The main character in the movie said: "Play hard. 11. If the two clauses are merely related, not necessarily sequential in thought, use a semicolon. a board game for two players who place counters on a grid; the object is to surround and so capture the opponent's counters, street names for methylenedioxymethamphetamine, a time period for working (after which you will be relieved by someone else), enter or assume a certain state or condition, pass from physical life and lose all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life, give support (to) or make a choice (of) one out of a group or number, go through in search of something; search through someone's belongings in an unauthorized way, change location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically, move away from a place into another direction, pass, fare, or elapse; of a certain state of affairs or action, be or continue to be in a certain condition, be the right size or shape; fit correctly or as desired, stretch out over a distance, space, time, or scope; run or extend between two points or beyond a certain point, functioning correctly and ready for action. You should stop eating so much food; you will have to go on a diet. Why not use a period, then? I am afraid to go. To move upon the feet, or step by step; to walk; also, to walk step by step, or leisurely. To reach; to extend; to lead; as, a line goes across the street; his land goes to the river; this road goes to New York. Proficiency will never go out of style. Let's go to Woof Gang Bakery; they sell the yummiest dog treats. Let's go dancing. Then, enjoy your status as a Grammar Pro! You can order a sandwich with bacon, egg, and cheese; ham, egg, tomato, and cheese; or tomato, lettuce, and avocado. 14. ", Mrs. Morris preaches this concept: "Second place is first loser. Sentences Sometimes to understand a word's meaning you need more than a definition. She moved to Ireland; she preferred the tranquil setting over America. Go to your place. Beyond that, they're also used after a formal introduction, as in "To Whom It May Concern:" For more information on all five rules, check out these 5 Rules of Colon Usage. Let go of my arm! A Yiddish proverb remarks that a man should go on living - if only to satisfy his curiosity. Well, let's go. Review these eight times commas were important to see if your comma game is on point. Will you go, too? English words and Examples of Usage use "go on" in a sentence You must have your parents' approval before you can go on the field trip. As such, the semicolon comes to the rescue to divide the lists, acting as a comma, but allowing for greater organization and clarity. The town reminded me of my childhood vacations: both were on the beach.

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