Turn right and keep going forward until you reach a tunnel.

Fool's Idol Archstone (Also known as World 3 - 2) is a Location in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake.

Once you are back in control, there's a body near that contains x1 Renowned Soldier's Soul, keep going down the stairs in front of you. Leave the room from the gateway directly in front of the stairs, on that balcony you will find a corpse that contains x1 Great Sword. Keep going and turn left, you will arrive to a small hidden spot that contains two Phosphorescent Slug more.
Once you start from the archstone, go ahead and turn right to climb up the stairs.

If you break the jars to your left, and drop down, you will find x1 Rune Sword and x1 Rune Shield. You will see on your right a door covered with fog, but before heading there deal with the Boletaria Soldiers on your left. Be careful, there is another Depraved One there.

She's the only merchant that sells Black Turpentine and Rotten Arrows.

Continue until the end of the stairs. You find x1 Storied Soldier's Soul, x1 Clever Rat's Ring, x1 Renowned Soldier's Soul, x1 Renowned Soldier's Soul and x1 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes.

The strong ranged magic attacks are from the guards, the two.

Turn back and run to evade it. Now enter the Fog door and prepare to face the Flamelurker. Go through it. ├ Sparkly the Crow Trading Guide Turn left and move forward. You will find two Scale Miners. Once the boss is gone, on the left side of the room you can loot x1 Storied Hero's Soul from a corpse behind some rocks. At the end of the room, you can go down a wooden staircase. On this walkway there are two bodies, the first one has x1 Stone of Ephemeral Eyes and the second one has x2 Full Moon Grass. You will find a long corridor. Once the door’s open, head down the passage and take out the two patrolling mindflayers while being careful because they’re close to each other. On the right side, you will find another Dregling and beneath the giant door there are two more. Pass through it, head on along the tunnel and grab x2 Soul Remains on your right.

Try to lure them to a safer position. ├ New Features Just behind her, on the swamp-level you will find a corpse containing x3 Late Moon Grass. When fighting the offline NPC it will focus all of its attention on killing the person in body form leaving it open to backstabs and devastating attacks from the Blue Phantom. Beware of the Storm Beast that's flying around in the zone and can hit you with its spikes.

Kill them and a cutscene will trigger. There is a breakable archway on the second landing. The one by itself, marked with that green poison icon, is another trap.

Move forward to the next platform.

You can obtain x5 Crescent Moon Grass, x1 Chunk of Faintstone, there are four bodies containing x2 Crescent Moon Grass, x2 Shard of Faintstone, and beyond a destructible wooden debris you find x2 Shard of Suckerstone. Before doing so, in front of you there is a cage holding several boulders. To your left you will find a Crystal Lizard. Go back and return to the site with the first fork and take the other path. Behind some crates you will find x2 Old Spice, now turn back and enter the first door on your left, this will lead you outside again. Now return to the first area, to open the locked iron door.

Archstone of the Demon Old HeroAfter purification, heroes' remains are offered to the Storm King. Take the stairs to the left, even though it appears that there's no door, hit it with your weapon and it will open.

├ Upgrade Materials Stand on it to open the door to the next room. Turn back to where you dropped from and climb up.

On the left side of the platform there's a body that contains x2 Fresh Spice.

When the enemy is down, search the spot for an Old Spice.

However, in the sixth cell you can see Lord Rydell's blue phantom. This time only the right one turns to attack you.

After defeating them turn back on the other bridge and take down another Depraved One.

Turn right. Go up the stairs, and immediately when you turn right there are two more Scale Miners.

Climb down and continue along the path to get to the foot of the tower. Mind the Dregling on it.
Once killed, the path branches out but it leads to the same path. On the right side, you will find a Wooden Catalyst on a corpse.

You will find another corridor, this time at your right. When approaching the group, you will be treated to a short custscene where you see a Fat Official, leaving the area through the fog door. Black Phantom Satsuki shows up at the entrance. A Pickaxe-wielding Black Phantom Scale Miners is added to the 3 Flame Blade wielding Scale Miners by the second fog-gate. On your left side, there's a hole from where Depraved Ones, will drop on you.

Now turn back and keep moving forward, at your left you will find another body.

You can see that you are behind the optional boss Vanguard, the same one you faced on the tutorial level.

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