You can also determine whether a cat is angry or defensive by its whiskers, as they will pull their whiskers back. This is a true or false question quiz on a variety of things pertaining to cats. The hearing of the average cat is at least five times keener than that of a human adult.

Your cat’s heart beats at a rate almost double that of yours, from 110-140 beats per minute. Unlike humans, cats cannot detect sweetness–which likely explains why they are not drawn to it at all.

24. 9. The wealthiest cat in the world enjoyed a fortune of almost $13 million. They help keep dust and other bits and pieces out of our eyes. A cat's brain structure is 90% similar to a human's. inbox every week.

A male cat is specifically called a Tom, but a female cat is more complex. 7.

Unlike dogs, they don’t need much attention and can be very happy without any companionship. For the scientific reason why cats fear this other vegetable, read This Is Why Cats Are Terrified of Cucumbers. It’s important to only give it in moderation, though, as they can actually become addicted to it and refuse to eat anything else. Cats are hardwired to chase and hunt at night. Cats can allegedly make more than 100 different sounds. They use them to communicate their different feelings. Can Dogs Eat Pumpkins, Sweet Potatoes & Nuts? Some claim that cats can detect the earth’s natural magnetic fields and can navigate using it.

It’s actually accurate, in most cases at least! In fact, cats can rotate both of their ears 180 degrees in different directions at the same time.

A cat has the ability to rotate their ears 180 degrees–with the help of 32 muscles that they use to control them. The only time they meow to communicate with other felines is when they are kittens to signal to their mother.

If their ears are angled slightly, pointed forwards but still relaxed, then they’re probably happy!
There are few more pleasing sounds to a cat owner's ears than a contented purr coming from their pet. According to Leslie A. Lyons, an assistant professor at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis, purring could be a sign that a cat's muscles and bones are recovering. While we are omnivores and can survive and do well on a meat-free diet, cats are carnivores. Cats don't have collarbones, meaning they can fit through openings as small as their heads. Of Taylor Swift’s three cats, Olivia Benson is by far the richest. Cats have over 100 sounds in their vocal repertoire. Cats have a natural ability to land on their feet called the “righting reflex”. While not as much as dogs, cats can get aggressive during feeding times. The park staff soon realized the value of the cats and has since taken care of them and their offspring. The higher the fall, the more likely a cat is to survive it.

There are many common plants and flowers which vary from mildly irritable to highly toxic which should never be brought into the home.
Cats only use their meows to talk to humans, not each other.

For some adorable friendships that will make your day, here are 27 Cute Pictures of Cats and Dogs Living Together in Perfect Harmony. As the SPCA of Texas describes, "cats spend at least five hours a day grooming and cleaning themselves.". It’s quite difficult for us to know what the oldest domesticated cat breed was, but all evidence points to the Egyptian Mau. If you’ve just read the last 100 cat facts and got to this point, I congratulate you! This site contains affiliate links to products. Uncooked fish can contain bacteria that is harmful to cats and can cause food poisoning. Cats only sweat through their paws and nowhere else on their body.

They have also been found to purr when hungry, injured or frightened.

Cats are relatively complex creatures, and we often understand so little of what is going through their heads! The average domestic cat can run up to 30 miles per hour (46km/h) and does so quite often! The International Cat Association recognizes 71 different cat breeds, while the Cat Fancier’s Association only recognizes 44. They tend to sleep for such a large portion of the day as they would normally require great amounts of energy to hunt for food. Generally speaking, when a cat purposefully rubs up against anything it’s a way of transferring its scent to it. While they're not especially effective at seeing long distances, within 20 feet of prey, they have "absolute accuracy," according to Galaxy. It’s actually quite common for domestic cats to have a few extra toes, with some people finding their furry polydactyls even more adorable! Most people know that while dogs are fiends for chocolate, it’s quite toxic for them. The cats did show clear recognition of their owners voices while paying no attention to the strangers. The cat is then in a free-fall state and doesn't feel the gravity pulling them down, and they position their legs out like a parachuter, allowing for a softer landing. It’s not uncommon, though, for cats to have extra toes. The average domestic cat purrs at about 26 Hertz—that's within the range to promote tissue regeneration (similar to how strenuous exercise can encourage bone health by putting pressure on the bones, causing them to grow stronger). Any external warmth helps cats to regulate their body temperature without the need to expend any energy. Lactose Intolerance. Remains of an African wildcat were found in the same burial ground as a human.

