Go down and then continue from point "A" to point "B" again.

on the left Part of the Wizard Outfits Quest, second addon.

60(70+ recommended)

from the first seal and head west, then south, over the ramp and then down the stairs. After going through the flame you will be teleported into a small room with another teleporter.

Other Have you passed any other seal yet? The quickest way to complete this quest is to do the seals out of order (the order they are listed in this spoiler), even though the actual numbers for the seals indicate a different order.

Here are some, After clearing the room, you can open the body on the top of the room to get some junk and a book, the book is brother Fugios diary which has an important role in. Once you have found the place to use pick go down and face more demon skeletons, place the pearls where the picture shows and pass through the teleport.


Use a ). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Go up the ladders to the north and you will come out in front of a grave in the Ghostlands. You have made the sacrifice, you have seen the unseen, you possess fortitude, you have filled yourself with power and found your path. Hmmmmm.. Once you go down the ramp, you will not be able to return back up. and 6

If you walk on a wrong tile, you will be teleported back to the stairs and need to re-start the pathway again.

After clearing all of the banshees around the Queen talk to her and say: Hi In the tight corridor to the south, you will see 2 special tiles, like the ones you see in front of the depot box. The person going through the tile should simply step on it and go back up the corridor unless they are the blocker.

White Pearl Player: ghostlands Poison Gas

To start the quest, head over the Ghostlands via the underground tunnel which is located west of Carlin.
It is also important to note that you will face many undead creatures throughout the entire quest as well as 2 Lever.

Do you think you are ready?

The Queen Of The Banshees: It served as a temple, a source of power and ... as a sender for an ancient {race} which lived a long time ago and has long been forgotten. Version Then go again from A to B. After passing through the Ghosts.

Mystic Flame Quest Log to reveal a hidden staircase. Warlock

Banshees Continue west until you come across a In this room you will see two Monuments, on one is written "Brasik'thar belek Fatuhr", on the other "Krak uthl belom Muhl!". Mystic Flame Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. Your questlog should automatically update which will mean you have completed the first seal.

I feel a constant twisting and binding of souls, though, that is probably only a side-effect. After clearing all of the banshees around the Queen talk to her and say: Giant Spider Go down the stairs and then down the ladders on the next floor.

from the previous seal and then head back from the route you just came from, until you reach point "A" (marked on the below map. NOTE: Prepare 280-300 extra cap for rewards.

which will mean that you have completed the fifth seal. An alternative strategy if you solo this part and can't kill 2 warlocks, is just ignore them and pull the switches while constantly healing. Player: hi If you go past the spot where you should use the

Pick Stalkers. and a


The Kiss of the Banshee Queen. Before beginning this quest, make sure you have the required items (it's recommended to bring twice as much of each item in case you do something wrong the first time) as well as plenty of supplies.

Head back through the The Queen of the Banshees Quest

Backtrack to the stairs at the north-west part this floor (B in previous image). She lives seven floors below the sea, in a dungeon beneath the Isle of the Kings.

There will be 4 Banshees. Some of the seals within this spoiler will not be completed in order of 1-6 as this guide is designed to enable you to complete the quest as fast as possible. Once complete, head through the from the previous seal and then head up the stairs to the north.

Head south and make your way to point "B".

So be sure to grab all the rewards. will spawn.

Go south in this long hall and use your pick in the middle of the hall as depicted by the red arrows.

For reference, a level 90 should be able to complete the quest without the need for any help.

After you have walked through a teleport, head north through a couple of poison fields and walk through the teleport which you find at the end of the way.

Requirements The Queen Of the Banshees: I see!

here but just by-pass them and flip the

and a

Teleporting out means you have to get on the isle using the pearl seal.

Have Every party member must go through the flame, and for every party member that goes through, 2 ghosts and a demon skeleton will be summoned.

Head out of the through the underground exit to the north and then speak to

Its long lost and forgotten.

Demon Skeletons, (pictured below).


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