Is this really a "no no" to not get matching chairs? Scratch that with rakish kitty condos, perches and staircases, Make buyer's remorse over furniture, textiles and more a thing of the past with this wise purchasing advice, ~未来に繋がる「カッコいい」を創る~クジラ株式会社は打ち合わせ【無料】【回数無制限】です!, Houzz Interview: Susie Harris's Charming Louisiana Home, Forever Furniture: A Buyer’s Guide to the Dining Table, How to Get Your Furniture Arrangement Right, Classic Summer Furniture: The Adirondack Chair, Storage Surprise: Turn Colorful Tool Cabinets Into Fun Furniture, 12 Stylish Solutions for Ugly Cat Furniture, Warm Up Your Bathroom with Vintage Furniture, Bertoia Chairs: Well Worth the Waffle Butt. Discover (and save!)

I purchased the Henkel Harris dinning room table and silver chest but opted for Matiland Smith dinning room chairs. Have you considered EBAy? On the contrary, we have thousands of patterns from many …

30", Nine piece lot to include Henkel Harris mahogany, Henkel Harris set of eight mahogany Chippendale. Help! What color comforter goes with cherrywood furniture?

Did you buy the 18th century table in the satin the Maitland Smith chair match the finish. Within the app are many pre-made color themes that are colors that all work beautifully together. Couldn't justify paying more for chairs than the table.

This is, apparently, the only part of the label left on the table. Specializing in used Kittinger, used Henkel Harris, used Baker, used Stickley, used Kindel, and used Karges furniture.

They need to get with the times.

They're said to be Henkel Harris with a Wild Black Cherry finish. How to fix small cracks (Checking) in teak patio furnitures.

Anyway, about half of the places I found them for sale call them Craftique in NC, and the other half say Henkel Harris in VA.

There comes a time when a make-do piece of furniture won’t do. If it is, it is most likely from the 1980s when Chinese furniture and ceramics became the hot furniture and decorating trend. Mahogany. Stenella Antiques, Online retailer of high quality pre-owned furniture.

Nothing looks as nice as Henkel Harris. (displays a limited sampling of the millions of priced results in our database), ...many more examples with full details are available to our members - Learn more, HENKEL HARRIS BLACK WALNUT CHEST ON CHEST, 1113.

But I'm pretty broke!


We give you a leg up on choosing the right table for you, Follow these 10 basic layout rules for a polished, pulled-together look in any room, Kick back in a chair designed more than a hundred years ago but updated (or not) for modern tastes, Reimagine your handy chests as nightstands, bar carts and kitchen storage for a bright interior alternative, Sustainability is just the beginning with Robin Wade's lovingly made 'rustic modern' wood furnishings, Bland beige post unhappily marking your living room territory? Registry No. You can choose any number of colors within a theme and use the colors for everything from wall color to accent colors.. you name it. I found these at a shop.

you read and agreed to the, Identifying the age of Thonet chairs and other Thonet furniture, FOUND - Rancho Monterey Dry Sink and Chairs, Age and style of some strange Thonet Bentwood chairs, Help identifying possible Italian antique table and chairs, Dining Room Set - Table, 6 Chairs, Buffet, China Cabinet, What To Look For When Buying Antique Bentwood Chairs For Restoration (Part Three). Henkel Harris mahogany game table. Is this just us, or is the chair thing a killer?

HENKEL HARRIS Mahogany Dining Table. I was handed down a dining room table set with chairs and to... What the furniture maker's marks mean on the bottom of my Windsor chairs, Identifying “Famous Reproductions Of Old New England Furniture” By Conant Ball Co., Part 2. Henkel Harris is "breathing" on borrowed time. Please...? This is not in line with the new age of shoppers.

CAL-4319 (N.C.), What To Look For When Buying Antique Bentwood Chairs For Restoration (Part One). HH does not even allow internet quotations from their retailers. The purpose of this page is to help you recognize the model number sequence for some popular Manufacturers, which can often be found underneath the table top or on a sales receipt. Need help identifying this lovely piece and trying to find the age and style information.

Help identifying chairs.

By fractuured1, 5 years ago on Identify Antique Furniture. I have been an award winning color consultant and have authored two best selling books on color.

New office layout recommendations please!!
The MS chairs are sturdy and match table just fine. Values for HENKEL-HARRIS FEDERAL STYLE MAHOGANY BREAKFRONT BUFFET, Henkel-Harris Furniture Co., Winchester, Virginia, 1991, style 2365, having a bank of four drawers to appraise similar items instantly without sending photos or descriptions.

My question is that the darn chairs are just so darn expensive. How to Identify Your Table Manufacturer and Model Numbers. We made the mistake of going into a local furniture store and saw the Henkel 18th Century lines. Need help identifying hall stand, bench and chairs, How old is my lenoir chairs? Sep 2, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Knight Furniture Showrooms. Me and my wife have had an empty dining room for several years. Since I can't see it and touch it, I suggest having a vintage furniture reseller/store owner look it over and confirm what you have.

