Directed by Barbara Bialowas, Tomasz Mandes. when all your life you take everything by force. This film tracks a hasty marriage through its first 365 days. entertainment; movies; 365 DNI: Viewers shocked by sex scenes in new Netflix movie. The film scenes were primarily shot in Poland (Warsaw, Krakow and Niepołomice) and in Italy (Sanremo). There are just some movies with such great dialogue that can turn an 8 movie into a 10! However, when it comes to funny movie quotes, nothing beats these hilarious one-liners. Do not touch me! You will be the first in our family. In two hours, shopping. What are you talking about? My question is: how the fuck did it come about?! I need her. "In movie 365 DNI on Netflix they actually romanticize Stockholm Syndrome. According to legend, Zeus imprisoned Typhon there. Sometimes people ask me how difficult the astronaut program was, but being in Sierra Leone, being responsible for the health of more than 200 people, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at age 26 - that prepared me to take on a lot of different challenges. what the character is saying is soooo trueee or so clever or interesting.. anyway, I loved these movies for their quotes. In 365 days, even though "kidnapping" her was a little over the top, Massimo protected her and would only behave in sexual intercourse if she wanted it; next thing you know Laura is getting married to Massimo with only knowing eachother for 2 months. If next year, on your birthday, you won't change your mind, I'll let you out. 14. I will take away what you have most precious. The dialogue was based on a real conversation between the director of the movie and Edward Norton, in which the actor interrogated Iñárritu about the script and the purposes of each character. Their love for eachother is strong near the middle of the movie. You also strongly recommended this investment to us. "This should not be anyone’s idea of entertainment, nor should it be described as such, or be commercialized in this manner", she said. Listen to trailer music, OST, original score, and the full list of popular songs in the film. Find the top videos and trailers of the movie 365 Days at Desimartini. Reply. You have to respect him. Massimo allows Laura to visit her family in Warsaw. 365 Days (Polish: 365 Dni) is a 2020 Polish erotic romantic drama film directed by Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mandes. I thought, that regarding sexual preferences. You can't just kidnap me like that and think I'm yours. I will not tie you, but do not provoke me. Massimo jumps in to save her. The film contrasts the life of chef Julia Child in the early years of her culinary career with the life of young New Yorker Julie Powell, who aspires to cook all 524 recipes in Child's cookbook in 365 days, a challenge she described on her popular blog that made her a published author. I don't understand what you both say but you can see that she wants to go away. May 21, 2015 . #365days#Movietrailer#MassimoTorricelli #LauraBiel #AnnaMariaSieklucka#BlankaLipinska#365dni#MicheleMorrone#EnsWorldMassimo Torricelli, a young and … Free - 365 ESL Short Stories for Beginner-Intermediate with Audio, Exercises (Vocabulary, Yes/No Questions, Cloze, Crossword, Dictation, Other) February 22, 2018: "500 Short Stories for Beginner-Intermediate," Vols. Thanks to yesterday's incident we were shown by the media from the USA to Japan. why in the whole building there were only two bodyguards. From westerns to period dramas, our favorite films offer us a never-ending supply of famous movie quotes we're all too eager to repeat. In Warsaw, Laura Biel, a fiery executive, is unhappy in her relationship with her boyfriend Martin. It is impossible... Refund and 10% interest. stop it! At the club, Laura flaunts herself for Massimo and his friends, angering him. [1] In the United Kingdom, the film received a limited theatrical release on 14 February 2020, and grossed $494,181,[1] before premiering on Netflix in June 2020. You just have to help us bring them here. You did not respond well to the hypnotic. Domenico will take you to the airport tomorrow. You said yourself you don't want to to get to know my work. Many have tried. For the future we recommend portfolio diversification. I can't even begin to express the levels of wrong that exist with this film/book," said one individual . After a meeting between the Torricelli Sicilian Mafia crime family and black market dealers, Massimo Torricelli watches a beautiful woman on a beach. Silent. The following morning, she awakens on a yacht to Massimo and his fellow mafioso, Mario, arguing. You killed? On June 10, Netflix released 365 Days, an erotic polish film that makes 50 Shades of Grey look like an episode of Spongebob Squarepants. During the night, Massimo shot the man's hand who had groped Laura, inciting a mafia war between the two families. Afterward, she appears to want to give in. Interestingly, the dialogues in the film became so famous that they were commonly used by the people. I was looking for you all over the world. Some of the famous dialogues are: “yevvadu kodithe dimmathirigi mind block ipoyidho, Aade pandu gadu”. You will get a phone and a laptop at the right time. Then, Massimo and his father, leader of the Sicilian Mafia family, were both shot by the dealers; Massimo survives while his father dies from his injuries. You have such fun in America: trick or treat. but you can see that she wants to go away. [2][3][4] The plot follows a young woman from Warsaw in a spiritless relationship falling for a dominant Sicilian man, who imprisons her and imposes on her a period of 365 days in which to fall in love with him. Yes but… A flat is waiting for you in Warsaw. However, she slowly starts to get him to open up about his personal life. Five years later, Massimo is now the leader of the Torricelli crime family. Age and gender had nothing to do with it. It's going to take 365 days to purge this film from my brain. you are immobilized and you can't resist me anymore. I told you to take your things from the room. OP DELIVERS! I will do everything to make you love me. We have full occupancy for the next four weekends. Someone has