Considering the numbers I've seen thrown up from various organizations, potential winners have the chance to rake in several million quanta for top prizes. I might just expand this head and neck of sorts to more of a wide bridge section for a small three to four person crew that's more or less the width of the craft.

The game starts easy, but soon you'll find the real brain trainers waiting ahead. @Annabella marked their first recorded rescue on Saturday when @Rabbyte overshot his destination, the planet Symeon. Our previous meeting we had on October fifth went well and I've already implemented some suggestions that were pushed forward by the team. Search results for: "jupiter rescue" Best Sellers. No details for now so keep an ear to the ground! I know what you're thinking about that last part, we're just like any real life emergency service provider. A slightly new logo might also be in the works! Prior to adding lights, I pondered just leaving a gap exposing the internally alternating space and atmospheric fuel tanks. Haunty started out Friday morning flying alongside @WhiteMEat in assisting them move two XS constructs from Teoma to Madis on a lengthy three hour journey. Here's the feedback that was obtained over the course of this last test!

We wish them all the luck outside of Dual Universe. Normally after rescues are completed, rescuers will ask the former victim a few brief questions on how things went, along with any feedback they have for submission on our website on the Stats & Stories page. I'm not concerned at all about the smaller construct, if anything, I'm waiting on new elements... ... before I decide to make any serious changes to this particular construct as element size, engine power and other variables require.

Nice work! Clear editor.

I've purposed the idea of Eyes & Ears setting up a fueling station, nothing too complex, just a couple dozen decorative fuel tanks. Another test come and gone, two more rescues this session makes for eight in Alpha 2, and 22 total. Annabella came to my aid all the way out at Symeon. Then from there will come the flight testing. This impression of stealth may be misinterpreted which could be unduly provoking from an outsiders perspective. The chunky, plastic playing pieces are the most distinctive part of the game; they are rescue vehicles, each with a POP•O•MATIC® die bubble. A distress call will come in through a 'emergency' channel in Eyes & Ears Discord, details will be gathered and passed over to one or two points. Couldn't figure out how to make it visually distinctive from the small transport that can dock inside of it so I opted to go with a somewhat similar color layout. While on my usual watch I had spotted @Rok in the 911 channel in the middle of his first unsanctioned refueling mission. Search and rescue (SAR) is the search for and provision of aid to people who are in distress or imminent danger. Campaign Rewards FAQ Updates 0 Comments 15 Community Share this project You'll need an HTML5 … Five rescues were made this test, this is the new highest number of rescues made in one session since breaking four on the week of October the 14th. This brings our total to 27 rescues for Alpha 2, and 41 rescues overall! Mission challenges include a variety of feats, including rounding up boats drifting away after a storm surge, saving stranded hikers, repairing docks and bridges, responding to forest fires and bulldozing debris, directing traffic, rescuing baby ducks, and more. While I still believe in function over form, I'm trying to come up with some utilitarian design ideas but just not coming up with any at the moment. Paste as plain text instead, × I made a request for a tow. For more complex situations where multiple responders are needed, the details are passed off to a supervisor who will coordinate with the responders to ensure everything proceeds smoothly. We wish him and all the other racers the best of luck and if you ever run out of fuel or scrap, you know who to call! Basically those who pick doctors, EMTs, maybe firefighters in games where this is possible just like some people like to play as cops. It sucks that I missed it because those pictures that were taken of the event look quite great, hopefully I can attend and run around next year. Not a whole lot happened this test on my side of things. Just because I am down, however, does not mean the rest of the team is out! As far as the future is concerned, I've floated the idea for another team meeting at some point during the next test, both in-game and through Discord. Rebuild three islands! Four rescues during this testing period raises our Alpha 2 count up to 19 and our total rescues to 33. There is pretty much no middle ground. With no alternative and no one from NovaQuark on hand to handle the situation, a member of Eyes & Ears stepped up and flew the player out to their craft which secured our 24th rescue. Our sole devotion is to bring lost Noveans back to civilization. For small calls like refueling or repairing a smaller construct where only a single responder is needed, that individual is briefed then sent on their way. Rear Thrust > Passengers > Fuel > Vertical Engines > Cockpit. I could not fetch it due to a past incident, and it was just outside of maneuvering range. I'm already bubbling with ideas and have even written some of the good ones down for future work. Additionally last weeks feedback has been added to the website alongside this weeks feedback since both rescues were early on in the test. Given the width of the small rescue craft in the upper deck, the construct is divided into two separate decks; the upper being wider and slightly taller, while the lower is narrower from the front and lower. Further rescues would be performed in the lead up to Alpha 2. A bed, a desk, a TV with no reception, and a keyboard with an attached screen with a few words on it's display. This is also a somewhat special event seeing as we have now surpassed our number of rescues made during the Alpha 1 stage, 14. Each of the four Rescue Stations feature three missions of increasing difficulty, with medals (ranks) such as Mountain Rescue Cadet, Ranger, and Chief awarded for successful completion. Yah, really love your organization and the work you are putting in to it, As told before, you are Always welcome on Tranquility.   Pasted as rich text. For starters, the race will be a double sprint from Alioth, to a checkpoint on one of it's moons where racers will verify themselves through currently undisclosed means, then back again to the starting point. Not only will it help others who view this thread, but it will help others who view my F.A.Q page in the future. The general field of search and rescue includes many specialty sub-fields, typically determined by the type of terrain the search is conducted over. All the details on these positions and more can be found on our websites hiring page. I could bestow the occasional Knighthood though, on whom ever rides the rescue steeds. Testing started out fairly slow this go-around with me mostly working on coloring up a small construct from plain black to an assortment of red stripes, minor blue accents. My friend and I built a ship. Enough about me, lets get on with this weeks past two rescues: Our first Novean, @Pwnst4r found himself stuck on Thades. Originally almost 3,000 words, I've moved much of my post that would have gone here onto my organizations' website so as to keep this post a bit tidier. One of our members in collaboration with a partner cooked up some LUA that allows us to switch between two images at the press of a single button.

