Ademar names "Odonis Campanensis" as brother of "Emma", mother of Guillaume Duke of Aquitaine[51]. Grevinnen Ledgarde og sønnene biskop Hugo og greve Odo donerte eiendom til Saint-Martin i Tours, for sjelene til greven Theobald hans kone Rikhilds og deres sønn Rikhard erkebiskop charter datert 980.

[12] Because of her frequent pregnancies, it can be presumed that Hildegard accompanied her husband on further campaigns, at least temporarily. Lex suggests that this document was a 12th century falsification and that this supposed eldest son Robert did not exist[71]. [13] She was buried the following day (1 May 783) in the Abbey of Saint-Arnould in Metz. "Ledgardis" donated property to "Sancti Petri Carnotensis ecclesiam", for the souls of "senioris mei…comitis Tedbaldi…patris mei Heirberti, Trecassini comitis", with the consent of "archipresule…Hugone et…comite Odone, filiis meis", by charter dated 5 Feb 978, signed by "…Emma comitissa Pictavæ urbis…"[36]. It is unknown if Charlemagne planned his marriage before the sudden death of Carloman or was just a part of the purposeful incorporation of his younger brother's Kingdom, in detriment of the claims of his nephews. [] m fourthly ([794/autumn 796]) LIUTGARD, daughter of --- (-Tours 4 Jun 800, bur Tours, église Saint-Martin[80]). [7] In any event, the wedding between Charlemagne and Hildegard took place at Aix-la-Chapelle certainly before 30 April 771, after the repudiation of the Lombardian princess Desiderata, Charlemagne's previous wife. Simplicitasque animae interiorque decor. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. Rome itself weeps in anguish at thy death. "Domnus Tetbaldus comes Turonis" withdrew his claims to a serf in favour of the monks of Saint-Martin de Tours by charter dated 957, signed by "domni Tetbaldi comitis, Tetbaldi filii ipsius…Alberici Aurelianensium vicecomitis…"[40]. Northumbria in the last years of the eighth century was the scene of dynastic strife between several noble families: in 790, the then-king Æthelred I attempted to have Eardwulf assassinated. A charter dated to before 1024 records that "comes Tedbaldus" was buried "in capitulo Sancti Petri" at the feet of "fratris sui Teoderici"[76].
"Odonis comitis, Rotberti filii eius, Tetbaldi filius eius, Odonis alterius filius, Hugonis vicecomitis Castridunensis, Raherii de Montigniaco" subscribed the charter dated 989 under which "Robert Vicomte de Blois" donated property to the abbey of Evron[70].

Comte Eudes I & his wife had [six] children: a) [ROBERT de Blois (-[989/95]). THIBAUT de Blois (-killed in battle [Sep 960/962]). m ([968]) GUILLAUME IV "Fier-à-Bras" Duke of Aquitaine [GUILLAUME II Comte de Poitou], son of GUILLAUME III “Tête d'Etoupes” Duke of Aquitaine [GUILLAUME I Comte de Poitou] & his wife Adela [Gerloc] [de Normandie] ([937]-Saint-Maixent 995 after May, bur Abbaye de Saint-Maixent). Luitgard Wife of Der Alamannen Charlemagne passed away on June 12, 800 at Tours, Indre-et-Loire, France at 30 years old. By her he had: - Drogo (801–855), Bishop of Metz from 823 and abbot of Luxeuil Abbey - Hugh (802–844), archchancellor of the Empire, 10. Also, in 1874 was founded the Hildegardis-Gymnasium Kempten Lyceum, originally exclusively for girls. She intervened in Hildegard's religious education and also offered her spiritual advice. "Hugonis ducis, Odonis comitis, Hugonis sanctæ Bituricensis archipræsulis, Letgardis comitissæ, Bertæ comitissæ, Gauzfridi vicecomitis…" subscribed the charter dated 985 under which "Robertus" donated property to "Sancti Petri Carnotensis", on the advice of "Odonem, simul cum sua matre Ledgarde, pariterque dominam meam Bertam, ipsius æque coniugem"[64]. She married Charlemagne in 794 and died of unknown causes on 4 June 800. [10] Sardonix Pario, lilia mixta rosis. Comte Thibaut & his wife had five children: 1. Blois, Loir-et-Cher, Centre-Val de Loire, France, Ancestors of Robert Harry Chapman - Carpenter's Son, Heribert III "le Vieux", comte d'Omois, Comte de Meaux et Troyes, Hughes de Vermandois, Archevêque de Reims, Adalbert I the Pious, count of Vermandois, Robert de Vermandois, comte de Meaux et de Troyes,, Birth of Hugo de Blois, Archbishop of Bourges, "Ledgard", "Ledgarde", "Leutgarde", "Liegard", "Liégarde", "Liutgard", "Luitgard", "Liutgarda", "Luitgarde", Duchess of Normandy, Dame D'Ailly, Comtesse, de Vermandois, Duchess Consort of Normandy, AKA "Liutgard", Lady, Sprota, a Breton captive and his concubine, was the mother of Richard 1, Countess of Vermandois, Countess Consort of Blois, Emma de Blois, épouse de Guillaume Fierabras, comte de Poitiers. Ecgberht, also spelled Egbert, Ecgbert, or Ecgbriht, Ecgbeorht, was King of Wessex from 802 until his death in 839. In 940, she married William I, Duke of Normandy. "Domnus Tetbaldus comes Turonis" withdrew his claims to a serf in favour of the monks of Saint-Martin de Tours by charter dated 957, signed by "domni Tetbaldi comitis, Tetbaldi filii ipsius…Alberici Aurelianensium vicecomitis…"[40]. Æthelwulf was King of Wessex from 839 to 858. A probable reason behind the marriage was to solidify a Frankish alliance east of the Rhine when Charles was still fighting the …
[1]. These simple golden figures glow in red and yellow, Einhard names "Liudgardam Alamannam" as King Charles's fourth wife, specifying that she died childless[81]. A charter dated May 974 records a donation by "comes Teutbaldus" to Saint-Florent de Saumur[32]. Having thus provoked her father's wrath, Judith and Baldwin went into exile. In the 780s he extended Mercian Supremacy over most of southern England, allying with Beorhtric of Wessex, who married Offa's daughter Eadburh, and regained complete control of the southeast. 772–4 December 811), Duke of Maine, and crowned King of the Franks on 25 December 800 - Carloman, renamed Pippin (April 777–8 July 810), King of Italy - Adalhaid (774), who was born whilst her parents were on campaign in Italy. ), Lewis Thorpe (Two Lives of Charlemagne, p.216) and others. Offa was King of Mercia, a kingdom of Anglo-Saxon England, from 757 until his death in July 796. A charter dated to before 1024 records that "comes Tedbaldus" was buried "in capitulo Sancti Petri" at the feet of "fratris sui Teoderici"[81].

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