I got both rings but I'm not sure if I should keep the Mana Regen ring at all or should I just wear Cling and Thief ring together? “But… Who is this dragon exactly? So yep UK and aussies. Global Tendencies is the average tendency of all the online players. She killed the first, the second, the third… but her strength betrayed her. i've probably spent at least 50% of my time with DS offline fiddling with tendencies and i always miss the messages, bloodstains and ghosts let alone tearing shit up in co-op. Can be used repeatedly, and is never consumed. Problem is it's easy to rely on it and run out of mana.. the starting character only has a few bits spice.. and on the first level there's not much around if you're spamming spells. I n00bed out unfortunately, charged and got myself stuck an awkward spot where I couldn't roll away from the M-Hammer. That is the way she does things. After beating the boss, I got some stones, that I presume are for multiplayer, but when I try to use them I can't. Ahh, that makes sense. If you got shipping with a tracking number you can always check on the websites where the status is. I should do it. edit: i forwarded this ports and iv had better luck since – 5223,3478,3479,3658its suprising how many invaders you get! It was a miracle that I was able to carry the will and the memories of the person I embodied. To kill the dragon it's very very easy. Yup x 3. You can talk to him first or after you kill the dragon is up to you. Her sword cut his left arm as he was trying to avoid her. Not sure how you'd switch to 2-hand weapons, you'd want good 1:1 response to do riposte. The other is a bit further into the level in a broken room. The Huntress finally collapsed. I hear Royals have the easiest time with your first game in Boletarian Palace, give them a go, but ultimately, fast dex builds are the most well rounded for this game. Dark Silver's Great as it's light and blocks most anything ... upgrading to +5 gives a good enough hit res to block most heavy attacks. “Knight Lazlo!” Cried Acina as she witnessed Lazlo being trapped because of the big rock. My first play through was with a melee character, found it a lot easier as a caster on the second playthrough. That was after i'd killed two invaders :/ You almost never see blue signs there either. What she desired was to vanquish anything that stood in her path. Unfortunately most armour in DS is more cosmetic rather than functional. yeah – there's also a way to de-level via mephistopheles that's much quicker, man LOVE this game all i gotto say.. and also try not to read the wiki too much.. there's a TON of pleasent surprises. One thing that irks me with the asian version, is the descriptions of things. haha no, I'm around SL 200 and have to spend hours waiting to be invadedI just don't want GT to screw up my hard work to get to pure white or pure black WT, lol sry – I'm in the friday-before-long-weekend kinda mood :). I will try 4-2, what's the most crowded time in a day for US server? He dodges me swings his and takes off ¾ of my health.I figure I'm not skilled enough for the cleaver, quickly switch to my killij+6 and go back to my old play style...Turns out I can't block Meat Cleavers all that well. 2 I play online and then after a while I realize there are no blood stains or messages as I am no longer online but still signed into the psn network does this happen to anyone else? “You’re done for. What I see was half the bar filled, and it will not regen more than half. Lol so I just killed red dragon and found out you get pretty much nothing for it. Wonder what they'll do about the servers? Hi all, I'm desperate for a pure bladestone. can organise co-op by finding some willing blue buddies and telling them what level you're going to ... give them a sec to drop their soul sign (if you pick a spot out of the way it'll make sure no one else summons them), then zone in and pick them up. Without knowing he is there I went pass the whole lot and couple of times I drop my blue stone to coop and went and killed Tower Knight boss. I wasn't sure if you had, but if not, get Sage Freke (the mage guy in 3-1) as soon as you can. Oh and now I'm having problem with Flamelurker, I use Soul Arrow with Thief Ring and Ring of fire resistance. I had Pure White World Tendency on world 4, but just then I died in world 3 (in soul form) and lost pure white in world 4? I would say all healing items are not recommended in duels here. Since I'm only new and they are doing the whole Valentine's Day white / black thing, should I avoid logging on when they go to Black Tendency? yeh i agree.. don't stress about losing things/ not getting things.. i lost ed, and gave up a lot of hope.. but then i just played on.. most of the weapons u get are good enough.. if not even the xx+10's are good enough.. and the game is still fun. "The Best" version is full Japanese text, but English spoken dialogue.. so keep that in mind, if you're after the full English version, that one is the Hong Kong (Asia) version. Players should start playing online "seriously" the moment they put in the game. “Yes, maybe. North Regalia build looks great but is a bit limited since you have to have pure white or pure black CT for full effect – can't really chop and change between being a red or blue phantom – or change weapons around. Thought you were talking about getting invaded the way you worded it.12-4pm here == 8pm-12 in US so that's usually the best time. