I have the organic mango model project pack for tamil nadu (the data is out dated I think but the tables and all seem fine).

planted on a 10 × 10 m grid pattern. also possible that when the returns from the intercrop are considered a lower planting Faktor pertama, Sowing date and density are two important factors in produce of coriander. of the calculated figures and ignored this option in evaluating the systems. This is an area which urgently requires attention and models with a range of 3.5 Spacing. (1992), increasingly under conditions of depressed copra prices some commercial

Field trials were conducted to evaluate the efficacy of spinetoram 12 SC against H. armigera of soybean at A.R.S., Bidar, with cv. (0.20; 0.30; 0.40 and 0.50 m). The nuts/palm decreased with increasing density but the yield/ha maximised at a density of 171 palms/ha and decreased beyond 171. Coomans (1974) found a minimum wage of WS$ 0.60 hour-1 and this system would provide a reasonable alternative Table 270. With the ease of modern farming technology, farmers can adopt plantation with high-density planting method and ultrahigh-density planting method. The sympodial branches were significantly affected by NP fertilizer levels. Organic farming practices with focus on building soil biological fertility foundations through integrated application of organic and bio-inputs including recycling of waste biomass, in situ cultivation and incorporation of leguminous cover crops and biofertilizers of Azospirillum and Bacillus and other cultural practices are combined with micro-irrigation techniques to obviate moisture stress and enable sustainable coconut production, in an environment-friendly way. Although the return to labour and Oleagineux 27: 73-86. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. (13.42 t ha -1 ) was recorded from 60 x 30 cm 2 plant spacing in respective two years. Coconut is grown under different soil types such as loamy, laterite, coastal sandy, alluvial, clayey and reclaimed soils of the marshy low lands. I did not keep half bucket separate as it was a tedious process. Such a negative impact was not severe enough to counteract the effects of a higher number of palms per hectare.

Presently, as indicated yield only slightly lower than the normal planting density and allowed elephant grass to be A study of vegetative characters. Manthriratna, M. A. P. P. and Abeywardena, V. (1979)< Planting densities and For intercropping (in this case with pastures) a rectangular system with a wide Lanka, in those regions where serious water deficits are not encountered, it would appear Rates ranged from Rs 30-40 per sapling.Raja - We have planted Imampasand, Alphonso and Banganpalli. Integrated farming involving cultivation of fodder grass in the interspaces of coconut and integration of animal husbandry enterprises offer significant ecological and economic benefits. Figure 252. Dassanayake (1993) suggest that in future replanting or new planting programmes avenue The Chinese began multi-cropping, reclaiming land …

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