Since the distance between the loudspeaker and microphone remains unchanged, the number of waves is thus increased by 10 times to 40. 21. b. the length of the hall, Solution

3aii. b. Q Which of the following waves cannot pass through a vacuum? a. P


b. planar The speed of sound in seawater is 1500m/s. Which one of the following statements about ultraviolet radiation and visible light is not true? So, if you're wearing a space suit that contains a radio unit and one of your buddies sends you a radio message that there's pizza in the space station, you'd be able to hear it.That's because radio waves aren't mechanical -- they're electromagnetic.Electromagnetic waves can transmit energy through a vacuum. of Physics - UNSW 2052

The crest is the highest points of the wave whereas the trough is the lowest points of the wave.

The public address loudspeakers are mounted on the front of the speaker’s platform. b. frequency Photo: A radio studio is essentially a soundproof box that converts sounds into high-quality signals that can be broadcast using a transmitter. The energy is passed from 1 point to another as a wave. a. light A gun is fired between two parallel vertical walls. a. gamma rays Sound is an example of longitudinal wave. c. speed

Quality control (checking for cracks) in concrete, Medical applications (development of foetus).

Frequency (f):It is the number of complete waves per second.

1500cm/s b. 20. what is the distance from the centre of a compression to the centre of the nearest rarefaction in the wave described in a? This was persuasive evidence that light was an electromagnetic wave. A wave source of frequency 2000Hz emits waves of wavelength 0.2m. Explain why the frequency of the notes heard is decreased when the record is played at a speed of 33 1/3 r.p.m, 3ai. b. what is the time interval between the observer seeing the lightning and hearing the thunder? a. If the speed of sound in air is 330m/s, how far is the ship from the cliff? One gives the view at left, the other was focussed on the oscilloscope screen, whose (simultaneous) image was shown at right. 7bi. d they can travel through a vacuum The receiving antenna measures the superposition of the incident and reflected waves. Which of the following is an example of longitudinal wave?
e. 100m, 16. travel time to the observer of the light from the lightning = 5000 / (3 x 10, Kinematics: Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration, Measurements of Length, Mass, Density, and Time.

How many wavelengths are there in PQ if the length of PQ is 600m?

Only their speeds and wavelength will change. c. wavelength d. 2 km

c. the vibrate transversely Which of the following is not changed when the wave is refracted? Glass: 5000m/s, – The Wave Equation can also be used to find the speed of sound. To find the speed of sound in air we can note that the musical note A above. An instrument on a ship that is used to measure the distance between the ship and a cliff sends out a pulse of sound and receives an echo 5s later. They were synchronised to within a frame or two by zooming out and waving an arm in front of both. Aluminium is a conductor, so this reflects the electric wave with a phase change of 180°, giving approximately zero electric field in the conductor. In the animation, the incident (electrical) wave is blue, the reflected wave is red, and the purple wave is the superposition: the total electric field at that point. 30. a, 1.

Determine the average value of the four measurements d. 3.0m, 22. a. It is usually drawn by joining the wave crests. What is the velocity with which the waves travel across the surface?

: A particular AM radio station uses a wavelength of 250, metres. They can travel through vacuum (do not require any medium to travel). It receives an echo 1.5s later. It travels in air through a series of compressions or rarefactions.

Actually, radio waves travel very quickly through space. b. sound

They carry no electric charge (they are neither positively or negatively charged). The equation for frequency is given on the right. What is the wavelength, 299,792,458 metres per second (m/s), and 2.45 GHz is 2,450,000,000, Hz, so that’s the frequency.

ultraviolet rays.

Frequency, speed and wavelength calculators, converters (feet to metres and so on) can be found, c, but otherwise the letter v (standing for velocity) is usually used. Compressions are region where the air particles are close together, creating high pressure. b. frequency d. 12m/s, 23.

4. d Their frequencies do not change when travelling from one medium to another. wavelength = distance / number of waves = 6.8 / 4 = 1.7m c. 3.3km They obey the laws of reflection and refraction. Sponges are used to absorb the reflections of the water waves. The horizontal scale is arbitrary, the vertical scale is pretty accurate and time has been slowed down by a hundred million or so for us to see it. Which of the following cannot travel through glass? The speed of radio waves is approximately 186,000 miles per second, which is also the speed of light. 990m This page supports the multimedia tutorial The Nature of Light. iii. Radio waves can travel through space. d. radio waves, 2. 1000m Thus the nodes in the combined wave do not have an amplitude of zero (except at the point of reflection); rather, they are local minima in the interference pattern. 3ai. 50 complete waves are counted on the water surface over a distance of 1m. Ultrasound is the sounds with frequencies above the upper limit of the human range of audibility. Which of the following waves has the longest wavelength?

a. c. sound waves In space-time, the separation betwen two events (with separations of space Δx, Δy, Δz and in time Δt) is given by. Putting these figures (without commas) into, the calculator above shows that the wavelength is 0.122 metres, or. Echoes are formed when a sound is reflected off a hard and flat surface. 28. b A wave of frequency 1000 Hz travels between two points P and Q with a velocity of 300m/s. a. c. radio wave

Radio-wave communications signals travel through the air in a straight line, reflect off of clouds or layers of the ionosphere, or are relayed by satellites in space. (take speed of sound in air to be 330m/s) So here is the experiment. a. speed = 1cm/s; wavelength = 3cm b. water waves 8. d

the number of occurrences within a given time period. gamma rays 14. d

1.6 Hz 21. a These correspond to frequencies as low as 3 Hz and as high as 1 gigahertz (10 9 Hz). ii. Speed = 17/0.05 = 340 m/s, 4b. 3. b


9. b Name the part of the electromagnetic spectrum as described in the following 19. state the effect on the sound heard by a normal healthy ear if the frequency is changed from 200Hz to 2.00kHz. In a ripple tank, circular waves are reflected from a straight barrier.

We will use v on this page in all cases, which is.


Two video cameras were used. The figure shows a sea-wave that causes a small cork (z) to rise up and down through one complete oscillation every 4 seconds. Asked by: Amanda Answer Well, radio waves are electromagnetic waves, so they travel at the speed of light, which is about 3x10 8 m/s.

They are electric and magnetic fields that oscillate at 90° to each other. Two notes are played on a piano. d. velocity, 7. a. half the distance between a crest and a trough

Estimate the distance of the observer from the platform. The horizontal speed of the wave is When water waves get reflected, the only thing that changes is the direction. Sound is produced by vibrating sources placed in a medium (air). d. 5Hz

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