Q:  How tall is a soccer goal? This site's primary purpose is to provide measurements and This is from the Ohio High School Soccer Association. Q:  What is the length and width of a Soccer Field: Soccer, formally known as association football, is the world’s most popular team sports that features opposing two teams of 11 players, playing on a wide rectangular grassy field, with a spherical ball being played until it touches a netted area called the goal. qualifying tournaments. The entire playing field should be within the following dimensions: Standard–> Touchline (length): 90 m (100 yd) to 120 m (130 yd); Goal line (width) : 45 m (50 yd) to 90 m (100 yd), International matches –> Touchline (length): 100 m (110 yd) to 110 m (120 yd); Goal line (width) : 64 m (70 yd) to 75 m (80 yd). of up to 16 players each, were also established during this time period. The center circle is marked from the center spot of the field in a 10 yard (9.15 meter) radius. Q: What is the length and width of a soccer field? The size of a professional soccer field must be between 100-130 yards (90-120 meters) long by 50-100 yards (45–90 meters) wide.. agree to our Terms of Service & Disclaimer. The penalty area is measured 18 yards (15.5 meters) from the goal line and extends 18 yards beyond each goal post creating an area approximately 18 yards X 44 yards assuming the use of an 8-yard goal. As opposed to gridiron-style football stadiums, where the front row of seats is elevated several feet above the field of play to allow spectators to see over the heads of substitute players and coaches on the sidelines, soccer-specific venues typically have the front row closer to the level of the pitch, providing a more intimate experience. depicted on this site should not be used for official The field dimensions and information are as follows: The field of play must be rectangular and marked with lines. The soccer field diagram below will show you the measurements of a standard pitch. This article covers all the dimensions you need to know about all aspects of soccer. It is 100 to 130 yards (90-120m) long and 50 to 100 yards (45-90m) wide. How To Transfer Your Spectrum Services When Moving To A New Address? The competitive game cuju, in which players could use any body part It is 100 to 130 yards (90-120m) long and 50 to 100 yards (45-90m) wide. sporting organization that exists. 220 AD. Updated March 24, 2018 There are very few fixed dimensions for soccer fields, even at the highest level. Soccer is one of the games that have rules written and codified into law. Details for all US youth soccer, from under 6’s to under 19’s: US Youth Soccer. In international play, the field dimensions are a bit stricter in that the length must be 110 to 120 yards (100 – 110m) long and 70 to 80 yards (64 – 75m) wide. Terms of Service & Europe and America, and soccer has been an Olympic sport since 1900. The Center In the middle of the field is the centerline which cuts the field in half. How to Keep Safe Your Self Balancing Hoverboard. By accessing this website you A: It varies, but the optimum width is 75 yards and the optimum length is 120 yards. Official Adult Soccer Field Dimensions Soccer Field Dimensions (Adult) Soccer pitches are rectangular in size and the surface is made out of grass or artificial astroturf.

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