Closed system, ventilation, explosion-proof electrical equipment and lighting. A harmful contamination of the air will be reached rather slowly on evaporation of this substance at 20°C. See Notes. Manufactures, sup UN Hazard Class: 3; UN Pack Group: II, Prepared by an international group of experts on behalf of ILO and WHO, UN Classification Ethanol-water Mixture Flash Point - posted in All Things Ethanol: Here is some experimental data reported for ethanol-water mixture flash points.Ethanol Flash PointConc.% v/v5 62 oC10 49 oC20 36 oC30 29 oC40 26 oC50 24 oC60 22 oC70 21 oC80 20 oC90 17 oC95 17 oC100 13 oCReference:“Fire Protection Guide to Hazardous Materials”, 13th Ed., page 325-57 (2002).

Flash Point for Ethyl Alcohol and Water; vol % Flashpoint (Closed cup) 96 : 62 deg F (17 deg C) 95 : 63 deg F (17 deg C) 80 : 68 deg F (20 deg C) 70 : 70 deg F (21 deg C) 60 : 72 deg F (22 deg C) 50 : 75 deg F (24 deg C) 40 : 79 deg F (26 deg C) 30 : 85 deg F (29 deg C) 20 : 97 deg F (36 deg C) 10 : 120 deg F (49 deg C) 5 : 144 deg F (62 deg C) COLOURLESS LIQUID WITH CHARACTERISTIC ODOUR. NO contact with incompatible materials: See Chemical Dangers. The substance may have effects on the upper respiratory tract and central nervous system. Effects of short-term exposure Unconsciousness. The flash point of a chemical is the lowest temperature where it will evaporate enough fluid to form a combustible concentration of gas. Flash Point. The vapour at high levels is irritating to the eyes and respiratory tract. Rinse skin with plenty of water or shower.

Ethanol Concentration. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published, The Northern Maine Distilling Company55 Baker Blvd, Brewer, Maine 04412, Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device, Commitment to Sustainability & Our Environment, How to Determine the Alcohol type and Strength I have on hand, About Nondenatured Ethanol vs Denatured Alcohol, Make your own 70% alcohol solution for disinfection, Buy Alcohol to to Make Surface Disinfectants.

with the financial assistance of the European Commission. Ethanol is a 2-carbon alcohol. Ethanol consumption during pregnancy may adversely affect the unborn child. Reacts violently with strong oxidants such as nitric acid, silver nitrate, mercuric nitrate and magnesium perchlorate. Dizziness. The vapour mixes well with air, explosive mixtures are easily formed. Rinse mouth.

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The flash point is an indication of how easy a chemical may burn. Confusion. Protective gloves.

Is Culinary Solvent the same as Everclear? This generates fire and explosion hazard. Use ventilation, local exhaust or breathing protection. Store and dispose of according to local regulations. When the chemical compound is below the flash point, no flammable vapors are released. Answer: The flash point of 200 proof ethyl alcohol is 14 °C or 57.2 °F MrTincture Says: The flash point is the temperature at which point the flammable chemical compound gives off sufficient vapors to ignite in air.

Headache. Reacts slowly with calcium hypochlorite, silver oxide and ammonia. Its molecular formula is CH3CH2OH. Effects of long-term or repeated exposure Environmental effects of the substance have been adequately investigated, but no significant effects have been found. Manufactures, suppliers, and the NFPA use the flash point measurement to determine a liquid's flammability rating and hazard class. Download my free eBook - Top 4 Tincture Myths Everyone Believes - Save time, money & effort on your next tincture. Remove contaminated clothes. Apron.

----- escape Boiling point: 78°C Melting point: -114 °C Relative density (water = 1): 0.79 Solubility in water: miscibleVapour pressure, kPa at 20°C: 5.8 Relative vapour density (air = 1): 1.6 Relative density of the vapour/air-mixture at 20°C (air = 1): 1.03Flash point: 12.0 °C c.c.Auto-ignition temperature: 400°C Explosive limits, vol% in air: 3.1-27.7 Octanol/water partition coefficient as log Pow: -0.32 Viscosity: 1.074 mPa*s at 20°C. Do NOT wash away into sewer. The flash point of pure ethanol is 16.60 °C (61.88 °F), less than average room temperature. Use water spray, powder, alcohol-resistant foam, carbon dioxide. The higher the concentration of alcohol, the lower the flash point of the compound.

Physical dangers Burning sensation. When the chemical compound is below the flash point, no flammable vapors are released. The substance may cause effects on the central nervous system. Physical State; Appearance Fireproof. Do NOT use compressed air for filling, discharging, or handling.

Collect leaking and spilled liquid in covered containers as far as possible. Inhalation risk The substance can be absorbed into the body by inhalation of its vapour and by ingestion. Ventilation. See Chemical Dangers.

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