Environ. Haematological, blood chemical, and urine analyses gave normal values.
At its forty-sixth meeting, the Committee evaluated the five benzyl derivatives as a group and maintained the group ADI of 0–5 mg/kg bw as benzoic acid equivalents (Annex 1, reference 122). (1983) 8.10. Perfumer Flavorist, 12, 27. Caffeic acid: coffee, apples, blueberries. Reactions of reducing carbohydrates with hydrazides of benzoic acid derivatives in strong alkali give a yellow color, believed to be due to the formation of the anionic forms of carbohydrate hydrazones. Gavage 22), and sodium benzoate (Annex 1, reference 122).

Figure 41. Ind. The currently available drugs against influenza A virus primarily target neuraminidase (NA) or the matrix protein 2 (M2) ion channel.

Some essentials of the conflicting proposals, which usually were the result of feeding experiments with putative precursors, are depicted in Scheme 3.

In compound 62, the long-axis polarized 1Bb transition (ca. Food Cosmet. 30967 from Leberco Laboratories, Roselle Park, USA. 10. Isobutyl benzoate. For example, acetylene alcohol (+)-65 was converted by a Sonogashira reaction into p-methoxyphenylacetylene alcohol, which was esterified, yielding p-methoxybenzoate (−)-66. II. 840). McGregor, D.B., Brown, A.G., Howgate, S., McBride, D., Riach, C. & Caspary, W.J. Temellini, A. Conditions: (i) Bu2SnO, MeOH; (ii) BzCl, DMF. Ther., 11, 347–356.


Toxicol., 3, 563–569. & Palanker, A.L. Such studies have shown that 4-hydroxybenzoic acid was exclusively formed via C6C3 precursors in cell cultures from Litho- spermum, as indicated by the complete loss of the carboxyl of the administered precursor, [1,7-13C]shikimic acid.41 On the other hand, young tea shoots converted carboxyl-labeled shikimic (15), 5-dehydroshikimic (14), or dehydroquinic acid directly to gallic acid (1), but also used C6C3 precursors for the formation of this compound.42 The simplest explanation for these contradictory phenomena was the assumption of at least two different pathways, a conclusion that has also been drawn by other authors after feeding experiments with leaves from Acer andRhus and which again suggested two routes to gallic acid (1), with the preferential route depending upon leaf age and plant species investigated.43,44.
V: 27 coded chemicals. Gdynia, 37, 3–4. The compounds obtained by replacing –OH group of in acid by –X, –OCOR, –OR or –NH 2 are called acid derivatives.

The magnitude of the change in the mean weight of the small intestine was not dose-related. (1974) Acute oral toxicity (rat).

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