After researching this subject for a few years now, our team here at OTLSM has found a pattern that allows us to approximate the Netflix release dates for new seasons of shows. The series was originally broadcast in Germany in March 2017. Looking for new series? Totally agree. Great series….totally enjoyed it…hurry up with season 2. Great costuming & music! Amazing new show loves every minute of it but only five Oh No!! Enjoying immensely. episodes is a killer! Waiting so long for Season 2 takes away from the thrill of the story. The actors are very good & non Hollywood ! Told everyone about this and they must get Netflix, Fantastic! Great job to whoever did this show. Retrouvez toutes les news et les vidéos de la série Opération Roméo. Absolutely brilliant series one of the best yet to be shown on netflix dont make us wait a year for season 2, Loved same sky, can’t wait for series 2,hope it’s not too long. I HATE having to wait a whole year for a new season! intelligently written series– looking forward to season 2. One of the newest shows to be added to Netflix, that was originally aired on television is the show The Same Sky. Please release season 2 of ‘The Same Sky’ as soon as possible.

It’s a great show! It portrays the fate of two families on either side of the Berlin Wall. Bande-annonce, infos, avis et casting de la saison 2 de la série TV The Same Sky. In the meantime, rest assured that I will finish watching season 1 of THE SAME SKY first. This film is authentic…the relationships are with real people & intelligent dialog…loved it can’t wait hurry second season, The same sky series 2: the sooner the better. I can’t wait for season 2. PLEASE…. My husband and I agree with all of the comments. Cannot stop watching. Opération Roméo est une série TV de Paula Milne avec Tom Schilling (Lars Weber), Sofia Helin (Lauren Faber). Great show! Unfortunately the translation is not always correct , but I guess the acting speaks for itself! What an outstanding show! Netflix Release Date.

Well done, but hurry up! It is wonderful. The interest by Amazon and Netflix in acquiring the rights to carry The Same Sky was kindled by the earlier success of another series also featuring a young agent dispatched to West Germany under an assumed identity, Deutschland 83. Please let there be a second season. So many unanswered questions. Ready to watch now! As the storyline is of a fast pace and historically packed nature, it is unfortunate not to be able to watch the final outcome of the story. A good story with an outstanding cast including both thriller and strong emotional characteristics. The question “when will The Same Sky Season 2 be on Netflix?” will be asked. Why we have to wait for a year for the second season of The Same Sky. Please don’t make us wait a whole year for season 2x. Come on, Netflix, we are READY NOW!! [1] It was filmed from 24 August 2015 to 6 December 2015 in Prague. The sooner the better. Choose per series where you want be kept informed of. Most regular networks TV shows we all have to wait a whole year for the next season. So disappointing to have to wait so long for season 2!

Using this data we can approximate the release date of The Same Sky season 2 on Netflix. PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE release season Two of this exciting show, The Same Sky, before 2018. In the case of The Same Sky, there is a time period of eight months between the release of a season on television and the release date of the same season on Netflix. Season 2, Episode 2 of the series The Same Sky - You're blocking our ads. Please don’t make us wait 8 months. Great show. I’m in the middle of THE SAME SKY and totally enjoying it. By then you forget everything,since you watch other Great series. This is why I will not watch series until completely finished. I’m going to stop watching NetFlix Originals if they make me wait a year for another season to air. Thje best I have seen ever! This is an extraordinary show, it is just beyond that there is a lag time, totally unfair. More asap, please. SAME SKY is a top notch show.

the acting and pace are superb. The Same Sky season 2 should be streaming on Netflix by June 2018. Looking forward to watch season 2 … It is an amazing series. Love the cars , furniture, clothes from the 70’s. There must be one among the more than 15.900 series. just awesome. The long pause till the next season is disappointing. Don’t make us wait another year!!!! Great acting and brilliant series. Great story line and acting. Aghhhh!! In the case of The Same Sky, there is a time period of eight months between the release of a season on television and the release date of the same season on Netflix. Come on! Most of the shows currently streaming on Netflix were originally aired on television.

