'I've had vodka shots but go back to brandy! While Scotland does not have an official national anthem, 'Flower of Scotland' has become the anthem of the national rugby team. I had known about the song 'Flower of Scotland' because we had held hands and sung it in the change room before matches during that Five Nations, but we had never been allowed to sing it on the field in an official capacity, until this next match. The song has been used as an anthem by the Scotland rugby union team, ever since the winger, Billy Steele, encouraged his team-mates to sing it on the British Lions tour of South Africa in 1974. And that's what happened. He sung the song again that night, along with the audience, and dedicated it to us. Aufgrund des Textes gilt das in Schottland sehr populäre Lied als anti-englisch und stark nationalistisch, weshalb es in unionistischen, d. h. pro-britischen Kreisen umstritten ist. We kept the dignitaries and England team waiting for an hour! Telfer told us that we would only beat England later that day if we rucked the shit out of these guys, got our bodies low and took them out. Your countrymen have been denied the chance to officially sing their national anthem and today, for the first time ever, they are going to sing it. While Scotland does not have an official national anthem, 'Flower of Scotland' has become the anthem of the national rugby team. Rugby fans first adopted it for the Lions tour of South Africa in 1974, and the Scottish FA also adopted it in 1997 as the official football anthem. Scotland and England had both beaten Ireland, France and Wales, but England had done so in emphatic fashion and were 9-1 favourites to beat us even though the game would be played on our home turf. They couldn't afford to come to the game, because the ticket prices had doubled, so 10,000 of them lined the street, wearing kilts, with their faces painted and waving flags. In 1990 Flower of Scotland was sung for the first time before the 1990 Five Nations deciding match. Uploaded by Vusal (Azerbaijan).Flower of ScotlandAuthor: Roy WilliamsonO Flower of Scotland,When will we seeYour like again,That fought and died for,Your wee bit Hill and Glen,And stood against him,Proud Edward's Army,And sent him homeward,To think again.The Hills are bare now,And Autumn leaveslie thick and still,O'er land that is lost now,Which those so dearly held,That stood against him,Proud Edward's Army,And sent him homeward,To think again.Those days are past now,And in the pastthey must remain,But we can still rise now,And be the nation again,That stood against him,Proud Edward's Army,And sent him homeward,To think again. The Flower of Scotland wurde von Roy Williamson, dem Gründer der Folk-Band The Corries, Mitte der 1960er Jahre geschrieben. Das Lied behandelt den Kampf von William Wallace und Robert the Bruce gegen den englischen König Edward II., insbesondere den Sieg Roberts in der Schlacht von Bannockburn. To say this was a massive match would be an understatement. Both sides had won their three previous matches, which meant the winner of this game would not only win the Five Nations but achieve a Grand Slam, which occurs when a team beats all of the others in that year's competition. I will never forget his words. Our role is to grow the game and inspire Scotland through rugby in line with our values of … Flower of Scotland ist ein patriotisches Lied aus Schottland, das neben Scotland the Brave und Scots Wha Hae eine der drei inoffiziellen Nationalhymnen ist. Erstmals wurde The Flower of Scotland anlässlich des Calcutta Cups 1990 als Identifikationslied für die Rugby-Nationalmannschaft vom Verband (SRU) zugelassen, nachdem die Spieler energisch gefordert hatten, nicht zur Hymne des Gegners auflaufen zu müssen. So we were effectively playing for four trophies! The Flower of Scotland wurde von Roy Williamson, dem Gründer der Folk-Band The Corries, geschrieben. There were around 500 people there when we first arrived, but by the time we left there were about 5,000, because runners had been sent to all the flats and houses to tell people that the Scotland team was at the pub and paying for all the drinks! David then told us that while England would run out of the tunnel onto the field, we would walk out and the 60,000 crowd would jump up and start singing 'Flower of Scotland'. The Scotland team was staying at the Dalmahoy Marriott Hotel & Country Club, near Edinburgh. – Allan played nine Tests for Scotland (24 matches in total) and 13 for the Springboks (26 matches in total). On the Friday, we went to listen to Ronnie Browne, the original singer of 'Flower of Scotland', at a concert. When we got off the bus at Murrayfield, Scottish fans mobbed us and we saw that they really believed we would win. Da Schottland unter anderem eigene nationale Fußball- und Rugbymannschaften hat, wird eine der inoffiziellen Nationalhymnen gespielt, wenn diese bei internationalen Spielen eine andere Hymne als die der englischen Mannschaften benutzen wollen. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 7. The Queen, of course, is related to Edward II and does not appreciate the way he has been portrayed. While we were watching that, our coach Jim Telfer jumped up and shouted, 'See, if you don't kill these bastards, they will kill your children and rape your wives!' In the change room, Jim got us frothing at the mouth by shouting about famous Scottish battles against England, but the poignant moment came when our captain, David Sole, got us to sit closely together. Create an account to join our community and gain access to all features. He told us, 'Boys, today your body doesn't belong to you, it belongs to your nation. And that's what we did for the next half an hour! An hour after this exercise, we boarded the bus to go to Murrayfield. One of our players, John Jeffrey, said, 'No, we can't do that. All the Highlanders were away getting ready to fight the war, so the English found a Scottish clan where only the women and children remained. Mittlerweile wird The Flower of Scotland als offizieller National Song verwendet. While that match showed me the importance of passion, it also showed me how important it is to be humble in victory. So I knew the importance of it without knowing just how important it is. The last two lines of each verse tend to be sung with particular ferocity. ALSO READ: From U14E to the Sharks – Meyer's inspiring story. Zunächst wurde lediglich die erste Strophe zugelassen, durch den Erfolg und die große Anteilnahme beim Publikum kam in den Folgejahren die dritte Strophe hinzu. Flower of Scotland. Few people know that the song - which refers to the victory of the Scots led by Robert the Bruce, over England's Edward II at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 - was sung for the first time at a rugby match before the 1990 Five Nations decider between England and Scotland at Murrayfield in Edinburgh. All I want you to do, is make them proud.'. [2], The Corries - Flower of Scotland auf YouTube, BBC-Meldung zur Diskussion, welches Lied gespielt werden soll, https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=The_Flower_of_Scotland&oldid=194703830, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. And they proceeded to slaughter them. Der schottische Fußballverband folgte dem Beispiel des schottischen Rugby-Verbandes und machte Flower of Scotland 1997 zum offiziellen Lied, das vor Länderspielen gespielt wird.[1].

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