Fear is what drives many characters from rebelling against the dictating party. It always brings me back to my childhood when visiting a dentist was my biggest fear. I knew it, it was the odour that always precedes a thunderstorm, and a nameless fear clutched at my heart. When the fear finally subsided, in its wake was a fierce determination. The anecdotes believed and circulated by the royalists that Cromwell died in all the agonies of remorse and fear are entirely false. Fear is what makes us humans great. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. The fear his words invoked must have shown on her face. There were no sounds, no sights underground, no sensations aside from the scent of his own fear and the feeling of earth closing in around him. Instead of keeping still, so I could eat him comfortably, he trembled so with fear that he fell off the table into a big vase that was standing on the floor. He was naturally compassionate towards objects in distress even to an effeminate measure; though God had made him a heart wherein was left little room for fear,. She gazed around Ashley's room, her fear and sorrow so deep, they hurt. After going through a few essays on Fear, you will be in a position to compose excellent papers in the future. The Eastern Colossus no longer inspired respect and fear in Europe. John Aubrey, the antiquary, chronicles that the sisters of Sir John Suckling, the courtier-poet, once went to the bowling-green in Piccadilly, crying, "for fear he should lose all their portions.". Students who find writing to be a difficult task.

In much of Europe, because of deep fear and suspicion of GMO crops, their importation is forbidden. Between Hatteras and Lookout is Raleigh Bay and between Lookout and Fear is Onslow Bay; and between the chain of islands and the deeply indented mainland Currituck, Albemarle, Pamlico and other sounds form an extensive area, especially to the northward, of shallow, brackish and almost tideless water. There would be no more doubt or fear that he would one day leave her. She looked away fast for fear of the sizzling blue gaze and dropped to her knees in front of Darian, pulling his hands from his face to see the wound.

Then a friend of Jim's suggested we make a theme song to explain the story, and this is where the Mads came from. Yes, I'd send them on in front, but no fear, they're crowding up behind. Despite the cool fear spiraling through her, she couldn't help but feel thrilled at the sight of him after she thought she'd lost him. She didn't think she was capable of such an emotion after living in fear for so long.

I am responsible for my own fears and limitations. Discuss ways in which Orwell presents a culture of fear in 1984 Fear is a primary theme in ‘1984’. The woman in Dusty's arms shook from cold and fear. Tuesday, May 22, 2012.

For the first time since he began his sick games, Jenn felt genuine fear trickle through her. By them he was to be ordained, after vowing to be true in office, faithful to the church system, obedient to the laws and to the civil government, and ready to exercise discipline without fear or favour. Sorrow, desire, fear, desperation – all spun and solidified into an ache unlike anything she'd ever experienced. There was no reason to feel so overwhelmed with emotion – specifically fear. Fear, crucial for the survival of the human race, it has always been engraved in everyone from birth and used until death.

She returned to her bunk and lay down, cold fear filling her. She stared at him, fear clutching at her heart. I am accountable for every thought that enters my mind and my behaviours and actions are limited by my own limitations. Two... what is your greatest fear about getting married? She shook from pain and fear of what he'd do next, if he was more like Sasha than Rhyn. The strain on his face was clear, and a tremor of fear crept through her. On the other hand, the small farmers who occupied separated holdings were deterred from improving by the fear of a rise in rent.

Panic stirred within her, along with cold fear.

They did not smile nor did they frown, or show either fear or surprise or curiosity or friendliness. Deidre shifted, aware again that she was now defenseless against the creatures that used to either fear her or at least, respect her power.

Prince Andrew sat in another room, faint with fear lest the baby should be drowned in the font, and awaited the termination of the ceremony. I will face my fear... And when it is gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.

They gazed at each other for a long moment, her shock and exhaustion too deep to fear the man who radiated power and control, even in a simple T-shirt. Birds came at his call, and forgot their hereditary fear of man; beasts lipped and caressed him; the very fish in lake and stream would glide, unfearful, between his hands. His incredible strength, heat, and scent calmed her fear as much as they excited the woman within her. Fear made her heart pound.

Fitzherbert, in deploring the gradual discontinuance of the practice of marling land, had alluded to the grievance familiar in modern times of tenants "who, if they should marl and make their holdings much better, fear lest they should be put out, or make a great fine or else pay more rent.". She stood, frozen with fear as his dark figure moved past her. They are superstitious, and worship with hearty veneration any being or thing whose destructive agency they fear. The village elder, a peasant delegate, and the village clerk, who were waiting in the passage, heard with fear and delight first the young count's voice roaring and snapping and rising louder and louder, and then words of abuse, dreadful words, ejaculated one after the other. Deidre watched the movie in both fascination and fear. When we venture into unfamiliar grounds, which happens a lot of times, we tend to pack a lot and among the things we pack is fear. But if you are ever to put fear behind you, you must walk straight through it.

However, I should never have broken a horse or bull and taken him to board for any work he might do for me, for fear I should become a horseman or a herdsman merely; and if society seems to be the gainer by so doing, are we certain that what is one man's gain is not another's loss, and that the stable-boy has equal cause with his master to be satisfied? The black memories that made him wake up screaming at night, the fear he could still taste in moments of despair, were softened by the sense of stillness that settled into him. He had risen to fear, heartache, anxiety, bliss, pain and a hundred other feelings that made you beg to be able to bury your head beneath the covers and stay in the warm cocoon of sleep forever. Show more. Here in the spring time south, I have no such fear because I'm not stupid as he apparently was. But I have learned to train myself to live with this fear.

She almost told him that – of the two of them – she was the one with nothing to fear from Darkyn.

At Saragossa Peter Arbue, a canon and an ardent inquisitor, was slain in 1485 whilst praying in a church; and the threats against the hated Torquemada made him go in fear of his life, and he never went abroad without an escort of forty familiars of the Holy Office on horseback and two hundred more on foot. But as soon as he tried to continue the conversation he had begun with Princess Mary he again glanced at Natasha, and a still-deeper flush suffused his face and a still-stronger agitation of mingled joy and fear seized his soul. He tried to get her to seek a court order against Shipton if she was in fear of him, or, at the very least talk to an attorney. Jessi's breathing was deep; he'd worn her out and had no fear of her waking up with his quiet movements. Those eyes would be mocking her, or maybe filled with fear. Fear and Anxiety are clearly covering, aversive, actuated states focused on risk. In a voice quaking with fear, she began to sing. It was tempting to tell her that he wasn't really back – to talk to her about the fear that lay in her heart. that is so terrible in battle, and that word infected the whole crowd with a feeling of panic.

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