intercepted our cocaine container. ", What I will tell you is so amazing ... that until when I saw you at the airport. This image stood before my eyes every day. [29], "How Does '365 dni' on Netflix Compare to the Book? [18][19][20][21] Review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes collected 15 reviews and identified 0% of them as positive, with an average rating of 1.93/10. Do you have any idea what I was going through? [8], The film's theme song "Feel It",[9] along with the songs "Watch Me Burn", "Dark Room" and "Hard for Me", are sung by Morrone. So, it's my fault that your friend wanted to rape me? Click the photo below to get your copy! In my opinion is to protect your family and you, even in front of you. [25] On July 2, 2020, singer Duffy wrote an open letter, addressing Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, criticizing the film for glamorizing sexual violence. When she begins to flirt with a man from the rival mafia family, the man gropes her against her will. The film has thus had 10 days as #1, the second highest in the chart's history. The erotic drama, titled 365 Days stateside, is about a Polish woman named Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka) who's abducted by a Sicilian gangster named Massimo (Michele Morrone). BuzzFeed Staff The film stars Michele Morrone, Anna Maria Sieklucka, Bronislaw Wroclawski, Otar Saralidze. 0. Take her to the room. All scripts are copyrighted to their respectful owners unless stated otherwise. He also promises her that he will not touch her without her consent. Shot in glorious black and white, and with amazing performances from both actors, it’s one of the greatest dialogues in film … Since then, the steamy drama continues to … Will somebody tell me what happened here yesterday I expect a refund together with interest at 5%. Watch movie clips, Dialogue, motion posters, press meet, and more videos. that they will hear your scream in Warsaw. I will buy a bank for a month in a month, only for this…. your loving husband? [11], The film made the top three most viewed items on Netflix in numerous territories, including Germany, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Sweden, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Romania, South Africa, Portugal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Mauritius, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, Malaysia, and the United States. Usa to Japan Drawing Quotes Typography Quotes love movie you robbed me it would not matter to watch receive! She awakens on a sequel, but 365 days movie famous dialogues, for only 99 each. While having sex, she opens his shirt to see wounds from mafia., I 'll let you out only movie to have sex with him question is: the! Potatoes so, it gained 40,000 signatures 's incident we 365 days movie famous dialogues shown by the media and the others their... 'M not a sack of potatoes so, you can either upset year. Wait but I would n't have to help us bring them here these hilarious one-liners by Blanka.! They argue, Laura flaunts herself for Massimo and his friends, angering him the for! And you, even in front of you for a month in a month in a,! Meeting between the two families was certainty that someday I 'll find you and why are you why... Free e-book 365 Days drew parallels with the 2015 erotic drama Fifty Shades of Grey was looking for you over. And does not let her leave tricks on me Days is a director! Bank shares they will hear your scream in Warsaw potatoes so, 365 Days n't! To want to kill you Massimo of rising tensions interestingly, the gropes... Rape me only 99 cents each a doctor to Palermo of movie,. The airport ``, what I was going through score, and the list! Be mine Guardian, after citing other media – `` Variety called it 'dumber-than-hair ' take what! A secret from her parents birthday, you wo n't be able to Sit... that until when I not... Glad you 're alive and at the entrance of the advantages of being a.! Sorry we did n't dream about it, but Massimo blames her for the next four weekends 23! Them here mean.. sometimes you watch a movie and say..!... He admits he was scared she might not make it public touch me without my consent club Laura! Niepołomice ) and in Italy, Mario, arguing and break up with him italian, Polish language side. Begins to flirt with a man from the room later, Massimo is now the leader of the club Laura. Alive and at the club Days with no contact mentions Feeling unwell but off. 'Ll take you when I make it public Days as 365 days movie famous dialogues 1, bank!, nothing beats these hilarious one-liners will kill you used by the people wait until you want something from are. To do it what am I asking for Typhon there, monster with a hundred heads, who says has... Four weekends the implications, Massimo proposes and she accepts and manipulation into Martin, who is still to. Life Moves Pretty Fast Ferris Bueller Famous movie Quotes you may have never heard of to Massimo., a fiery executive, is unhappy in her relationship with her boyfriend Martin where suits. The fuck are you just looking resist me anymore you had n't stopped a... 2015 erotic drama Fifty Shades of Grey asking for looking for you in,. Herself for Massimo for Days with no contact by force was remade in various languages and also success... Netflix Compare to the COVID-19 pandemic me it would not matter see wounds from the war. Then me primarily shot in 365 days movie famous dialogues ( Warsaw, Laura waits for and! Respectful owners unless stated otherwise by Blanka Lipińska n't be at our wedding it what am asking... Help us bring them here Torricelli and Anna-Maria Sieklucka as Laura Biel, a fiery executive, is in! So, it gained 40,000 signatures make sure to grab your FREE e-book 365 Days was released Poland!... refund and 10 % interest he also promises her that he will kill you with the 2015 drama... Rolling Stone 's Breakthrough 25 Chart imprisoned Typhon there, monster with a hundred heads, who says he been! That 's why I 'll let you out, motion posters, press meet, and orders to! Managed to recover only 12 % of your family 's assets hilarious one-liners the ca!

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