Why is she mostly really nice to me when she's on her own, but hates me when she's with her friends? If you want to open the door a bit more, you could add, "What are your plans?"

I've been getting mixed signals from the guy I like for a while now.

Your email address will not be published. Are you warm one day but push the person away the next? StarCraft Board Game Review by Andrew Burgon, StarCraft Figures from StarCraft Board Game, Pool Tables are the Crown Jewel of Entertainment Dens, LED Bar Shelves Will Add Some Nice Ambiance to Your Bar, Aquarium Equipment For Your Stunning New Fish Tank, Multi Canvas Prints / Oils That Will Make the Room, Waterford Crystal Vases are Just as Lovely as the Flowers. That they can do it again anytime. This is the first step in trying to end the game of mixed signals in your favor.

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Either way, you probably want to get out of this relationship.

You can always handle the problem by starting a conversation about it, but you can also use more indirect ways to see if the person is actually interested in you.

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