Down duvets are quite lightweight as a rule. What is the optimal thread count for down and feather products? Hollowfibre fillings are made from spun polyester and so are naturally non-allergenic and machine washable. They are king size but allow 2 different fills ie summer weight one side and regular weight on the other for couples with different sleep needs? :). If you like a weighty, warm duvet, I’d recommend our White Goose Feather Duvet. What do you suggest and what are the costs? I would like to buy a coloured duvet……it seems you haven’t any. Cotton and linen unlike satin, silk or polyester lets your skin breathe allowing air to circulate as well as absorbing the moisture instead of repelling it. August 16, 2020 Do you sell partner or split tog duvets? What size duvet should I purchase? I don’t understand very well the difference between regular weight and all season weight, so I can’t choose my duvet. Wear cotton pyjamas - you may be tempted to go commando but cotton unlike satin, silk or polyester lets your skin breathe allowing air to circulate as well as absorbing the moisture instead of repelling it. The NHS states the most common reasons for night sweats are: Women's Wellness coach Fiona Whitfield from the, told us 'A whopping 75% of women get hot flushes and/or night sweats when going through the menopause. September 19, 2020 An all seasons duvet with two duvets that can be fixed together can be an ideal choice. I hope this helps, but happy to continue the conversation – feel free to call/email/chat any time! Top Ten Best Duvets. Loft (also known as Fill Power) refers to the fluffiness of down, or how many cubic inches 1 ounce of down will fill. Read more about the difference between down and feather or the difference between duck down and goose down.

If you like a light weight duvet, I would go with a down duvet. Take a shower before bed - a warm shower will trigger your body's natural cooling response.

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Make sure your duvet and pillow are made from breathable materials - such as naturally breathable, Replace your flannel or satin sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers with temperature regulating and sweat wicking cotton or linen bed sheets and duvet covers. Hi Karen, Great question!

Do you sell king xl duvet covers that fit your king xl white down duvets, Hi Irene, ), We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to ensure it works properly.

April 01, 2020 How does fill weight impact the warmth of a duvet? Thanks for reading! If, medicines – some antidepressants, steroids and painkillers. I would like all seasons king size most popular down feather , do you have couple to look at? Have a breeze - keep the window open or point a fan over your body as you sleep. To make a duvet warmer, we increase the fill weight by adding ounces of fill. While natural duvets are incredibly comfy, it’s also worth knowing that they’re more durable than synthetic ones. I don’t want it too heavy or hot. Please email us and we can provide a quote! You certainly could try!

Hi Michelle, Queen size is 88″ × 90″, while XL Queen size is 96″ × 98″. They can occur at any age, including in children. This will help you focus your search and find a duvet that will serve your needs and lifestyle well! Ready to start shopping?See our Duvet collectionCompare all duvet specs. To be labelled as a down product, it must have at least 75% down clusters. The remaining percentage may be made up of down filaments, feather filaments, feathers, etc. No sweat! It also makes it a lot harder to get the cover on. You can find dimensions listed on our Standard Dimensions page (in the FAQ menu) or on the Specifications tab on any product page :). as the best duvet filling for night sweats. What are night sweats?Most people sweat during the night. Keep your room cool - Your bedroom should be 17-18ºC when you sleep. A duvet is a type of blanket that consists of a material shell and a filling made of down or a synthetic alternative. Never fear, your duvet hero is here! The bulk of our best sales are concentrated around October – January. A Queen Regular Weight White Goose Down Duvet contains 30 oz of 575 loft down. September 19, 2020 Some duvets and covers come with fasteners, such as ties/loops, buttons, velcro etc. Sign up for news, offers and 5% off your first order over £100. You can compare the exact fill weights on the ‘Specifications’ tab on any product page. Subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive discounts and company news. You’ve been searching for a fluffy duvet to cuddle up with at night but can’t figure out which weight will keep you at the perfect temperature.

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