As they age, cats can begin to produce less lactase — just like humans. It’s common knowledge that cats are fans of milk, but many of them are actually lactose intolerant. In such rare cases cats can be allergic to the dead skin and other particles that we shed throughout the day. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. If a cat is a little bit nervous, or upset by something, then its ears will generally shake a little bit. California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. Before we start with this huge list of facts about cats, here’s a quick video with our 5 favorite cat facts from this list: So without further ado here are 100 cute facts about cats and kittens! They lived in Staffordshire, UK, where Kitty broke the record by having a litter of two kittens when she was 30. The term for this is called Superfecundation, and isn’t unique to cats. If you’re not planning on your cat being a parent to an almost endless stream of kittens, it’s probably a good idea to neuter it! It’s most common for female cats to bring little “gifts” to you as they feel the instinctive need to share their hunting skills with you. He adored all cats, and would quite often bring home strays that he had found. Holes have been cut in doors, walls, and barns for ages now, with this very intent. The good news is that cases of infection are becoming more and more infrequent as general levels of hygiene are becoming higher and higher! Keep reading to find out more. The following cat facts, however, are all entirely true but no less remarkable for it! 5. "Even though you see cats drinking milk in movies, their bodies do not tolerate milk very well," says Sara Ochoa, DVM, a Texas-based small and exotic animal veterinarian. They’re one of the known breeds of cats that consistently has a love of water. Cats don't have collarbones, meaning they can fit through openings as small as their heads. The surprise here is that cats can be allergic to us in the same way that we are to them! Extremely True Facts About Cats. Cats may be able to detect earthquake tremors 10 or 15 minutes before humans can. The other contender for the smallest cat in the world is the rusty-spotted cat (Prionailurus rubiginosus), which is native to India and Sri Lanka. As cats have a third eyelid, or haw, this just simply isn’t necessary. If that sounds unlikely to help keep a cat going, consider that Perry was also the owner of the previous oldest-cat-ever record holder, Grandpa Rex Allen, who lived to be 34 years and 2 months old. They start dreaming at about one week of age. If your cat freaks out about catnip, they're actually in the minority. Most unexpectedly, cats sometimes purr when they’re injured, and it’s been suggested their purr actually helps their body to heal faster! They’re constantly on the hunt for the next meal, a clean source of water, and appropriate shelter. The best thing you can do for a cat with CDS is ensure it is fed a balanced diet and gets plenty of physical and mental stimulation. A young and healthy cat can jump up to six times its own body length. Unlike most other rich pets, Olivia Benson actually made most of her own money, sort of. While they can technically taste sweet things, they detect it in such minimal amounts it’s like they can’t taste them at all!

A cat’s brain is more similar to a human brain than to a dog brain.

The study tested a range of cats, monitoring which paw they would use first when ascending or descending stairs, reaching for treats, and stepping into their litter trays. Although it originally aired in 1974, the show was appreciated for a long time. The amount of toes cats have is far from universal though, with some cats having more or less toes due to various genetic mix-ups. Researches in Japan conducted experiments by playing recordings of cat’s owners and strangers in the presence of the cats and took note of their reactions. You can simulate this by giving it five or more much smaller portions at different points in the day. 16 Interesting Facts About Cats. If a cat’s tail is pointed straight up and is shaking, or quivering, it means that they’re happy, excited, and glad to see you! The Fact Site is the number one source for the most interesting & random facts about animals, celebrities, food, films, games & so much more. The average cat can jump 8 feet in a single bound–nearly six times its body length! The following cat facts, however, are all entirely true but no less remarkable for it!

The solution? Just like people, cats dream.

Approximately 94 million cats in the United States are the proud owners of humans, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! "Cats nose prints are as unique as the human fingerprint," says Ochoa. While there are more US households with pet dogs, there are way more pet cats than dogs in total! Got any other cool facts to share with us? In fact, you can often find wet spots from their paws when they are sweating during the hotter months of the year. They will not fight to show dominance, but rather to stake their territory. … Just remember to keep everything in moderation; otherwise you’ll end up with a fat cat! As such, cats were considered to be incredibly important creatures, bringing luck to anyone who looked after them. A cat’s smell is their strongest sense, and they rely on this leading sense to identify people and objects; a feline’s sense of smell is 14x better than a human’s. Humans have kept cats at least as semi-domestic pets since at least 7,500 BC, initially for their keen rodent hunting skills. While most people think that cats aren’t as smart as dogs, they can also be trained – they just think it’s a little bit beneath them! If a cat is in a good mood, feeling generally content, or even curious, it will relax its face muscles and its whiskers will be pushed forwards a little. “Dog people” are quite different, and are said to be more extroverted and hard-working. When a cat is too hot, their brain sends a message to the glands to start sweating. This means that they can listen carefully to anything, anywhere with their combined 360 degree hearing abilities! The cerebral cortex of cats—the part of the brain that is responsible for cognitive information processing—is much more complex in felines than in canines. As of Nov 08 20. In terms of development, the first year of a cat’s life is equal to the first 15 years of a human life. The reason their eyes appear to be blue is that the pigment which colors their eyes hasn’t developed yet. The next time you’re wondering whether your kitty should be an indoor or outdoor cat, consider this.

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