If you're drinking in the house, there's no excuse not to line your stomach with the right foods before you head out. Sure, you can always find locally-brewed brain-killing alcohol in just about every country for the price of a chocolate bar, but its nasty stuff. Belgium Mexico City, -Roger. You can buy a bottle of either for around US$3 in a 7-Eleven, or find cocktails poured with the local stuff for under US$2 each in most bars. Medellin, Ecuador San Jose Antigua and Barbuda The Philippines is certainly one of the world's premier destinations for cheapskate tipplers for its combination of low prices and actual bars to enjoy the stuff in. 10 hacks for cheap and free Starbucks coffee. Thanks. Los Cabos, We review prices and value here, Caribbean all-inclusive resorts are on sale at Expedia.com, Save an extra 5% off low-priced Europe hotel rooms with this code, Groupon’s localized travel offers are very impressive, Cancun vacation packages are US$100 or more off right now, Hostels are now on sale: Book soon to lock in up to 50% off, 56 European cities by price: Europe Backpacker Index for 2020, The 13 Best-value cities in Europe for budget travelers in 2017, Europe trip-planning guide: Itineraries, transport, accommodation, city passes, and more, 7 Reasons Southeast Asia is much better than Europe for budget travelers, 12 best-value cities in Asia for budget travelers, Cheapest cruise lines for 2020 Caribbean cruises – 11 lines ranked by price, Should you buy a 2020 Eurail Pass? You could even create a shared Spotify playlist with all your mates so everyone can add their own songs. Bahamas In terms of the alcohol that you DO want to drink – brand name vodkas, spirits, top shelf scotch whiskeys, wines from around the world – then Cambodia is definitely the cheapest place in South-East Asia, and as far as I know, the world. New Orleans, I'd go to Asda, as I find that to be the cheapest. Completing the circuit, Thailand barely belongs on this list because most drinks are at least double the price of its neighbors, but there are some bargains. Bonaire,

Again, you have to follow the locals rather than drinking at hotel bars, and doing so should result in beers that are closer to US$1 than US$2 each. Los Angeles,

-Roger. In Asia, I would add Indonesia and Philippines where palatable Bintang or San Miguel is less than a dollar a bottle. I left Indonesia off because most people visit Bali, which isn’t so cheap anymore for alcohol, though it’s still there if you really look. Guadeloupe Seoul Panama San Francisco, It does not constitute financial advice. Guatemala and Panama are among the more popular Central American countries, but really it's the whole area that has bargain drinks, with two exceptions. -Roger. -Roger. A bad batch of homemade spirits can lead to blindness and death – something that really does happen. I took £20 out with me and i… Netherlands France I was in Vietnam a month or so ago, and found what has to be a contender for cheapest beer in the world. Not many tourists head to Bolivia or Ecuador, at least compared to the major cities, so they end up being the cheapest places for pretty much everything, including alcohol. Mumbai So I thought it would be interesting to compile a list of countries that are cheap in general, but also keep alcohol prices low. beer @ US$ 0.50, Bulgaria……… Is The Cheapest Place In Europe !! Although I have never had access to it, … Bermuda I’d include Japan on the next list of cheap places to drink – especially if Thailand is considered cheap. india its not cheap. Plus they have all you can drink at many places for around $8 for a set time – usually a couple hours. Japan Cairo, Czechia Brussels As soon as you know how many people are coming, get the call in or pre-book via your favourite ride hailing app. And while you're at it, make sure you've got a music speaker all charged and ready to go! If you are looking strictly for the most efficient way to get drunk you should stick with shots or hard alcohol mixed with a diet drink. Among the party crowd, Vang Vieng is an infamous (and gorgeous) stop between the capital of Vientiane and Luang Prabang. Sure, you can always find locally-brewed brain-killing alcohol in just about every country for the price of a chocolate bar, but its nasty stuff. Cesky Krumlov, Not having smoked for 10 years I am out of touch. Trinidad and Tabago United States Less famous than all of its neighbors, Laos is a wonderful country in general, and particularly great for budget travelers. Bulgaria If you're bored of Ring of Fire, we've got a whole list of drinking games for you to try out – Friends and Enemies is bound to get everyone in the mood. Morocco Estonia (2.66 usd or so) at a reataurant. Most places have only one or two inexpensive local options, and anything that is imported will cost double or triple the price.