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. “I see now… I see why I did suffer back then… it was because of you.” Uttered the Huntress angrily. One of Saint Simon’s Knights ?! So if you run out.. the only way to get your body back is mentioned above. The world you're in will begin to get harder as it goes blacker tendency from your dieing in body form.Dieing in ghost form however has no bad consequence like that. perhaps you can find someone online with a spare Minister hat you can keep/borrow. And even now, I’m so excited from seeing myself die like the rotten souls I tortured. I have found that towards the end it gets alot less challenging... probably due to the fact that by now I know alot of the ins and outs of how my character and enemies work. From the start of the bridge wait for the Red Dragon to make a pass and clear the bridge, soon as the dragon is over your head, start your dash to the first tower. I have chars at SL 74 and SL 116 ready to do some pvp actions with you. “Uhh!! It is a sort of good thing staying in ghost form if you're a beginner, because 1. you can't be invaded by pesky black phantoms when you are trying to learn a level, 2. while your health capacity may decrease, your damage output is actually significantly higher, which is a good trade off imo... enemies just seem easier when you're in ghost form.The reason you shouldn't aim to be human form too much as you are beginning is that you will die... a lot... and using stones to keep coming back to life and dieing again will end up bad ;). If you want to continue as a ranged caster then finish off with a melee weapon I would suggest going to stage 4-1 Shrine of Storms. After finishing the game, when I found Ostrava again in NewGame+ I didn't bother saving him, just killed him, got the key and visited the Old King then. Offline: Body or Soul form -> No PvP -> boring imo. Get 7 Ephermeral Eyes (EE), load them into you hot inventory. Online Mode is Hard difficulty3. the spanish mag said june. How do I get around the trap? Ok So I beat Dragon God and I got the Dragon Bone Smasher (I had PWWT), then I zoned back to the Nexus and suicided there. !” Said Pylyp. Someone from Shirou's group should have mentioned that someone with a name like "Mephistopheles" is an obvious bad guy. is it only for melee builds? http://atlus.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=84, http://au.ps3.ign.com/articles/107/1076598p1.html, http://myworld.ebay.com.au/pro_gamer_shop88/, http://demonssouls.wikidot.com/consumables, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhW4Kij8yiE, /forum-replies.cfm?t=1329906&r=23054417#r23054417, Never talk to him twice in a row without buying something/repairing gear – He says "Bah – Don't waste my time", Never walk away from him without pressing Circle to exit – He says something else which sounds grumpy. Why are you staying here? Everyone plays differently, so you just need to figure out what works for you. Yeh, pvp is a small part of the game. When the filthy old man turned hostile on me, I killed him then hit the home button and quit the game. So once you have a world white go offline or don't return to the Nexus until you've done what you need to. I find I use the Cresent Falchion a fair bit for a bit of hack and slash. Thinking this is my big chance to get that sweet sweet loot I worked my way down to the colourless soul and promptly fell off to my death. Currently playing NG+, and I'm about level 108, but get killed in 2 hits on the 4th world... =(. Is this a known issue? yeah would be nice to have a local one for Aussies and Kiwi's – have some PvP tourneys :). Zoran is supposed to be the Ultimate Hero that will restore the legacy of the three and repel the ancient evil that doomed my kingdom long ago. I'm not interested in paying up to double the price for the same product. “Why, you ask? “You are not going to do it not for my own sake but for the sake of the world. Is there a DS trading section on this forum? Really considering buying a PS3, just for this game. yeh i chopped patches after he pushed me down the well.. heheh.. i've done most of the worlds so far.. or at least attempted them.. do u find u solely use the dragon longsword (i dont remember this being a lucky drop) through the entire world? I remember when I fought Phalanx in NG and took a hit and watched ¾ my health bar dissappear I started crapping myself. If you’re going to finish me off for real, you have to find my own tomb. Perhaps US Servers are too far and lags... :/, Perhaps US Servers are too far and lags... :/. everyone enjoying Full White World Tendency on all worlds for the Asian servers atm? Both these will increase your MP bar. Why are you leaving suddenly? Her right arm was disabled and so she decided to rely on her sword in the other hand.

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