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since. "Unfortunately for all parties involved, Defendant’s representations regarding the naturalness of LaCroix water are false.". 'Please stand with us': LaCroix slams 'misleading' lawsuit that links the sparkling water to insecticides, LaCroix went BPA-free in April, but some stores may still be selling older cans that contain the chemical.

In addition to addressing its ingredients, LaCroix also shared in the letter that it plans to change its product labels to comply with new federal regulations. LaCroix, however, went on a journey all its own. All three ingredients are in fact naturally occurring in fruit. LaCroix, the internet's favorite flavored seltzer, has a shockingly complex, and someone sordid, history. The company said it will be seeking damages resulting from the publication of the lawsuit's allegations. LaCroix also said it was "among the first brands to obtain cans with BPA-based liners.
LaCroix has denied the claims in the suit. The Tribune called LaCroix “a plum for WinterBrook, giving the company a highly visible and popular sparkling water in the Midwest.” Sadly, the sparkling success didn’t pan out. According to the LaCroix website, the pH level of LaCroix Sparkling Waters varies by flavor, but overall they are less acidic than traditional soft drinks and juice drinks, so this particular brand might not be as bad as the seltzers analyzed in this specific study. Then came the seemingly endless parade of media coverage, from The New York Times’s 2015 “Letter of Recommendation” for LaCroix, to a mix of conflicting histories, listicles, and odes to the seltzer. La Croix (French pronunciation: ; English: The Cross) is a daily French general-interest Roman Catholic newspaper.

In media statements written in an alarmingly similar fashion to Trump tweets, Caporella blames LaCroix’s decline on “injustice!,” asserting his company “is and will remain the preeminent innovator that adds zest and authenticity to the ‘sparkling water’ phenomenon in North America.”, Concluding a 2019 press release, Caporella writes, “Just ask any LaCroix consumer… Would you trade away that LaLa feeling? LaCroix Sparking Water on display during Hilarity for Charity's 5th Annual Los Angeles Variety Show: Seth Rogen's Halloween at Hollywood Palladium on Oct. 15, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. The lawsuit claims LaCroix uses a number of synthetic ingredients, including ethyl butanoate, limonene, and linalool propionate. In a statement published online, the law firm says it wants LaCroix to relabel its packaging and award damages to customers who bought the beverages thinking it was "all-natural.
LaCroix is also facing a lawsuit that alleged that its sparkling water contained artificial ingredients, contrary to the company's "all-natural" marketing claims. Sign up for Insider Retail.

Two pilots have accused Nick Caporella, the 82-year-old chief of LaCroix sparkling water, of inappropriately touching them while they were in the cockpit of his business jet. LaCroix posted an open letter to customers this week following lawsuits regarding the ingredients in its sparkling water and cans. Sales and shares of LaCroix have started to sink.

And it was created by a local brewery. Subscriber Sources say LaCroix was Caporella’s “baby,” and that he felt he and the company were “reborn” after acquiring the bubbly brand. Long before it was a tech startup staple, Instagram darling, or series of art exhibits, LaCroix was carbonated water.

Meanwhile, competitors like Coca-Cola’s sparkling Dasani and Smartwater, PepsiCo.’s Bubly, Northeast seltzer stalwart Polar, and boutique brand Spindrift are on the rise. We Asked 12 Sommeliers: What's One Trend in Wine You Wish Would Catch On? But that doesn't mean LaCroix is off the hook yet when it comes to being a better-body choice. G. Heileman Brewing Co., better known for making Old Style beer and Colt 45 malt liquor (now produced by Pabst), launched LaCroix in 1980. The company said its sparkling water is "made only with flavor ingredients that have been certified as natural" and that all its ingredients are free of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. The lawsuit then goes on to claim that the company has not only mislabeled its products, but contains ingredients that are used for other purposes like linalool, which the suit claims is used in insecticides. "We recognize that a brand that presents itself as pure, innocent, and healthy has an obligation to its consumers," the letter stated. The Food and Drug Administration has said that BPA is safe at the low levels that occur in some foods.

In its letter posted Monday, LaCroix addressed this claim directly, saying: "We never have, and never will, make false statements about our products.". LaCroix's letter also stated that its sparkling water is made with natural, GMO-free ingredients and that its cans are free of BPA-based liners. It is published in Paris and distributed throughout France, with a circulation of 87,000 as of 2018. ", The National Beverage Corporation strongly refuted these allegations in a statement saying they were made "without basis in fact or law. It was available in bottles in three flavors — pure, lemon, and lime — and was marketed as a diet-friendly drink. BPA is a chemical used in the production of some plastics and aluminum containers. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. as well as other partner offers and accept our, "We never have, and never will, make false statements about our products.". BPA is a chemical used in the production of some plastics and aluminum containers. Read more: 'Please stand with us': LaCroix slams 'misleading' lawsuit that links the sparkling water to insecticides. The Food and Drug Administration has. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The most recent lawsuit alleges LaCroix lied about its rollout of BPA-free cans.

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