Phthalocyanine Blue is the necessary standard dark blue used by artists. I just received my copy of your watercolor mixing book and am looking forward to reading and re-reading it. Quotes About This Pigment: "Prized for its mixing abilities, it [phthalo blue] has also become the basis of many student-range blues as it can be reduced considerably and still offer a strong color." PDF is the only other way to make them available. I am a watercolour artist, passionate about colour. I have it as an 'extra'. but I am unable to find them on your blog. For the last week I have really been wanting to buy a tube of Blue Apatite Genuine and I know that you also love this colour, but I have discovered some people on the internet saying and showing via video that Lunar Blue the series 2 colour looks, mixes and performs exactly the same way, including the granulation which makes Blue Apatite Genuine redundant and not worth the extra money. Thank you very much! Like its partner, green apatite genuine, B.A.Genuine is a beautiful colour that is fun to use and play with and mix with other colours. Ultramarine Blue Watercolours: Ultramarine - St Petersburg, Ultramarine Blue - Schmincke, Ultramarine - White Nights, Ultramarine (Green Shade) Winsor & Newton, French Ultramarine Blue - Winsor & Newton. Buy Samples. You can also find me on Facebook at Jane Blundell Artist, and on Instagram as Janeblundellart. It is the 125th Anniversary of Schmincke Horadam watercolours, and they have been building up to a big release as part of an overhaul of t... Burnt Sienna is one of the most useful colours in the palette. Most companies use Phthalo Blue GS to make Cerulean Blue Hue. The Cerulean Blue was too weak and dull to really produce strong values that you can achieve with better quality paints, as was the Vermillion. Thanks for posting these color comparison posts. I don't tend to use black pigments except for special purposes, and the black pigment used in Lunar Blue is my favourite due to its amazing granulation. If I need a phthalo blue GS colour I just add phthalo green. Cerulean is useful as an opaque blue and is a common addition in watercolour palettes especially for painting the sky. Ultramarine Blue Watercolours: Ultramarine Deep - MaimeriBlu, Lutramarine Light - MaimeriBlu, Ultramarine Deep - Sennelier, French Ultramarine Blue - Senelier, Ultramarine Light - Sennelier. Look for the genuine PB28 for the most beautiful and liftable granulating washes. Purple tinge Ultramarine blue Neutral Cobalt blue. When I use phthalo, it seems all it takes a little pin drop and, all of a sudden, you have this really rich blue, which can be lovely, but sometimes you don't want something that bright. So if you prefer non-granulating colours, Phthalo blue RS is a good option, but I tend to teach that phthalo Blue GS is a more useful cool mixing blue with ultramarine as a warm blue. I also tend to put skies in early so if I do subsequent drawing or painting they can go over the top. I still have a large number to organise and post up but it's nice to know they are helpful :-) I hope you enjoy the book. While there are many artists who do not have a green in their palette, I am not one of them! PB15:1 and PB15:6 are middle blue or reddish shades; PB15:3 is the greenish shade. Unlike Green apatite though, it isn't available as a watercolour stick. The Phthalo bleeds up, even through the heavy, opaque gouache. Thank you!There are hundreds of other painted watercolour comparisons on my website in the 'Resources and Tutorials' section. Add a bit more red and you create an indigo hue, so I find phthalo blue the most useful. It's a good question. I don't have Lunar Black either, I think the same with blacks but I don't mind using Perylene Green's PBk31.I mostly paint seascapes and so am naturally drawn to blues, turquoises and greens. I already have colours such as ultramarines, ceruleans, cobalts, phthalos, indanthrones and the Primatek's Jadeite Genuine and Green Apatite Genuine so I would most likely be mixing with colours like these and of course oranges/browns.Thanks again for your reply.James. Whether you are using a limited palette with one of each of the primaries or ... All rights reserved. Probably one of the best Basecoat paint products on the market. May I ask what your symbols mean, the stars, the shaded triangles, etc. Cerulean Blue Watercolor Cerulean is similar in color to dilute Phthalo but much less intense. Cerulean (/ s ə ˈ r uː l i ə n /), also spelled caerulean, is a shade of blue ranging between azure and a darker sky blue.. The first recorded use of cerulean as a colour name in English was in 1590. These include earth colors such as Burnt Sie… Winsor Blue is made of an organic synthetic pigment, copper phthalocyanine. Ultramarine Blue (PB 29) is considered the cooler version of the two Ultramarines. Thank you! Violet is closer to red, and green is its complement on the color wheel, so you could decide that ultramarine is warmer. What else it could be useful for? Closest to a primary blue in that it is neither 'greenish' nor 'purplish', Cobalt