They serve their aspects and serve with it. Basically, the mage is a distraction, a means of slipping through things. :-D, Title: Maid of VoidCharacter Traits: Sly, Ambitious but Driven and BravePath to Ascension: Possibly the only time a Maid of Void would need to use their powers to protect the Horrorterrors (see below) would be right after ascending. Sure the powers would be a bit watered down, but they’d still be there. Hope- major themes of trust, faith, ideals, and positive emotions. Yeah I know, unoriginal. Its likely that through their luck, they’ll allow things to happen but the other side of light, knowledge, will make them a direct counter to your secrecy. Mage of Time and Sylph of Space, kicking ass, taking names, and hopefully answering all of your questions. The dangerous bit is that the Maid could even use this on themselves. As for Void players, their weapons tend to be quieter. Special: Whenever an enemy who was not originally present joins a … Cool!”What they don’t know, however, is that the “ancient language” they’re deciphering, is actually Alternian/English/another language the Maid might speak (who knows, they might be bi- or tri- lingual), and they can read it perfectly well. Need a quick escape? I think Moirailegiance might be the better of the two from a pragmatic view but go with whatever feels right. So if Jack Noir were flying at a Maid of Void, he might not even exist to hit them anymore, or at least, the Maid might not. In order to escape from Jack Noir, she froze him, and gave herself Time. It varies across sessions most definitely. Well, the Maid would be able to ignore that entirely. Analysis Of Homestuck's Mythological Roles. In fact, ascension would occur because the Horrorterrors need help. Void is the most mysterious of aspects and you’ll be dabbling in it a lot for the sake of your session. Just type it right on in there. And again, our disclaimer: If you’re having trouble coming up with the quest or Aspect word for your land, we suggest the use of thepageofhopes’ word list to create your land.Alright. Psychologically, these players will often be lost and confused about who they really are. The Maid of Void is the one who serves, creates, and maintains her aspect of nothingness, horrorterrors, secrets, and the furthest ring. Furthermore, if they really wanted to, I don’t doubt that the Maid of Void, once their abilities have been refined enough, could take out an entire enemy settlement by themselves. You are the Maid of Void.. Shadowdance Passive or Reaction Class (Maid), Skill Cost: – (4MP) Effect: Whenever you begin combat, if you are outnumbered gain a +3 Speed bonus and a [2d8] Dodge bonus. The Maid, for example, in creating nothingness, might be able to eradicate mass swatches of enemies by taking their existence and getting rid of it entirely. Land and Quest: TC and CAAlright. Maid Of Void. Sometimes, there’s too much Light. Oh, there’s a tablet that tells us exactly how our world came to be plunged into darkness in the first place so we can figure out what we need to do to reverse this? I love making SBurb planets for people so if you can just go do that for me that'd be great. Ask blog for any questions about Homestuck god tiers. Literally nothing. I only deal in canon god tiers, sorry to all those who have fan tiers. Lets Play A Game Davekat Maid Outfit Shinigami Man Birthday Drawing Reference Disney Characters Fictional Characters Old Things. And relationships with a Mage Of Light… Alrighty then. The Maid of Void is the one who serves, creates, and maintains her aspect of nothingness, horrorterrors, secrets, and the furthest ring. This was an empty-looking land that, in an obvious (and, I imagine, intentional) contrast to Light lands, looked like it was perpetually night. People down? But the Maid would have to ascend to use their powers to get rid of something plaguing the Horrorterrors! Hussie doesn’t, that’s for sure, if his allowance of a female Prince is any indicator. The Mage of Light is someone who in use and usage by their aspect, achieves things that no other class can but at a cost, is not as consistent as the other classes. Why they would need help is anyone’s guess. In a team however, I think a Light player will help draw attention away from you. Usually associated with their aspect so I think you’re likely always going to be grimdark to a certain extent. And there is a HUGE amount of potential in doing that. Powers: CAThe Maid and the Sylph are the active-passive pair for the Creation class, both of whom are hypothesized to be female-exclusive, but honestly, who knows anymore? They can be healers, leaders, offensive attackers, defensive protectors, or just lazy. They could get rid of practically everything in their path by using their Void powers in god tier. I know I don’t, and yet, it still works. Now, most would think that the quest would be something like getting rid of the darkness around that land because darkness is really kind of bad and scary, right? I am calling this team up “Service To Disparity”. An anon with a typing quirk. The Maid of Doom would have the ability to create Doom in the form of rules, order, and sacrifice. Losing track of yourself is terrifying and you really don’t want anyone in your group to feel like that. Of the three Void players we have seen in canon, Equius Zahhak, the Heir of Void, Roxy Lalonde, the Rogue of Void, and Horuss Zahhak, the Page of Void, we have only seen two’s lands (Roxy’s and Equius’), but, of course, given how one is a member of a Void session, one that is inherently different to other sessions (read: regular ones), we can only use one, Equius’, the Land of Caves and Silence. Infact, they might be the direct opposition to your secret keeping. And relationships with a Mage Of Light…. Unless there were other Void players. As I have stated for previous Maids, the weapon pattern tends towards something that reflects the interests of the Maid. Their tendency to go unnoticed