Steamed crabs will keep in the refrigerator for up to 3 days after receipt. Colossal Blue is a humble, family-owned Maryland company with a not-so-humble mission. That’s why George uses only Colossal lump crab meat (yes, the best you can buy), a mix of natural spices (not even his family knows what it is), and just enough eggs and mayo to form this delicious mess into a heavenly mound. In the end, a great cake comes down to who makes it. KING CRAB | COLOSSAL SHRIMP | CRAWFISH SEAFOOD BOIL MUKBANG - Duration: 38:08. Yes, you could be forking our cakes tomorrow. © 2020, Colossal Blue - World Famous Crab Cakes. Steam the Maryland blue crabs for 20 to 30 minutes more (until crabs turn orange). [time-restrict-repeat-2 type="weekly" onday="Monday" offday="Thursday" else=", [time-restrict-repeat type="daily" ontime="15:00:00" offtime="23:59:59"] I Love Seafood - The freshest catch from coast to coast. Add hand-selected live crabs. #1 Males tend to have flakier meat. I would not ask them to change anything. Place crabs in large pot and add about 2 cups of water. 12 per carto . Crafted in our kitchen,  cooked in yours. SKU: 10102. Account (0) … Just when they were searching for that “one big thing” that would keep guests talking, Catherine’s brother Tom, a distinguished chef from the Eastern Shore, agreed to share his coveted crab cake recipe. The Standard (#2) male crab, are smaller Jimmys. To sustain them through the winter, the crabs have to build up extra fat stores which gives them that sweet, buttery flavor you won’t find in other types of crabs or in blue crabs from other waters. Colossal Jumbo crabs are simply very large Jimmys. Colossal or Heavyweights 7 plus inches – These crabs are a rarity and therefore are not always available. Use this popup to embed a mailing list sign up form. SKU: 201119 The crabs were fantastic, all were in great shape. Recipe. Cover and cook over low heat 15 minutes. © 2020 - I Love Seafood. Steam the crabs for five minutes or until the meat is hot throughout. May contain shell. Large Crabs 6-6½ inches. They typically range from 5 ½ – 6 ¼ inches. Eat, reheat or refrigerate crabs immediately upon receipt. Fast shipping to WA and packed good. Add onion and potatoes. What's so special about Maryland colossal blue crabs anyway? Cameron’s Seafood ships fresh, 100% authentic Maryland crabs, crab cakes, crab soups and fresh seafood to your door. Crafted in our kitchen,  cooked in yours. Great for sharing (if you must). If only the BIGGEST live Maryland blue crabs will do, then pick’n two dozen colossal’s will surely get you thru! The seasoning? Add onion and potatoes. Two Dozen Live Colossal Maryland Blue Crabs ( Male ), 15oz Case of New England Clam Chowder, 12 cans. Only the heaviest crabs make the cut and each crab is hand-selected and graded to ensure a premium product arrives at your door. The crabs were fantastic :) The crabs were fantastic, all were in great shape. Cameron's Seafood is doing it right , great customer service. Pull backs off live crabs. Share this unique experience by giving the most delicious gift of all. Cover and cook over medium-high heat, adding water if necessary, for about 40 minutes. They come in the sizes Small, Medium, Large, Jumbo and Colossal and amounts from Half Dozen up to several Bushel for wholesales, as male or female crabs. It has to do with the unique weather and the type of estuary we have in the Cheseapeake Bay. Alternatively use it as a simple call to action with a link to a product or a page. 875 Hungerford Drive Rockville, MD 20850   [email protected], Enter your info to see if we serve your area, [time-restrict-repeat type="daily" ontime="23:59:59" offtime="14:59:59"] Grab these for a mini version of our famous colossal lump crab cake. Place a steamer basket in a large pot with enough water to reach the bottom of the basket. Crafted in our kitchen,  cooked in yours. Fat and full of meat, our blue crabs are steamed up daily and are guaranteed fresh. The addition of Colossal Blue represents George's lifelong mission of sharing Maryland's most delicious treasure with everyone.

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