From starting the day right with a handful of healthy nuts and seeds on your cereal to sharing a packet or two of crisps with a film, we’ve got every occasion covered with our selection of nuts and snacks. The dream of being able to open the kitchen window and snip some basil leaves as I cook is carrying me away! I began with two boxes and covered the outsides with a basic coat of some stone coloured matt emulsion paint. All things creative with a dash of curiosity. I have grown round varieties before and they make a nice change from cylindrical courgettes. Available sizes may vary per style.

If I painted some up, they would complement Verity’s. I think I really need some sort of therapy to deal with this madness (or boundless optimism, obsession, call it what you will). Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

I initially bought three packets then compounded my madness by returning to the shop (a branch of Lidl) and buying a packet of seeds that I had been dithering over. We are big fans of courgettes, both growing them and eating them so I am hoping that these two varieties will be fruitful (sorry about the pun, my finger slipped on the keyboard). As I was picking up a few groceries in Lidl the other day, I noticed that someone had abandoned a small wooden crate that had previously contained oranges. We often link to other websites, but we can't be responsible for their content. In fact they would make great storage towers for all sorts of items. Of course, on the other hand I could simply break the box up for kindling…what do you think folks. Let us see whether my fantasy can be made to meet reality. Anyway, I think that dolls’ bed transformation was doing up-cycling before it was even called up-cycling and it became a fashionable thing to do. So what was I thinking of? One of my ideas (apart from making my own dolls’ bed) is to make some sort of outdoor planter for the spring. My plan is to paint and decorate a couple of the boxes ready to contain some herbs or salad leaves for the summer. Then, I realised what stray thought had prompted my musing. I have even considered lugging a full box of oranges home on the bus so that I have another box to incorporate into some grand creative plan. I have been busily brandishing a paintbrush for the first time in many months, returning to an idea that I blogged about on Curiously Creatively last year. Tag Archives: Lidl.
My other idea, again by adding at least one more crate, is to make a vegetable storage structure. They are slightly wider than the outside sill, but I don’t think the overhang will be enough to cause a problem (they won’t be either heavy or high enough to land on an unwary head).

Now, I am trying to come up with an idea to use my ill-gotten gain from the supermarket. One of my ideas (apart from making my own dolls’ bed) is to make some sort of outdoor planter for the spring. My other idea, again by adding at least one more crate, is to make a vegetable storage structure.
Last time I grew an indoor sort in an unheated glassed in veranda, which proved very successful. However, I am pleased with the general effect and I think the decorated boxes will look well on the windowsills. The optimist in me has also overridden any objections to buying an unfamiliar seeds brand.

We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. My final seed packet is a variety of outdoor cucumber, Akito, which has dark green prickly-skinned fruit. The 202o Flower and Vegetable Seeds are Available in Lidl's. Ideally, we will have some of the round green ones and the yellow patty pan shapes ready to cook and serve together. It was time to take action and get painting! Window Boxes from Upcycled Fruit Boxes. My plan is to use a lining cut from an old compost bag for the base and sides, so that will help to protect the wood on the base. Amongst the odds and ends of mini paint pots, I found two green ones (left over from Verity’s pallets and from my kitchen shelf project) and a sunny yellow shade that was once used on a dolls’ shop front. Dad made the bed as a divan style, putting padding on the top of the box and tacking (striped ?) With a good coat of exterior paint or varnish, this type of wooden box could make a great herb planter for instance. REVIEW. Of course, on the other hand I could simply break the box up for kindling…what do you think folks? You could get quite arty with the decoration, perhaps painting ‘parsley’, ‘mint’ etc. Though I am almost sure that at some point the bed ended up being used as something else entirely (turned upside down, it could have been a boat). Five packets for £1 on their Section 1 seeds. New on the Lidl shelves this month is the handy travel size fruit, nut and seed mix.

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