That would help you if you have a bedspread that you want to use.. or check out the color themes. ( find out more about it at I think it will give you a good selection of colors to choose for decorating your bedroom. New Reno - Don't want Formal Dining Room - Need the space.

Definitely not HH but neither is the price. I tried this and it worked just fine. We did not find a store selling both sets, so we could not actually put a MS chair next to a HH table. My spouse came with "art" in the form of, well, shovel heads. Virginia Galleries, Henkel Harris Moore mahogany writing table, HENKEL-HARRIS.


The age of shoppers looking for the ultimate in quality and "made in the USA" is something of the past and fading quickly.

I created an app called Color911.

Like, ZZ Top guitar-maker had artistic aspirations on his way to the trailer park. The table has most of the label, but the chairs have been reupholstered and no longer have the labels.

Virginia, 3 Queen Anne style dining chairs including, SET OF EIGHT HENKEL HARRIS CHIPPENDALE STYLE, HENKEL HARRIS BLACK CHERRY EXPANDING DROP, HENKEL-HARRIS FEDERAL STYLE MAHOGANY BREAKFRONT, Henkel Harris mahogany server, 34" h., 53", Henkel Harris Chippendale Style Dining Table, Henkel-Harris #155 lingerie chest in a traditional, (Lot of 8) Henkel Harris Chippendale style. We looked at the MS table, and it does not look as nice, but the chairs are significantly less expensive. People are busy and want low frustration when shopping. I purchased model 2207 with the mahogany 29 finish. Unfortunate, but true.

I have both new and used Henkel Harris. Hi Matt: I had the same problem last year.

After a brief closing at the beginning of 2013, Henkel Harris is back manufacturing the same high quality furniture under new management. There is a wonderful independent furniture store near where I live that carries brands like DR Dimes and Henkel Harris. Their strict behavior is killing their sales. They're clearly the same chairs, so I'm not sure who was copying who, or perhaps the companies had the same supplier and each labeled the chairs as in house? lol. This is by no means a complete list of manufacturers whose tables we’ve made pads for. Virginia, HENKEL HARRIS Mahogany Mirror.

Shovel heads. I'm trying to find out more about the chairs, such as if they’re actually HH, the approximate age, style name... anything, really.

Nichols & Stone is one of the oldest furniture companies in the United States; although the original company shut down for good in 2008, the rights to the company’s name and designs were purchased and continued by a second company. They didn't see the morning sun, those things. I created the color themes myself. American, 20th. Signed Mahogany Bonnet Top, AMERICAN HENKEL HARRIS MAHOGANY SIDEBOARD, FOUR PIECE HENKEL-HARRIS BEDROOM SET. All of their pieces are manufactured and finished in their workshop and factory in Winchester Virginia. I found a theme that I think would be helpful for you to choose a color for your walls.. and perhaps accent colors for your room.

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Being the best in quality, having strict retailing guidelines, and high prices, is not a recipe for the future. I know several people in the industry very well, and this line is dying on the vine. Than... Would like some help in identifying these three chairs. Nichols & Stone Furniture Guide. Click on the results to view more details Can you post a picture of the label from the table? Henkel Harris is one of the last remaining high quality furniture manufactures in the United States. Henkel Harris is certainly fine furniture, but their company will ultimately have to make the tough choices and change. They were just hideous.

We made the mistake of going into a local furniture store and saw the Henkel 18th Century lines. The picture is from the shop's website since I didn't get a picture of my own when I was in there.

Looked like really bad hillbilly art. STUCK! I shop almost exclusively at antique stores and vintage shops.

After seeing the quality of workmanship I was hooked. Does anyone recognize them? Picture two garden shovels, spades (ie triangular head), handles removed. The statin finish is just so distinguishable as Henkel. Value is hard to gauge.

Any recommendations on another brand that matches to lower the deadly chair cost. I would suggest a color that would go with a rich reddish brown in case you want to use the brown as an accent color in the room.

HENKEL HARRIS Solid Mahogany Server Buffet.

HENKEL-HARRIS FURNITURE BACHELOR'S CHESTHENKEL-HARRIS FURNITURE BACHELOR'S CHEST 20th century, the rectangular top over sliding dressing tray and four graduated drawers all with brass pulls, HENKEL HARRIS MAHOGANY BUTLER TRAY COFFEE HENKEL HARRIS MAHOGANY BUTLER TRAY COFFEE TABLE the rectangular top with hinged half moon sides, each with a cut out handle, over plain … The cherry wood is a beautiful choice! On some of the used it looks just as good as new.

Everything else we now see, cannot compare. The finish on the table was phenomenal, and now whenever we see a table somewhere else, we can immediately identify it as a Henkel. The finish on the table was phenomenal, and now whenever we see a table somewhere else, we can immediately identify it as a Henkel. Me and my wife have had an empty dining room for several years.

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