Using this data we can approximate the release date of The Same Sky season 2 on Netflix. If there is uncertainty about a second season for an outstanding series, please end it in a way that gives us some satisfaction/closure. As subscribers finish the final episode of the first season, they will begin asking the big question “when will The Same Sky season 2 Be on Netflix?” To answer this loaded question, we must take a look at how Netflix handled the release of the first season of The Same Sky. Bring it on. Loved it!! Netflix Release Date?

A great series without the cookie cutter American films that feature cookie cutter young stars…(they all have the same level of beauty)..lack of real dialog every other word is f*** .. token sex scenes… token gay lover scenes.

Why wait so long? I thought “The Same Sky” was brilliant, though I am not a German speaking person I did not care, I knew what they were saying because I grew up in that time period. June 2018 is too long to wait for; how is the twins plot going to be resolved? Subscribers who found this show interesting are going to begin anticipating the release of a second season of The Same Sky on Netflix. It made think of The Americans with à German twist. I do agree is a wonderful show. I’m not too keen on graphic sex scenes but that’s the German way; they are not afraid to show it all; so that part was a bit much for me; however, the rest of the series is brilliant. If Season 2 is available, why not screen it now? Don’t make up wait, keep us loyal to you ! If you don't want our ads please become a Premium user. Lars is a "Romeo agent" from East Germany in the 1970s. It is excellent and we stumbled upon the end of series 1 with utter disbelief.

Netflix offers its subscribers unlimited access to their massive collection of content.

Hopefully Netflix can acquire this ASAP. The Same Sky (original title: Der gleiche Himmel) is a 2017 German TV series. We lived in Germany for 2 years and I lived brushing up on my German! They should roll out a demi season Too long having to wait for the second season! Wonderful series. PLEASE don’t make us wait for an entire year for THE SAME SKY!!!!!!!! Agree with all above. Totally agree with all the other comments! Please hurry and have season 2. Bring on season 2. Season 2 can’t come quickly enough – don’t leave us hanging, please!! From the latest news or reviews till a list of the episodes.

The two are separated by the wall that separates east and west Germany in the 1970’s. The series was screened as three feature-length episodes or as six hour-long episodes, depending on the broadcasting service. With respect to Netflix, of which I have been a member of over 2 years now, this is the number one problem I have with them, that is to say that they give you a Season 1, and then you end up waiting so long for the 2nd season to come along (which drives me nuts), that you’ve past on to other shows.

Fascinating!! This series was very enjoyable and realistic! I would love to see Season 2 of The Same Sky as soon as possible! It was written by Paula Milne and directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel and stars Sofia Helin and Tom Schilling. I hope this series never ends. Finally something worth watching! Pleasssseeee come through for you valued customers. I agree get this show aired before June 2018, I don’t want to wait that long.

Netflix has established itself as one of the premier movie and television show streaming websites. We just finished season 1 of The Same Sky. Please hurry with part 2 .!!!! His task is to go West, first to seduce and then to spy on Western women who worked in government or defense institutions. Fascinating Series. Comment below if you are ready to see The Same Sky season 2 streaming on Netflix as soon as possible! Will Axel be able to glide his way into W. Germany? He saw the pictures of him and his mother. Cold war spy tales are an overworked genre, but, possibly inspired by the success of The Americans, the producers of The Same Sky have created a suspenseful, intriguing story story with surprisingly small doses of sex, violence, and action.. One of the best! In exchange for this unlimited access, subscribers agree to pay a small monthly fee. The story revolves around the relationship between an East German "Romeo" agent – a spy who uses seduction as a way to unearth secrets — and his female target in the West. There is currently only one season of The Same Sky streaming on Netflix. [4][5], 2017 TV series directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, "Operation Romeo: TV lays bare the cold war's strangest, sexiest mission", "Netflix, Amazon battle over German Cold War spy dramas",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 November 2020, at 00:41.

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