Maybe early weaning into a feedlot is the answer? Hughes is a North Dakota State University professor emeritus. The bottom line pertains to grass cattle going on grass, coming off grass, and my calculated marketing loss per cwt on the original weight going on grass. If we are going to conduct some market planning for 2020, we need to look at feeder cattle prices down the road. October 2020 cattle prices were at $107.00, up $3.72 from the month before and down $2.80 from the same time last year. Corporate Office: (800) 456-3276; 8351 North High Street, Suite 250 Columbus, OH 43235 Dressed prices that started at $162 moved to $167 yesterday.

Feeders labeled Fleshy by the market reporter sold for an average of $10.86 per cwt lower.

Figure 4 presents my mid-February 2020 suggested planning prices through fall weaning 2020. ... For feeder cattle, Petry says futures prices are above last year. Suggested planning prices. Live Cattle decreased 17 USd/Lbs or 13.54% since the beginning of 2020, according to trading on a contract for difference (CFD) that tracks the benchmark market for this commodity. The red number in Figure 4 is the marketing loss per cwt on original weight going on grass. Get the latest Live Cattle price (LE) as well as the latest futures prices and other commodity market news at Nasdaq. The net result is that my current projection is a $100-plus net return from grass cattle in 2020. The first number is my projected price onto grass, and the second number is the projected price off grass. Starting at a few sales at $103, prices moved to $107 yesterday.

What stands out in Figure 1’s prices is the wide variation of prices around the red line. Yearlings off grass tend to finish shortly after the first of the year at a time of better slaughter prices. In general, fall 2020 prices are projected slightly higher than last fall as of mid-February, suggesting the beginning of the new beef price cycle. Stay tuned. Yes, how feeders are marketed makes a big difference; and you, as a beef cow producer, have considerable control over how your feeders are marketed. Beef Magazine is part of the Informa Markets Division of Informa PLC. Maybe fall calving would generate a better finishing date? My local price forecasts are based on the Feeder Cattle futures as of mid-February. He put his feed and energy in wintering the cow herd, developing his replacement heifers and spring-calving the next calf crop. Historically, Live Cattle reached an all time high of 171.98 in October of 2014. Five-hundred-fifty-pound steer calves in fall 2020 are projected $7 higher than in fall 2019.

Two things stand out in this Live Cattle chart. Monthly cattle prices averaged $117.15 in 2019 and $117.07 in 2018. For example, as this was being written, marketing steers off grass in September this year should be more favorable than marketing steers off grass in September last year. I hope this holds! Two trends stand out in Figure 2. Monthly cattle prices have averaged $107.40 so far in 2020. Regardless of who owns them, when do your calves finish? The differences between the gold and red bars in Figure 2 give a general direction of a year’s price changes over the last 30 days.

Copyright © 2020. The distance of the dots from the line represents price premiums and price discounts. In the last few months, he has spent considerable office time evaluating different marketing strategies for the next cycle.
Fassett Hay and Cattle 11-05-2020; England Showstock Elite November Edition Sale 11-5-2020; Steady Run Genetics Steer and Heifer Sale 11-5-2020; Top Hat Simmentals 11-05-2020; 7th Annual Friends in Low Places Elite Heifer Sale 11-3-2020; Ladies of Swan Creek 11-3-2020; Tuttle Cattle Co. Online Sale 11-3-2020 Most spring-born calves tend to be finished in the next year’s summer months, generating the price lows. The downward sloping regression line shows the price drop as weights went up. The price trend for 2020 appears to be stronger than what we experienced in 2019. Reach him at 701-238-9607 or I generate the chart in Figure 2 each month before I write my column. The silver lining of COVID-19 for beef producers. Higher Live Cattle prices tend to occur in the early months of the year, with a typical summer low. Second, Figure 3 suggests a slightly higher spring 2021 price peak over spring 2020 — an early suggestion of a start to the next beef price cycle. I watch October futures for marketing weaned 2020 spring-born calves — again, looking more favorable than in 2019 as of mid-February. There’s no doubt 2019 has been a challenging marketing year in what appears to be the last year of the last cattle cycle and its resulting price cycle. Number 8860726. USDA publishes a weekly market summary for the local sale barn (Figure 1.) Note the top two-thirds of the table covers feeder cattle prices, and the rows beginning “Slaughter” and “Futures months” cover slaughter cattle prices. During this last cycle, my study herd manager had a history of marketing his calves at fall weaning time. Note the top two-thirds of the table covers feeder cattle prices, and the rows beginning “Slaughter” and “Futures months” cover slaughter cattle prices. USDA Agricultural Marketing Service labels some of the feeder cattle batches being sold as Fleshy, Fancy or Unweaned. Thus, the data and projections do not reflect the volatility that has occurred in the futures markets and the drop in cash prices for calves, feeder cattle and fed cattle.

Figure 2 presents the mid-February 2020 price trend for Feeder Cattle futures prices. The next-to-the-bottom line covers Nebraska slaughter cattle basis. All rights reserved.

Packers took on large numbers of cattle in all regions confirming the thought they do … As of press time, it’s impossible to speculate on how long COVID-19 will continue to affect markets. Iowa has been able move the market more than any region. Those labeled Fancy by the market reporter sold for an average $4.78 per cwt higher. I decided to document the price premiums and discounts in his market for mid-February. This market certainly seemed to have a lot of variation in the quality of feeder steers being sold. I am projecting a much smaller price drop in 2020 between the price going on grass and the price coming off grass. That average trend drop is $18.90 per cwt of added weight. New Cowboy documentary offers levity during a stressful November, An election in limbo: Here’s what we think we know, Fed Cattle Recap | Prices, cash volume head higher, Stress in agriculture — Checking in on my friends, Examining COVID-19’s effect on cattle markets, Allowed HTML tags:

. Those feeders labeled Unweaned by the market reporter sold for an average of $12.85 per cwt lower. I have grass costs the same for both years. That demand will balance out the cattle supplies for 2020, which Petry says should be close to 2019. Suggested planning prices. First, feeder cattle futures prices are trending upward both in mid-January and again in mid-February, but all mid-February prices were below mid-January. Informa Markets, a trading division of Informa PLC. Let’s look forward at feeder cattle prices. The line represents the drop in steer calf prices over the total weight range.

He lives in Kuna, Idaho.

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