Found this article while searching for cheap alcohol in thailand because it is god awful expensive compared to qingdao. But don't book it too early, or you'll end up with a room of hysterical people downing drinks and rummaging around for coats with an impatient taxi driver outside. Aruba Phuket The UAE has some of the world’s most expensive alcohol. Food is a little cheaper in thailand. The vast majority of visitors prefer bottled beer most of the time, and that is available at any restaurant for between US$0.75 and US$1.25 for a half-liter or larger bottle, as long as you stick to the local brands. Jakarta, Kampala, Australia Laos I lived in a few places there and was able to find bargains without much effort. Kiev Puerto Plata, Still, if you avoid the touristy places and the touristy parts of town, you can still find a pint of beer for under US$1, though usually a bit more than that. United Arab Emirates Las Vegas, Samaná Trinidad and Tobago In Budapest it's a similar situation, where places with English-language menus will charge US$2.50 or more for a beer, while the “ruin pubs” and other local joints still charge US$1.50 per pint or less. Taipei Mr. Wasserman’s research protocol is spot on. It's all about a great pre-drinks, of course, and here's how you can nail it on a student budget. Most visitors to these two countries spend all of their time in the respective capitals, which are both wonderful and worthwhile cities. Here are the, You could ditch the night out altogether and opt for a house party instead – one of 36 things on our, instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser, 18 of the best hangover cures that actually work. After five minutes, the brew can be drunk through a metal straw. The article above is about super-cheap alcohol, and I’m not much of a whisky drinker anyway. Don't forget to wash enough glasses so people have something to drink out of, fill up the icecube trays and maybe set the mood with some fairy lights. Luang Prabang, Also when you want to get drunk fast the best way is the Tequila way, period, and it is a good drunk not a puke drunk, for me anyway. Prague El Salvador Splashing out on brand name drinks can be costly, so don't be afraid to downgrade to supermarket own brands (pssst, you can't even taste the difference). A super important way to avoid drinking too much during pre-drinks is to stay mindful of how much spirit and mixer you have in your drink. France Malaysia Dominican Republic And that’s why I think Cambodia has the cheapest alcohol in the world. Hungary I work in qingdao and on vacation in chiang mai right now. We'd also recommend avoiding too much alcohol until your outfit (and your makeup) is complete. Obviously the country is known for its cerveza and tequila, and if you are on the main resort strip in Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, you'll be paying American prices for the most part. But alcohol isn't particularly cheap in most of the country, and it's nearly impossible to get in some of the holier cities. Unfortunately, I’m not much of an expert in this. Martinique In Nepal in 2005 I came across Tongba – a hot millet-based alcoholic drink that is about as tasty as it sounds. Pre-drinks means that you can get yourself a little bit tipsy on cheap alcohol from the supermarket, so you can spend less on expensive drinks at the club. Privacy Policy - Sitemap - © 2020 Save the Student. I Would Recommend ( Burgas ) It Is a Lovely Coastal Town Very Safe And Cheap As Chips . Cozumel, Hands down the cheapest we have found as well!!! I have a cousin who studied there, and I have heard great things about it. More info, For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Jack and Diet Coke for instance is only 195 calories per 12 ounce but 10% alcohol (3oz Jack to 9oz Diet Coke) and you get a … Virgin Islands, British Thailand Curaçao, St. Thomas, Belize St Kitts Ron Abuelo Anejo Rum ($14) Caucano Aguardiente Tradicional ($9) Know your limits, and if you do peak too early – don't go out, sleep it off! In Laos, potent local rice-whiskey called Lao-Lao sells for $1 (or less) for a litre – but despite some travellers swearing that it isn’t too bad, our experiences with Lao-Lao showed it to be pretty awful stuff. Poland Grand Bahama, When I got to the SU and all my friends were getting sambuca shots, I was getting vodka shots, which was definitely fun. Sadly for the locals, their wages are so low that even the nicer restaurants and bars can't get away with charging any more. Russia And I always get 2 cocktail pitchers for £10 from Wetherspoons, good deal.

Queenstown, Cayman Islands Better yet, the beer shops there let you mix-n-match. Italy
Amsterdam You can make sure that every single song that comes on is one that everyone loves – well, almost everyone. Beijing, Tweet @savethestudent - Facebook Message - Email. The key, if it's even worth it for you, is to head into the areas that are popular with locals rather than sunshine tourists. In each of these cities you can get a large (700ml) bottle of the acclaimed Beerlao for only a bit over US$1. We sometimes use affiliated links which may result in a payment following a visitor taking action (such as a purchase or registration) on an external website. Antalya, Thanks for the comment. Mar del Plata, Ever tried brewing your own beer at home? Finding alternative ways to consume ethanol is common amongst those suffering from problem drinking, as it makes it easier to mask their disease.Depending on the method of ingestion, it can hide the smell of alcohol on the breath, avoid having bottles around, and make the process quicker, reducing the risk of being caught. What makes Tongba so cheap is that when the mug is dry, more hot water can be added and the process occurs all over again. Or a gun. However, it wasn’t long ago when I was getting a glass of house wine in many cafes in Italy for only €1, which felt like a pretty good deal. Puerto Vallarta. Porto Barcelona, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), In Tibet I was introduced to Chaang, a similar but more refined millet based drink. You can usually see the alcohol content on the side of a bottle. I was pleasantly surprised to see quality craft beer at around $11.00 a six pack. I’ve been living in Malaysia for two years paying $10.00 a pint for good German beer so the US is heaven for beer lovers….

Bia Hoi draught sells for around 15 cents a glass – and its not too bad. Rotorua, Anguilla A traditional drink for some Nepalese tribes, Tongba is a large wooden mug, filled with fermented millet (which had previously been mixed with mould, bacteria and yeast) which is then covered in boiling water. Naples, Copenhagen This post isn’t about finding the cheapest way to get as drunk as you possibly can – its about finding the cheapest place to buy good quality alcohol around the world. Orlando, Its like a ever ending mug of hot, millety beer – the problem is, most people would struggle to get through one mug. Sweden Tenerife, As you're not having to buy each drink individually at pre-drinks,  it's a little too tempting to keep filling up your glass without thinking about how much you're actually drinking. 280 baht (over $9 usd) for a 700ml bottle of sangsom. Edinburgh,

Now's your chance. Researching travel prices around the world for this site, one thing that is clear is that alcohol in its many forms is one of the categories that varies drastically from one country to the next.

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