might exacerbate their borderline martyr complex, so it would be wise to pair this player off with someone in a makeshift buddy system. Therefore, the Maid of Void would be able to create nothingness for themselves, and get rid of information for themselves. Questions about titles, lands, teams, weapons, or anything else? A proper ninja, not the kind that wears orange and destroys mountains. DISAPPEAR…Pitfalls: These players have violent mood swings as a result of their adaptability. Maid Of Void + Mage Of Light Team Up. If it were a human relationship, it’d be one that goes up and down. And since no one can touch the essence of nothingness but Void players, they wouldn’t really do anything. Take Aradia Megido as the Maid of Time, an example we will drill into the minds of anyone who reads these posts. Of course, it wouldn’t be that powerful, but a high-level Maid of Void would be able to draw dead people’s powers from the dream bubbles in the void! Just a humble god tier blog that's as in-depth as I can possibly make it. I will simply use typical interests as a basis for the patterns.). WRONG. Title: Maid of Void Character Traits: Sly, Ambitious but Driven and Brave Path to Ascension: Possibly the only time a Maid of Void would need to use their powers to protect the Horrorterrors (see below) would be right after ascending. The diction of light and dark / void will make you both better for it. So if Jack Noir were flying at a Maid of Void, he might not even exist to hit them anymore, or at least, the Maid might not. To find a god tier, search it in the tags with the search bar. With great power comes great weaknesses…And unpredictability is the result of this. Their adaptability and disappearing skills are their greatest strengths. Silence is a lack of sound, and the “lacking” part makes it the Aspect word, and I think it’s possible that Caves might be the aesthetic word, as one would think that they are a permanent structure, leaving Silence to be the quest word, but given how little time that was spent in the Land of Caves and Silence, even in Paradox Space, there isn’t much we know about the land. Your abilities in combat are reactive, focusing on countering things. They might even be able to sneak the Black King’s ring right off his finger. Oh my. Those last two go to Submissions! The examples provided are the Indiana Jones-y Aradia, who used a whip, the baking-loving Jane, who used a spoon/fork, and the kick-ass fashionista feminist rainbow drinker Porrim, who (it is theorized) wielded a lipstick that turned into a chainsaw. Some things are better left unknown. I mean, how many people understand relativity? Maybe just “assassin” is a better word for it? There’s bioluminescent plants, and the consorts might have bioluminescence for themselves. Minor themes of blinding light, angels, and motivation. Maid-actively upkeep their aspect. Nothing can be hidden from them. And we are very limited in our examples, but, as per usual, we will do our best to try and get some land analyses for you. However, in a normal session, they’d be more in charge of keeping the Horrorterrors safe. Opposing classes arne’t your “one true hate” or something. A Maid of Void is literally the protector of the essence of nothingness. Cool, huh?Strengths: Able to adapt to wild and varied situations, these players are excellent all-around players that can do whatever they need to do. Who knows? But get creative, see what you can think of. Saved by Queenie Child. As such, I think what’s likely is you’ll be able to hide yourself in darkness and use it as a means to get the perfect chance to strike. They’re ambitious players and would be so ready to go god tier.Powers: Ahh, a tricky one! Since their powers are for the most part useless, they’d be able to hide from even Aranea’s stare. Save the world. 6. Who knows?Weapons: TCWell, then. One, they’d be able to vanish without a trace. Two, THIS IS IMPORTANT, they’d be able to adapt themselves into any god tier! They would be able to use their Void powers to make themselves impossible to spot or sense the presence of, and even if they were spotted, the Maid could make them forget that they had ever noticed their presence in the first place. However, the interaction of Roles is important and this is an interesting turn of events; your complimenting class but opposing aspect. Now… As for the Mage of Light. Maid of Void. Your opposing class is the Rogue Of Light, who will give fortune and knowledge to your allies. So as stated the Prince of Void is near imposable to lie to. In fact, ascension would occur because the Horrorterrors need help. I imagine it something along the lines of carrying out the wishes of the Horrorterrors in exchange for something perhaps? Please, direct them here. The Prince of Void is one who destroys with the power of Void and destroys the void itself. Things they aren’t meant to know. However, the maid achieves freedom through the acceptance of themself and their role in the game, and usually with that comes a lot more freedom. They can stop peoples lies and expose their secrets. They can also harness the power of darkness and shadows for devastating offense. Then they’d be in charge of making sure nothing bad happens to the Void. And while they’re slaving away to read from the top down, they really should be reading from the bottom up, because as soon as they get to the last step, they’re not going to read the bottom part of the tablet, which is incidentally the most important (you would think an ancient civilization who knew how to essentially turn off their Sun would know how to place an important bit of information): a disclaimer that says that if they should bring light back to their world, they’re essentially just going to end up destroying everything, because as good as light is, the entire world has become suited for living in little to no light courtesy of a nearby star or whatever.

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