To read the article FOX News released on the situation go here. All Rights Reserved. If you only want to spend $25-$30, go to the local hardware store.

We were issued a new one, end of story.

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Thanks to chemists out there in the world, the blades just keep getting more and more superior to what we knew back in the 20th century (Vietnam, Korea, etc). [28] In response to this, Emerson made a small batch of CQC-6's with a more conventional blade-grind for a Cutlery Show in Seki City.

I use it to whittle marshmallow sticks for the kids and me (hell yes, I eat smores!

15900. Ownership of a CQC6 soon became something of a status symbol among members of various elite military units, including Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces, German GSG 9, and British SAS. KnifeMatic is a fast-growing online knife community dedicated to offer quality content to our readers, this has seen KnifeMatic gain millions of followers every other month. The earliest examples feature the Emerson "half-moon" logo, which is simply the name "EMERSON" arranged in an arc on the blade. What I will do is provide you with a link from “Best Pocket Knife Today” that may even surprise the most knowledgeable of steelheads out there. Like all of Emerson's custom knives there is a 13+ year backlog and no new orders for knives are taken.


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