If you need 100% waterproof protection that stays cool, choose the protector. You know that feeling of those crispy cool sheets and how they feel on your legs when you slip between the sheets? -Prevents moisture build-up "I sleep really hot at night - even worse in the summer. A handful of reviewers did say that the sheets started out cool, but the heat increased as the night went on. And some said these sheets came out of the dryer a bit wrinkly. I prefer to play it safe with sheets because I have no idea how well they’ll hold up to multiple rounds of washings and dryings, so I chose to wash them on the delicate cycle. Most of the people who bought these sheets did so because they were hot sleepers. It works by absorbing and releasing heat. As I do with all new sheets, I unwrapped these and immediately tossed them into the washing machine. 100% Waterproof protection that won’t cause you to sweat. Copyright © 2014 Slumber Cloud. They even included a Sleepy Time tea bag! -Soft feel Yes, they’ll wrinkle a bit. I’ve been sleeping on these sheets for the past few weeks, and they’ve had quite a few runs in the washer and dryer. Green shows up online as a light mint green color. CLICK HERE. Look Cost The green color was less of a mint and more of a lime, said one reviewer. More than thread count, we made our sheets with threads that count. Love your bed, but not all the heat buildup? I haven't really woken up or kicked off the covers during the night as much!" Pay For Orders $99+ Over 6 Months Interest Free, © Copyright Global Web Horizons LLC, All Rights Reserved 2020, NASA-inspired Outlast® technology for maximum heat and moisture management and added comfort, State-of-the-art products incorporate layer upon layer of proprietary Outlast® temperature regulating fabric so you are always getting the highest quality sleep, Multiple layers equals the best performance to help you sleep more comfortably, sweat less, and wake up ready to take on your day, No more pushing and pulling at the covers trying to find the perfect temperature, Easy to care for – just throw it in the washing machine. Many people noted that these are expensive sheets, but the majority of those who purchased these sheets say it was worth it. The pockets are deep, so they should fit even pillowtop mattresses up to 15 inches thick. If you’re warm and producing tons of heat, the heat is stored until you’re cool again, and then it releases it back to your body. There are six colors from which you can choose. These stayed like that all night. You know how so many fitted sheets only have elastic on the corners? So, if there’s anything wrong with your sheets that could be a defect in quality or workmanship, you can return the set to Slumbercloud for a repair, replacement, or refund. Originally designed for NASA astronauts to regulate their temperatures in space, Outlast® technology is made up of thousands of microscopic "beads" called Thermocules™. There are no runs or snags in the fabric, and they seem to be super durable. Any statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and any information or products discussed are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease or illness. Purchase the Baby Bundle of temperature-regulating mattress protector, fitted sheet, and quilt and save 15% for your baby's best night’s sleep! With NASA-inspired technology built right into the Cirrus Pillow, there's no more flipping to the "cool side". If you already have a mattress protector, you can either layer the Nacreous Mattress Pad on top of it, or swap it out for the Dryline Mattress Protector. Less than 300, and you’re risking slipping under a sheet that’s scratchy and thin. Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King. However in certain situations, you might choose to layer multiple products like the mattress protector and mattress topper together to combine the benefits of each product and improve the temperature regulation performance. -Colors are a bit off However, I might want to tuck the sheet in now that I’ve slept on these. Sometimes all you want is a set of sheets that works in any climate. It included a handwritten note to express gratitude for my purchase, and the sender told me to enjoy the sheets.

Given that I love them, it’s probably worth it to pay more. To give it a better test, the second night, I turned my air conditioner to a warmer temperature. The only thing I didn’t like about these sheets was the cost. No questions asked! Fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillow cases. Coming soon, the Velum Mattress Topper is the best option for added contoured pressure relief and proactive temperature regulation for continued temperature control throughout the night. All U.S. orders are shipped right to your door free of charge. In fact, I preferred that the fitted sheet shrunk a little. The Nacreous Mattress Pad is engineered with two layers of NASA-inspired temperature regulating technology for out of this world comfort. These sheets have technology and features that offer you a number of benefits. Do they proactively absorb excess heat from your body to help you stay cool while you sleep? You have 30 days to do so, which is standard in the industry. But they should work well for you night after night. It fights off the one thing that makes you sweat at night - humidity. In 2003 the Space Foundation recognized Outlast® technology as a Certified Space Technology. No more sticking your leg out from under the covers to keep cool! The secret behind Slumber Cloud bedding is the patented temperature regulating technology called Outlast® technology built right into our products. I didn’t even need to stick a foot out to cool down. If you need the most temperature regulation performance, but are not concerned with 100% waterproof protection the Nacreous Mattress Pad is right for you. The thread count of these sheets is 300 for the white set and 350 for the other colors. So, I turned my thermostat super low. I also can’t tell you how the dye holds up to washing and drying on the blue, sandy, green, mauve, or dove colors. The full elastic all the way around the fitted sheet ensures a snug fit on almost any mattress. And then there are blends. You could take my review of these sheets and call it a day, but it helps to know what other customers also felt about these sheets. Here’s a summary of the most important points of these sheets.

But I gave it a few minutes, and it started to warm up a little. I read up a bit on the Outlast technology, which is what Slumbercloud uses in these sheets and some other products, and I wanted to test the theory that these sheets keep you cool when you’re hot, and warm when you’re cold. You may find yourself sleeping under your sheets with this set rather than tossing them off you in a fit of heated, sweaty rage. Please consult a healthcare practitioner before making changes to your diet or taking supplements. Temperature-regulating bedding for a cooler, more comfortable night's sleep. -Uses Outlast technology Dove is blue with a bit of gray.

-Durable Pick and choose each layer of your bed with the Slumber Cloud Bundle for a truly custom "sleep system" designed with space age temperature regulating technology for an unmatched sleeping experience. Don't pay for shipping! I noticed no pilling, which makes sense for a set of sheets that is crisp and cool. ", FIND THE RIGHT SHEETS FOR YOU AND YOUR PARTNER, BLACK FRIDAY TO CYBER MONDAY SALE! Only technologies that have a true benefit and have been used in a space program are authorized to use this prestigious seal. Which Product Offers The Best Temperature Regulation? That's why our sheets come with a 30-day money-back guarantee called the Slumber Cloud Promise. So, if there’s anything wrong with your sheets that could be a defect in quality or workmanship, you can return the set to Slumbercloud for a repair, replacement, or refund. For the most part, the fit of the sheets is excellent. What have your sheets done for you recently? They came out warm and toasty, and they had only a few wrinkles. The technology originally made for NASA spacesuits is now available for your bed. Reviews mention that these sheets are durable and long-lasting, and they appear to hold up well to washing, drying, and use night after night. A cooling fabric shell infused with patented Outlast® technology combats heat while your choice of luxury core fibers provide the perfect amount of support for any sleeping position.

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