it gives off its UV light. The high voltage (120 to 277 VAC) power supply is marked "ST".

Germicidal Ultraviolet UV-C Applications Wiring Diagrams View the wiring diagrams for ballasts 10-0091 , 10-0127 , 10-0136 , 10-0137 , 10-0155 , 10-0201 , 10-0210 below or download a PDF ballast specification sheet which includes the ballast specs, photos, lamp types, and wiring diagrams. UV101/UV880 CONNECTION DIAGRAM UV Switch-mode Power Supply Connector Name Pin # Signal name JP1A, Low Voltage Signal Connector 1 Lamp standby (short to any return for full power) 2 +5V 3 +5V return 4 +24V 5 +24V 6 +24V return 7 +24V return 8 +24V JP2A, Line Voltage Input Connector 1 Ground 2 Neutral 3 Line The UV LED lamps are much smaller than the regular ultraviolet lamps and can be installed in spaces that do not permit installation of regular UV lamps. In this project, we will go over how to build an ultraviolent (UV) LED Circuit. There are many UV lamp shapes: cylindrical lamps - like a glass tube, circular tube, multi-coiled tube lamps, U-shaped lamps, double tubes or by-axial lamps.

Page 1 of 1 Uvitron International • 150 Front St, Unit 4 • West Springfield, MA 01089 (413) 731-7835 • • • REV 020419 How to Build an Ultraviolent (UV) LED Circuit. It's a very simple circuit, only requiring a UV LED, a resistor and a power source … UV Lamp Shapes and Lamp Connectors.

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