However, some of the townspeople fear that the stranger may have seen magic - which could expose their true identities to the world - and think that leaving him to die would be the best solution. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, Rumplestiltskin agrees to offer his services to a younger Cora - for a price - when the king calls her bluff and orders her to actually follow through on her boast of being able to spin straw into gold. Captain Hook sets Aurora free to show Emma that she should have trusted him, only for him to take Aurora's heart to convince Cora to take him to Storybrooke with her.

Recurring Cast: Lee Arenberg (Leroy/Grumpy), Michael Coleman (Happy), Faustino Di Bauda (Walter/Sleepy), Chris Gauthier (William Smee), David-Paul Grove (Doc), Barbara Hershey (Cora), Jeffrey Kaiser (Dopey), Eric Keenleyside (Moe French/Maurice), Mig Macario (Bashful), Colin O'Donoghue (Captain Hook/Killian Jones)., For the second season, the central main cast of characters was brought back with regular status, but, This is the only season to feature Ory as a series regular, due to the actress committing to a different. Regina searches for a way to regain her powers, and David struggles to maintain order after learning what happens when someone crosses the town line. (Does That Mean He's Also…?! Emma and Mary Margaret, with the help of Mulan, Princess Aurora, and Sir Lancelot, look for the magical wardrobe that sent Emma to Storybrooke, hoping that it has enough magic to do the same for them. Plot Synopsis: The inhabitants of Storybrooke brace themselves for the end when Greg and Tamara detonate the trigger Regina had placed within the curse, with the annihilation of the town and its residents imminent, and Mr. Gold mourns the loss of his son, Bae/Neal. [59][60] The town of Steveston doubles as Storybrooke for the series. Regina decides to get revenge on Mary Margaret; and in the past Regina meets a little boy and his father.

Recurring Cast: Barbara Hershey (Cora), Michael Raymond-James (Neal Cassidy/Baelfire), Centric Character: Queen ReginaOther Backstory Character: Greg Mendell. Plot Synopsis: Emma, Mary Margaret and David go in search of Regina when they discover that she - along with some magic beans - have gone missing. Meanwhile, back in the fairytale land that was, after capturing the Evil Queen, Snow White and Prince Charming set about planning her public execution in order to rid the land of her murderous tyranny. But to their dismay, they aren't transported back to fairytale land.

Lost alum Jorge Garcia recurs as Anton the Giant, referenced from Jack and the Beanstalk. Meanwhile, back in the fairytale land that was, Rumplestiltskin attempts to save his wife, Milah, from being kidnapped by a band of cutthroat pirates. But when the son she gave up years ago finds her, everything will change. Once Upon a Time Has Cast Sarah Bolger as Sleeping Beauty", "Colin O'Donoghue Gets Key Recurring Role On 'Once Upon A Time', Signs With UTA", "Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on White Collar, Castle, Once Upon a Time, NCIS, Parks & Rec and More! [28][29] In July 2012, it was announced that Pretty Little Liars star Julian Morris would be guest starring as Prince Phillip, an altruistic hero and adept warrior,[30] while Teen Wolf actor Sinqua Walls was cast as Sir Lancelot, a former member of the round table. Recurring Cast: David Anders (Dr. Whale), Lee Arenberg (Leroy/Grumpy), Sarah Bolger (Aurora), Jamie Chung (Mulan), Michael Coleman (Happy), Faustino Di Bauda (Walter/Sleepy), Beverley Elliott (Granny), David-Paul Grove (Doc), Jeffrey Kaiser (Dopey), Gabe Khouth (Tom Clark/Sneezy), Mig Macario (Bashful), Julian Morris (Prince Phillip), Michael Raymond-James (Neal Cassidy), Raphael Sbarge (Archie Hopper/Jiminy), Keegan Connor Tracy (Mother Superior/Blue Fairy).
Of course Emma doesn't believe a word, but when she brings Henry back to Storybrooke, she finds herself drawn to this unusual boy and his strange New England town.

Greg and Tamara plan to destroy Storybrooke, so Emma, Regina, Mary Margaret, David, Henry, and Hook have to stop them. And in the fairytale land that was, Regina finds herself failing at learning the dark arts from a dark master because something from her past is preventing her from using her magic for evil. 2 Series regular from 2.14 onwards; guest starred in 9 episodes prior to that.

Concerned for Henry, she decides to stay for a while, but she soon suspects that Storybrooke is more than it seems. They eventually fail to destroy Storybrooke, though they kidnap Henry and take him to Neverland to the unknown Peter Pan, leading the main characters to follow them to retrieve him, setting the premise for the third season. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, Belle meets Mulan as the two set out to slay a fearsome beast called the Yaoguai, who has been ravaging the land. But this is our world, and magic has a tendency to have unfathomable implications.

People outside of Storybrooke are also allowed in, including Greg Mendell and Tamara, who both have a secretive past involving magic which leads to Henry's captivity in Neverland.

Meanwhile, when Mary Margaret and Emma discover a lone survivor from an ogre massacre, Emma begins to question whether or not he's telling the truth. Plot Synopsis: Emma and Mary Margaret, with the aid of Mulan, Aurora and brave knight Lancelot, attempt to find a portal that will bring them back to Storybrooke, but a dark force threatens their safe return. For a breakdown of the characters' appearances, check here.