Speaking of the HUD, I scraped up some code off the DU Discord and after some tinkering, all my fuel gauges are off to one side, while everything else is off to the other side. This is so far the most rescues we've made over any one testing phase which brings our Alpha 2 total up to 15 and our total rescues to 29. Aside from these rescues, testers may notice a small advertisement at each district now. Always open to content suggestions as usual. While Eyes & Ears as an organization isn't seeking fame or fortune with this event, we do seek more community involvement through in-game events such as this, alongside my weekly updates here in this thread. The role of a dispatcher in Eyes & Ears is much as you would expect it to be in real life. Stern, lower/upper port and starboard sides, left and right bow sections, and the 'neck' area between the bridge and upper decks hull. That's what I call a team player, and a lock on rescue 34. Our 10th member was just added to our team today, welcome @DarkTemplar to our organization as our first dispatcher! 'Stats & Stories' has been filled out with 12 separate pieces of feedback by those who have used our service, check that out as well. He finished it while I was offline and told me to take it for a ride. After assisting @FU3GO out in the black sea near Madis, we had a bit of discussion and I brought up the organization which he promptly decided to join during the flight back home.

It also happens that our 24th rescue so I thought all of this tied in real well with the video. I'm thinking about taking some adventure over the test this long holiday weekend (at least for us americans), but for now, the drought persists. I might push out a few smaller things but those would be largely inconsequential overall. @Haunty has thrown their hat in the ring and will be representing Eyes & Ears in a surprise twist that I had forgotten to mention last week. There's a saying around the Dual Universe Discord, you can always tell who is new to the testing experience, with elements stacked on elements, Phyzic proved no different. With my position being closer, I flew out with a supply of fuel and after a rougher than intended landing, Pwnst4r was off. In most situations I would have told this player to mine and sell resources so they can get to know a bit more of the game. After providing some more technical assistance, they were able to respawn back on Alioth, and so capped off rescue 33. The single person 'bubble' cockpit was replaced with a three person bridge. It's something I've had on my mind since earlier this year, finally pulled the trigger on the main two components. Finally as far as the Lua front goes, aside from fuel tank gauges, I'm planning on also implementing @Melvin 's artificial horizon script which I sadly didn't get to play with since I was too engrossed in design. Did you acquire your ship through questionable means while knowing that you would most certainly lose it if you abandoned it? Why Rescue?

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