were held there, for many years to come.

After the break-up of the ‘Northumbrian Small Pipes Society’, piping was kept alive by the Duke of Northumberland, who still retained a piper in his service, and by families in which small pipe playing was a traditional art, e.g.

Membership now stood at ninety-eight members.

In the publication The Life of James Allan, it states that James Allan wore the Percy’s Crusade Trophy on his right arm. Robson joined the R.A.F and Miss Margery Bell became secretary (1941). It was decided to ask the Duke of Northumberland to be Patron, and G. V. B. Charlton to be President. He also formed his own band, the 'Barnstormers', and played the role of 'Farmer Bewick of Windyhope Farm' for the TV series 'Northumbrian Barn Dance' which went out nationwide. It was eventually signed by the Prince Regent, but it arrived at the jail on the 17th of November. 1977 also saw the decision to republish the Peacock Collection of Tunes in facsimile form. Richard's first duty was to play for Her Majesty the Queen at the opening ceremony of Kielder Water. ‘The Northumbrian Pipers Society Tune Book’, edited by Gilbert Askew, was published in 1936. In 1931, James Hall retired and James Byrnes was appointed Piper to the Duke. The Morden Tower was again in bad repair, and there had been frequent break-ins of late. Although both very similar in content, as a gypsie musician to have your life documented in two substantial books at the beginning of the nineteenth century must be a reflection of the larger than life character. This is known as the John Sample Cup, and is competed for at the Alnwick competition in the open small pipes class.

In 1971, due to ill health, Jack retired and Tom Matthews was appointed Piper to the Duke.

Forster Charlton resigned as secretary in 1970.
The descriptions of bagpipes mentioned in this early source are reproduced in[7] One of these instruments was a bellows-blown 'Bagpipe, Scotch', with three drones, whose keyless chanter had a one-octave range from G to g, with each note being sounded by uncovering a single hole, as in the modern instrument. The Branch opened with Chris Almond as its Chairman, and regular meetings were held, on the second Wednesday of each month at the Golden Lion Inn, Sedgefield.

Lamshaw died in 1806, but is known to have played the 'improved smallpipes'; although only one of these tunes bears his name, the other probably commemorates the Tynemouth and North Shields Fair, inaugurated in 1804. James Hall was the last piper to be employed by the Northumberland Estates. There were five people present, viz., Basil Alderson, William Miller, Vivian Fairbairn, William Kirton and Gilbert Askew. Re-issues of historically significant recordings of the pipes from the 20th century include: This list is not exhaustive – there are a number of pipemakers producing pipes who choose not to advertise or who make instruments on an ad-hoc basis.

He was a true Northumbrian gentleman, so modest in his achievements, but he was great in the number of friends he gathered throughout his lifetime. She led the ‘ad hoc’ committee for raising money for the Charlton Memorial Fund, and organized many concerts for this purpose. (Basil) Clough took the chair.

There had been great difficulty in keeping it going so long.


They wear the badge of the family, a silver crescent on the right arm, and are thus distributed, viz. This method of stopping allows only of one finger being lifted at a time.

A pupil of Peacock, Robert Bewick, the son of Thomas Bewick the engraver, left five manuscript notebooks of pipetunes; these, dated between 1832 and 1843, are from the earliest decades in which keyed chanters were common, and they give a good early picture of the repertoire of a piper at this stage in the modern instrument's development. Borrowing from other traditions and instruments has continued – in the early-to-mid 20th century, Billy Pigg,[16] and Jack Armstrong (The Duke of Northumberland's Piper) for instance, adapted many tunes from the Scottish and Irish pipe and fiddle repertoires to smallpipes, as well as composing tunes in various styles for the instrument. J. Bryan became treasurer, also for one year, after which H. Oates held this position. Cocks and J.F.

She had indeed done a great deal for the Society in its younger days and, until a few years before her death, had attended many ordinary and committee meetings. Competitions were held in the University music department (later the gymnasium) until 1971, and the Annual General Meeting in a committee room at the Literary and Philosophical Society from 1963 to 1969. Negotiations between the Society of Antiquaries and Castle Morpeth Borough Council meant that a new Bagpipe Museum opened during the year at the Chantry. The Bellingham branch closed this year (1955). The engagement of pipers by the House of Northumberland predates the creation of the Dukedom in 1756. However, interest in the ordinary monthly meetings was felt to be on the wane again, pipers not playing as much as they should.

