What Are You Interested In? This practice, which had started as a means of protection for the silk, ended with patchouli being considered an affluent scent. If we let the heat out or soap at a lower temperature, it will not gel. The two most sought out components of patchouli essential oil are patchoulol and norpatchoulenol. For making a 10 ml perfume, use 8 ml of vodka and 15 drops essential oils – 5 drops of sweet orange, 4 drops patchouli, 3 drops cedarwood, 1 drop lavender, 1 drop ylang-ylang, 1 drop bergamot. Belonging to the genus Pogostemon, patchouli is a green, leafy herb that is in the mint family. Weigh out the lye. This is totally normal and good in a number of ways. Take it off the heat, and then put the jar in the water. Each person thinks about this word differently as there isn’t really a specific agreement for what it entails.

© Natures Garden Candle Making & Soap Making Supplies. These seeds are extremely fragile and can be easily crushed, deeming them useless. In America, when most people hear the word patchouli, they immediately think of hippies, universal love for one another, and tie dyed peace signs. This bushy herb has rigid stems, reaching 2 or 3 feet in height, and produces small, pale pink flowers. However, there are some claims that to achieve the highest quality of patchouli essential oil, fresh leaves should be distilled. This mysterious scent of patchouli and its origin were kept secret, and it was not until the year 1837, that the smell and the source were identified to the remainder of the western world. You can texture the top of the soap like I have or you can just leave it plain.

Well, I had a partial gel. Leave to cool. Patchouli oil is an essential oil derived from the leaves of the patchouli plant, a type of aromatic herb. Some of my soap is gelled and some are not, So you can see different degrees of colour in the same bar. One of the possible explanations as to why patchouli was considered an upscale scent to Europeans of that time is due to a notable historical conqueror. Patchouli oil extraction process. The fantastic thing about these natural soaps is that they are simple and easy to make for beginners. Weigh out the hard oils and melt them. It is purely a cosmetic issue. Pour carrier oil in the jar over the dried patchouli. Today, we learn the topic of Patchouli Oil Extraction Process. This is great for people who are soaping with heat sensitive ingredients like honey or milk. There are two ways to grow patchouli. Like so many of the other essential oils that are out there, patchouli essential oil is created through the process of steam distillation, which is an effective way to make concentrated essential oils, although the yields are fairly low, depending upon which Essential Oil you are talking about. If we keep it in by wrapping our soap up in blankets (or by other methods), the soap will gel. In the soap making community, natural tends to mean making soap with essential oils and natural colourants rather than fragrance oils and pigments, micas or dyes. The only hesitance with this way is that patchouli seeds are very small and have to be handled with great care. For the essential oils, you could use 15 drops sweet orange, 5 drops patchouli, 5 drops cedarwood, 3 drops lavender, 3 drops ylang-ylang, and 3 drops of bergamot. Next up is another partially gelled soap…Lemongrass and Poppy Seed. Growing best in hot, tropical climates; patchouli thrives when it is not in direct sunlight and has the potential of reaching a height of 2-3 ft.

First up is a very simple one.

The second way to grow patchouli is to plant the seeds of the flowers. These cuttings are then rooted in water and will cultivate additional patchouli plants. Partial gel is not a problem for the soap. Note that the recipes have been calculated differently for the metric and imperial versions so please don’t chop and change between them. Add the fragrance to the soap mix and blend in. However, it is very cold here at the moment and I don’t heat my workshop overnight so my soap cooled down too much before the edges heated up to gelling temperatures. The plant is native to tropical regions of Asia and is now widely cultivated in China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, … How to Make a Fused Glass Stripy Suncatcher, 110 Causewayhead Road, Stirling, Scotland FK9 5HJ. However, there are some claims that to achieve the highest quality of patchouli essential oil, fresh leaves should be distilled. Some say it is only ingredients found in nature. Let it "cook" until water cools. Fill to the top and screw on lid. I’m not going to add any colour to this soap because Orange and Patchouli essential oils are already highly coloured. Patchouli is believed to be an insect repellent.

Deriving its name from the Tamil language (the official dialect of Singapore and Sri Lanka), patchouli means “green leaf”.

The soap will be very soft the next day and the colours will be more pastel compared to gelled soap. Although, it is true that patchouli essential oil is vital to the perfume industry, patchouli also had another massive worth in history. I believe that learning a new skill and expressing your creativity can help you lead a happy and enriched life. Stir until the lye is completely melted. You can get my Guide to Making your own Cold Process Soap here.

The soap has melted.

Orange is, of course, orange and Patchouli is dark brown, If we tried to add more colour. Before long the distinguished scent of patchouli marked authenticity in traded fabric goods although the vast majority did not know what it was called. Contrary to common belief, patchouli is more than just leaves; the plant also has flowers that bloom in late fall. Give Me All Of It!

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. And it just goes to show that this could happen to anyone, even a seasoned soaper! If you are not familiar with this, I’ll explain. When it comes to harvesting patchouli, the leaves of the plant can be collected several times in one year. The first is to attain cuttings from the mother plant. You will need two glass jars for the process and a cheesecloth and funnel to filter the mixture.

See you next time. Use one or the other. Each day, shake the jar of patchouli mixture well.

Weigh out the hard oils and melt them.

In order to attain the extraction of patchouli essential oilfrom these leaves, the leaves must go through a steam distillation process. Shake the jar. One of the most notable characteristics of this essential oil is that it actually improves over time. Remove jar from water and shake well.

Not too complicated, simple ingredients and not too many steps to remember. It implies combining the recommended amounts of each essential oil mentioned in the “ingredients” section and then adding carrier oil (something like sweet almond). I’m going to use the same recipe for each of the natural soaps in the series and I’ll give this below. This is typically achieved with dried patchouli leaves. Let cool to 30 degrees Celcius or below. It will heat up to such a temperature that the soap goes dark and gel-like. Welcome to Hazelrock House. There are other ways to obtain patchouli essential oil.

Historians now hypothesize that due to the fragrant nature of patchouli; much of the traded silk acquired the aroma during the long travel. Store jar in a cool, dry place for 30 days. The darker areas have heated up to a much higher temperature than the lighter areas of the bar.

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