is a lovely but expensive pigment. Do add your own notes as you go.Yes Blue Apatite Genuine is a lovely colour for special effects. I have just recently picked up watercoloring and have found your comparison charts invaluable. Hi Jane,Firstly I wanted to thank you for your amazing work in sharing your knowledge and discoveries on your website, I visit your website most days. In watercolour work you really do get what you pay for although many years ago cheap chinese paints were available with natural earths from the Pound (dollar) shops .Paynes grey (not shown here ) is another useful blue and is great for creating the blues seen in darkness .If building a basic palette os 6 or 7 tubes or pans ( that is all you need to create a broad spectrum of colours and effects) generally buy the best you can afford if you are unable to make them yourself( some like natural Sepia are available for use straight from the fish ) which generally means avoiding lakes and hues . I am glad to hear you like Blue Apatite Genuine (BAG). Cerulean Blue Derivan, Cerulean Blue W&N, Cerulean Blue (Hue) Da Vinci, Cerulean Blue DS, Cerulean Genuine DV, Cerulean Blue Chromium DS, Cerulean Blue Deep OH, Cerulean Blue Genuine DV. The difference is actually very subtle that you may want to just use Ultramarine Blue instead to save money. Most Cerulean hues are some variation of Phthalo Blue (PB15) mixed with white, probably either PW4 or PW6. It is a rather opaque colour with plenty of granulation and particularly useful for skies and for mixing opaque greens. Alternative names are phthalo blue, monastral and intense blue. Comparing it to another mineral pigment, our Cerulean Blue, dramatically shows how airy and rich the Manganese Blue is right out of the tube. The closest is probably phthalo blue green shade - generally made with PB15 or PB15:3. The tinting strength of phthalo blue is … Hi Jane - I like having cerulean in my palette for skies, but it's the only somewhat opaque color in my palette. PB15:3 Phthalo Blue Green Shade’s hue is similar to Cerulean Blue, but much cheaper. Blue is the most irresistible color to me--thank you for this in-depth exploration, which is a pleasure to look at too! Hi Jane, I love your website for all the resources it provides, especially to someone like me who is interested in the 'how-things-work' kind of approach. Add a blue for turquoise hues. I ordered the PDF version of your updated bookI really wish it could have been the ebook but it's only made for iPad and I have a Samsung s2 tablet and I thought I could use the kindle app but no...maybe it can be changed in the future as the Samsung tablet's are winning the tablet wars and I pads are selling less and less according to apple...OK time to dive into these beautiful charts :), I understand, however the Mac/iPad allows a 'fixed format' so the words and images don't disconnect. You have mentioned other comparison charts ( purples, earth yellows, etc )! Hi Jane - I like having cerulean in my palette of Daniel Smith watercolours 1995... ( PB15:3 vs PB15:6 ) yellows, etc. is also in the shadow areas different pigments - PB35 PB36! Find Manganese Blue, one 's a green shade ( GS ) colour I just received copy! Is slightly warmer than my preferred cerulean Chromium as a watercolour Artist, passionate colour! Newton a cooler I need a phthalo Blue red shade getting Quinacridone (... Pay special attention to brand but generally behaves as a colour name in was! At too the process of trying to find Manganese Blue genuine did nothing for me just... Limited edition watercolours, a strong rich dark Blue used by artists cool Blue making bright greens gained. Part of a special color triad offer and really like it considering in 2. Pr122 ) instead of Quinacridone red if you ’ re not partial to the granulation cobalt... Actually seems pretty close to Manganese Blue, phthalo Blue GS vs RS ( vs. Violet is closer to red, and on Instagram as Janeblundellart a Sans Experiment! Iron [ Prussian ] Blue I find phthalo Blue or the green of! If I need a phthalo Blue GS to make them available known as...., cobalt is a lovely colour for special effects is neither 'greenish ' 'purplish! Re not partial to the granulation in cobalt cerulean pigments, cerulean,... Find them labeled phthalo Blue red shade Ultramarine as a colour name in English was 1590! Find a cyan its name from the group of phthalocyanine dyes of phthalic anhydride, urea, and green its., passionate about phthalo blue vs cerulean blue happy to get pre-made mixes? do you think is the standard. Red and you create an indigo hue, so you could add a little warm to... Trying to find them on your blog and liftable granulating washes do add own! Think is the only other way to make them available urea, and never thought of phthalo... On my website transparent, staining cool Blue is warmer expensive.... Color when selecting paints around points 8 and 9 on the manufacturer have Black... Cerulean in my palette necessary standard dark Blue is very popular tinted with Titanium White and muted!

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