Jack Armstrong was congratulated on becoming Piper to the Duke. Cocks for safe keeping in his collection. One doesn’t know how many copies this procured but, a little later, the Society bought the printer’s remainders of 260 copies for £3!

God bring me to Northumberland, The place where I was born.

To promote the failing interest in the pipes, the Ancient Melodies Committee was established by the Duke, to collect ancient melodies and recommended the appointment of a second piper to help promote the pipes.

The Northumbrian Pipers’ Society bought copies for its members. Like the chanter, these have a narrow cylindrical bore. It was felt that there was not sufficient room at the castle for the annual competitions, so this year and until 1937 they took place at the Old Assembly Rooms, outside caterers providing refreshments. HMV re-produced the record of Tom Clough playing the small pipes. Mowat, and M. Hodgson, a demonstration of the playing of a ‘shepherd’s pipe’ was given by Miss Gladys Page Wood of the Pipers Guild. Sample of Bothal presented a silver cup to the Society in 1949, in memory of her son who was killed in the war. The Bellows, strapped to the waist and worn under the right arm are used to blow air into the bag through a small tube called a blow-pipe. Mr. Mowat died this year and Jack Armstrong was elected to the Chair at the Annual Meeting in 1937. from the back, the thumbhole (for high g) and two keys operated by the right thumb (for low F sharp and for d sharp).

To get such a pardon he must have had contacts; possibly the Countess, but we may never know who. This seems to have been a closed-ended chanter, for the lowest note is sounded by uncovering the lowest finger-hole – there was no bell-note, sounding with all holes covered; further, Talbot did not give the bore of the chanter, suggesting that it could not easily be measured.

At the annual meeting in 1964 it was reported that members had played the pipes on radio and television at home and abroad and the pipes had been used as an accompaniment to folk song on gramophone records.

since my appointment I have played at many functions, including the 10th Duke’s memorial service at Westminster Abbey.

W.A. It was revised by W.A.

But from The Life of James Allan it is recorded that in 1746 or ‘47 the Countess requested the attendance at Alnwick Castle of James (or Jamie) Allan. Tom Green referred to himself as 'Piper to the Duke'. At the annual meeting in 1964 it was reported that members had played the pipes on radio and television at home and abroad and the pipes had been used as an accompaniment to folk song on gramophone records. James Byrne Duke's Piper playing at the beginning of the Shrove Tide football match. © 2019 The Northumbrian Pipers’ SocietyThe Northumbrian Pipers’ Society is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales with number 7471625. After the war, there was a spell when the Morden tower fell into disrepair, and meetings were held in different rooms in the city. Charlton of Hesleyside became the second president. The ‘Northumbrian Pipers’ Tune Book’ was published in 1970, edited by Forster Charlton, Colin Ross and Roland Wright. It is interesting to note that there were still half-long players at this time.

You will pleased to know I did not let the position down.

The aim is to play each note as full length as possible, but still separate from the next – 'The notes should come out like peas'. one for the Barony of Prudhoe and two for the Barony of Rothbury. The Northumbrian smallpipes (also known as the Northumbrian pipes) are bellows-blown bagpipes from North East England, where they have been an important factor in the local musical culture for more than 200 years.

"Dad was a true Northumbrian born-and-bred and spent every spare minute walking his beloved Cheviot Hills. the Annual General Meeting, the Christmas party, and the competitions.

Tom Clough's manuscripts contain many of these, some being variants of those in Peacock's collection.

Nine members performed and it was relayed from the castle. [1] The family of the Duke of Northumberland have had an official piper for over 250 years, and in more recent times the Mayor of Gateshead and the Lord Mayor of Newcastle have both re-established the tradition by appointing official Northumbrian pipers.

The Alnwick Branch of the Society was formed this year. Shield, J.T. The Society also arranged two yearly functions, dances or ceilidhs, at various halls in the city and sometimes a buffet supper or other refreshments and ceilidhs at different inns in the district. Two early pipe tunes written for such an instrument are "Lamshaw's Fancy", and "Shields Fair". A Merry Neet was also held after the Bellingham Show competitions, and later in the year a joint meeting between the Alnwick Pipers Society and the Northumbrian Pipers’ Society was very successful.

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