From a posterior view of the forearm, the supinator is lateral to the anconeus. Note: The table below only includes direct supinator exercises. The supinator consists of a deep head and a superficial head, though they are not always clearly distinguishable. …This unique location allows it to carry out its primary function of forearm supination. If this muscle contains trigger points or is too tight, it gets tender and can trigger pain at the lateral epicondyle of your humerus – outer side of your elbow joint – which is often diagnosed as tennis elbow pain.. Your email address will not be published. My goal is to help you learn proper weight training and nutrition principles so that you can get strong and build the physique of your dreams! It is found deep to the brachioradialis, extensor carpi radialis longus and brevis, and extensor digitorum. Both the deep and the superficial fibers run inferolaterally from origin to insertion, curving around the outside of the forearm. I started this website back in late 2009 during college, and it has been my pet project ever since. 1. For this purpose, do 2-3 sets of 8-15 reps of any. The supinator (L. supinare, to lay on back or turn up) is a relatively wide muscle on the upper forearm. If you have an overactive/short supinator, do the following: Cut down on any repetitive activities that involve a statically holding your forearm in a supinated position, or moving your forearm through supination or pronation. Home > Blog > Anatomy > Supinator: Functional Anatomy Guide. It spirals from the back and outside of the forearm to the front, crossing over the space between the radius and ulna…. Read more. My name is Alex, and I'm the owner and author of King of the Gym. Note: It is only a prime mover during slow and unresisted supination when the elbow is straight (or when the elbow is bent, but the forearm is supported). Stretches & Myofascial Release Techniques: Your email address will not be published. barbell curls, underhand rows, chin ups). From an anterior view, it is lateral to the distal biceps tendon. The supinator muscle can compress a branch of the radial nerve. Substitute a pronated grip or neutral grip in place of a supinated grip on exercises where it’s practical. However, the supinator is also trained indirectly during supinated dumbbell curls. Standing forearm supination (rope attachment), supinator stretches and release techniques, how to treat overactive/short wrist extensors, Kabuki Strength Power Bar Review: New Generation Power Bar, Force USA Monster G12 Review: All-In-One Gym, Force USA Monster G9 Review: All-in-One Gym, Force USA Monster G6 Review: All-in-One Home Gym, Supinator fossa and supinator crest of the ulna, Posterior, lateral and anterior surfaces of the proximal third of radius, between the anterior and posterior oblique lines of the radius, Radial collateral ligament of the elbow joint. The entrapment is often referred to as radial tunnel syndrome by other physicians. It also gets worked indirectly via isometric contraction in exercises involving a supinated grip (e.g. The supinator is part of the deep posterior compartment of the forearm. For example: neutral grip or, An overactive/short supinator is often indicative of tight wrist extensors. It's not injured very frequently, but it's best to be prepared if you do see one. The supinator (L. supinare, to lay on back or turn up) is a relatively wide muscle on the upper forearm. Pain Patterns & Symptoms of the Supinator Muscle 1.1 Pain patterns. It spirals from the back and outside of the forearm to the front, crossing over the space between the radius and ulna… Required fields are marked *, Hey! As previously mentioned, such activities include swinging a bat or club, tennis, or using tools like a screwdriver, wrench and shovel. Let's turn to a smaller muscle of the forearm: the supinator. When using these techniques, give special attention to the trigger point shown in the image below. This syndrome is also known as posterior interosseous nerve paralysis, or traumatic progressive paralysis of the deep branch of the radial nerve. The biceps brachii is the prime mover during fast or resisted supination with the elbow bent (the biceps is also active during resisted supination when the elbow is straight). That said, it’s okay to do some direct work just to keep the muscle strong. See, If you think you have supinator syndrome, see, If you don’t have any issues with your supinator, then it’s not necessary to train it directly.

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