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These young second or third generation Muslims go through a process of transformation in order to become French. Emmanuel Macron has described Islam as 'a religion that is in crisis all over the world' as he unveiled a proposal to battle Islamic radicalism which had created a 'parallel society' living outside of French values. Other intransigent defenders of secularism might use the opportunity to take on to the privilege of the Catholic community instead. The matter is not as simple as it "may seem" however. This propaganda attracts people by the sole power of an ideology that draws its strength from being a competitor to Western liberal democracy.

Emmanuel Macron (pictured earlier today) has described Islam as 'a religion that is in crisis all over the world' as he unveiled a proposal to battle Islamic radicalism which had created a 'parallel society' living outside of French values. Play it now. Macron said there had been increased reports of abuses by sub-contracting staff, including bus drivers refusing women entry for wearing clothing considered too revealing.

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As a society we need to be willing to have a better grasp of the situation, including the Jihadist mindset.

But members of the nation's six-million-strong Muslim community — the largest in Western Europe — immediately accused him of stirring up Islamophobic and racist feeling so as to appeal to far-Right voters ahead of the presidential elections. How?

BLOG Multiple tragedies have struck France since then. When Mohamed Merah, who in 2012 killed three Jewish children (because they were Jewish) and three French soldiers of North African origin, said, "we love death as you love life", he was not mad.

Rather, oil has stood in for it. More than ever, it is crucial to keep a reasonable outlook on the current situation and to not forget that this violence only has one objective: to create panic and a climate of generalized suspicion, that would trigger reprisal mechanisms.

Furthermore, in such family structures where boys and girls are often treated unequally, there are strong markers that indicate the correlation between the empowerment of women and the rise of Islamism.

To that, I will add two major causes: the quest for identity and family dislocation.
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