Reality and myth merged as the fairytale characters began awakening once the curse was lifted and remembered who they were. [52] Caprica actor John Pyper-Ferguson guest starred in Welcome to Storybrooke as Kurt Flynn, a widower who longs to aid his son after experiencing the loss of his mother. ", "Once Upon a Time Exclusive: Ethan Embry Books Mysterious Storybrooke Visit", "Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Once Upon a Time, Grey's, Revolution's Big Switch, Castle and More", "Once Upon a Time Season 2 Spoiler: Will Regina's True Love Daniel Be Back? [24], Co-creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis spoke about the repercussions of the first season finale's events, stating, "Magic as we know always comes with a price and we are introducing it to a world where it has never been before and I think that’s going to have unpredictable results. Mr. Gold contemplates telling Lacey the truth about his ability to conjure magic. Meanwhile, back in the fairytale land that was, Captain Hook travels to Wonderland and meets up with a vengeful Queen of Hearts. A special recap episode aired before the season premiere, and another one aired before episode 2.19. Mary Margaret stumbles upon August who is now a living puppet; Neal invites his fiance to Storybrooke; and in the past August meets Tamara. Plot Synopsis: Cora's desire to rid herself of Rumplestiltskin in order to take his place as The Dark One takes one step closer to becoming reality as she and Regina try to overpower a dying Mr. Gold, and Mary Margaret is once again tempted by dark magic. Meanwhile, as Mr. Gold tries to reunite with a despondent Belle, Cora attempts to reunite with daughter Regina. [61], Once Upon a Time: Original Television Soundtrack, "Sunday Final Ratings: 'Survivor', 'Once Upon a Time', 'The Simpsons' & 'Revenge' Adjusted Up", "Sunday Final Ratings: 'Once Upon A Time', 'The Simpsons', 'Bob's Burgers' Adjusted Up; '666 Park Avenue', '60 Minutes' Adjusted Down & Final Football Numbers", "Sunday Final Ratings: 'Once Upon a Time' & 'The Amazing Race' Adjusted Up; '60 Minutes' Adjusted Down + Final Football Numbers", "Sunday Final Ratings: 'The Mentalist' Adjusted Up, 'Revenge' & '60 Minutes' Adjusted Down", "Sunday Final Ratings: '60 Minutes' & 'The Amazing Race' Adjusted Up, '666 Park Avenue' Adjusted Down + MLB and NFL Numbers", "Sunday Final Ratings: 'The Amazing Race' Adjusted Up; 'America's Funiest Home Videos' Adjusted Down Plus Final World Series & Football Numbers", "Sunday Final Ratings: 'The Amazing Race' & 'Revenge' Adjusted Up; '60 Minutes', 'The Mentalist', '666 Park Ave' & 'American Dad' Adjusted Down", "Sunday Final Ratings: 'Revenge', 'The Mentalist' & 'The Amazing Race' Adjusted Up; '666 Park Avenue' & '60 Minutes' Adjusted Down", "Sunday Final Ratings: 'Once Upon a Time', 'Family Guy' & 'The Cleveland Show' Adjusted Up; 'The Good Wife' & '60 Minutes' Adjusted Down", "Sunday Final Ratings: 'American Dad' Adjusted Up, '666 Park Avenue' Adjusted Down + Unscambled CBS Ratings & Final Football Numbers", "Sunday Final Ratings: 'Family Guy', 'Revenge' & 'The Biggest Loser' Adjusted Up; 'The Simpsons' Adjusted Down Plus Final Football Numbers", "Sunday Final Ratings: 'Family Guy' & 'The Mentalist' Adjusted Up; '60 Minutes', 'The Cleveland Show' & 'Happy Endings' Adjusted Down + Final Golden Globes Numbers", "Sunday Final Ratings: 'Hawaii Five-0' Adjusted Up Plus Final Football Numbers", "Sunday Final Ratings: 'Family Guy' & 'The Cleveland Show' Adjusted Up; 'The Simpsons', '60 Minutes' & 'Revenge for Real' Adjusted Down", "Sunday Final Ratings: 'Once Upon a Time' & 'The Mentalist' Adjusted Up; 'The Good Wife' & 'Bob's Burgers' Adjusted Down", "Sunday Final Ratings: 'Once Upon a Time', 'The Amazing Race', 'Celebrity Apprentice', 'Red Widow', 'The Cleveland Show', 'America's Funniest Home Videos' Adjusted Up; '60 Minutes', 'The Simpsons' Adjusted Down", "Sunday Final Ratings: 'Once Upon a Time', 'Family Guy', 'Celebrity Apprentice' & 'The Mentalist' Adjusted Up; 'Red Widow' Adjusted Down", "Sunday Final Ratings: 'Once Upon a Time', 'The Amazing Race', 'Family Guy', 'The Cleveland Show', 'The Simpsons', 'Bob's Burgers' & 'The Mentalist' Adjusted Up", "Sunday Final Ratings: 'Once Upon a Time' & 'Celebrity Apprentice' Adjusted Up + Unscrambled CBS", "Sunday Final Ratings: 'Remember Sunday' Adjusted Down; No Adjustment for 'Once Upon a Time' or 'The Amazing Race, "Sunday Final Ratings: 'Family Guy', 'The Simpsons', 'The Amazing Race', 'The Mentalist', 'Celebrity Apprentice' & 'America's Funniest Home Videos' Adjusted Up", "Sunday Final Ratings: 'The Amazing Race' & 'Celebrity Apprentice' Adjusted Up; 'Red Widow' Adjusted Down + Final FOX Numbers", "ABC Announces Fall Premiere Dates: 'Modern Family', 'Revenge', 'DWTS:All-Stars', 'Grey's Anatomy', 'Once Upon a Time' & More", "Comic-Con: 7 Spoilers From Once Upon a Time Season 2", "Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Walking Dead, Once, Castle, Gossip Girl, New Girl, SOA and More! Plot Synopsis: With the hopes of finding a magical compass that could help her and Mary Margaret get back to Storybrooke, Emma takes a journey with a not-too-trustworthy Captain Hook up a treacherous beanstalk, in an attempt to steal the item from a murderous giant.
Ruby is accused of murdering someone.

Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) knows how to take care of herself.

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