Read on. The corner is playing him outside, and Claypool doesn't remotely threaten his leverage. Far too often he comes off the line with no urgency, something that needs to be corrected. Once his technique improves he’s still throwing 97 with wicked off speed stuff, but now he’s throwing strokes, and now he’s an elite thrower. If there is a drawback to Claypool's game, it's his knowledge of the entire route tree, which he didn't run at Notre Dame. In 2017, Claypool and all of the Notre Dame wide receivers were held back by inept quarterback play. Claypool’s Combine Measurables (Position Rank), HEIGHT: 6-4 1/4 (3rd)WEIGHT: 238 (1st)ARM: 32 1/2” (18th)HANDS: 9 7/8” (7th)WINGSPAN: 80” (5th), 40 YARD DASH: 4.42 (7th)VERTICAL JUMP: 40.5” (4th)BROAD JUMP: 126.0” (10th). Chase Claypool illustrated steady growth throughout his career at Notre Dame, peeking as a senior in 2019 when he caught 66 passes for 1,037 yards and 13 touchdowns. He was mostly a special teams player and actually lead their special teams in tackles which doesn’t matter but is just funny to me. That’s more about odds and getting into a groove. If you wanted to paint that in a positive light, you coul say that there are very few prospects Claypool’s size to begin with at wide receiver so the sample is super limited. He explodes off the ground, gets up quickly and maintains top-notch body control when playing the football. Separation, or the lack of, can be about a lack of speed or quickness, but it can also be about poor technique. With Claypool this is more like a pitcher that throws 97 and has two wicked off-speed pitches but can’t throw strikes as a young player because he has poor technique.

He has a lower floor than other wideouts in the class because of the raw aspects of his game, but if he goes to a team with a patient coaching staff, a strong receivers coach and an accurate quarterback he could turn out to be one of the best offensive players in this draft class. Claypool is likely to be challenged with plenty of contact at the release and catch point in the NFL, making it necessary for him to continue to showcase his physical demeanor and win in tightly contested situations. He finds success in contested situations and has the ability to out-muscle most defenders. Many analysts focus on his inability to get separation (see below), but there isn’t enough emphasis put on how his size can mitigate that. 5 Most Surprising Performances From The 2020 NFL Combine, Chase Claypool And The Pursuit Of Happiness, Prospect Menu: Best NFL Team Fits For Prospects In Stanford vs. Notre Dame. Brown and Corey Davis blossom last year. If Claypool is a top-three round pick, I am going to have a very hard time not being all-in on him. That combination alone gives him one of the widest catch radius’ in the class when up against tight coverage, his size and length allow Claypool to get up and make plays on the ball. When a team drafts Claypool they aren’t just adding a pass catcher to the roster. You can see his hoops background in this part of his game. COMBINE REVIEW: Claypool answered a lot of questions at the NFL Scouting Combine when he ran a 4.42 and showed outstanding explosiveness. His size and ball skills make him a tough matchup for corners, and his athleticism and strength allows him to thrive in matchups against linebackers and safeties. Claypool also brings a lot of versatility and position flexibility to the table as he’s played in multiple receiver positions for the Irish as well as a lot of special teams for Notre Dame as well. Create, share, and brag over your own big board now. Claypool needs a lot of technique work (see below), but his strength makes it hard for corners to knock him off his path, allows him to out-play defenders for the football and gives Claypool the ability to thrive in matchups against linebackers and safeties. With that said, separation quickness, release technique and inconsistent catching technique are notable items to be concerned with when projecting him to the next level. According to Pro Football Focus, Claypool generated 14 missed tackles this season and racked up 358 yards after the catch. Wide Receiver Prospects: Stop Running 3-Cones, Draft Dudes- Rookie QB's, AFC Playoff Picture and A Tight Draft Order, TDN Fantasy Podcast: NFL Week 11 Breakdown, Fantasy Football Week 12 Waiver Wire: Add These Players, Fantasy Football: 20 Thoughts Recapping Week 11.

It requires a more accurate quarterback, but Claypool is a hard player to stop because of his size. his career totals are 150 catches for 2,159 yards and 19 touchdowns, but 13 of his scores came in 2019, his senior season in which he not only led the Independent League in receiving touchdowns scored but in touchdowns scored in general. This is important because poor technique can hinder speed, especially with big receivers, and that is the case with Claypool. Wonder who the Top Experts Picked? With that said, separation quickness, release technique and inconsistent catching technique are notable items to be concerned with when projecting him to the next level. Lacks ideal agility to truly create separation at the top of routes and he has considerably more success when runways are created for him to gain leverage. Fantasy Football Week 6 Rookie Stock Watch, NFL Offensive Rookies Of Week 5: Powered By Panini.

Click on the link below for more. At the top of his stem he just drifts inside, which allows the cornerback to easily recover and get back with him. With a pick value of 100th overall, his comps are in the Nick Toon, Gary Jennings, Chris Conley tier of player. Join the Irish Breakdown community! He is now one of my favorite prospects based on what I expect him to cost in dynasty rookie drafts not solely because of his combine but also because of where we can expect him to be drafted. Few receivers in this class have his combination of size, strength and speed. A combination of all three is ideal, and that’s Claypool. Other than for Darius Slayton, the dynamic rookie "steal" of the fifth round, no one consistently separated down the field. Get EXCLUSIVE Free Picks, Special NEWSLETTER ONLY Offers, He started in the slot as a sophomore, was the outside field receiver as a junior and played mostly in the boundary as a senior. He was playing behind future Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Miles Boykin but outproduced Saints tight end Alize Mack. Strengths: Claypool is built like a brick house, standing 6’4”, 238 pounds with an 80* wingspan. See Who The Experts Picked To Win This One. That could knock him back a bit more than his skills and production would otherwise dictate, but there are parts of his game that are unique in this draft class. The red flags exist for sure; he is not an early declare and will be 22 in his first season in the NFL. It really started to become a focal point of his game late in his junior season, but it really took off as a senior. touchdowns.

Claypool’s combination of height and wingspan give him one of the widest catch radius’s in the draft. Uses the sidelines well, plays with outstanding body control and tracks the pass in the air. The Titans are sure they’ve found their QB of the future in Ryan Tannehill, and if you go by what we saw in an abbreviated 2019 schedule, he’d be a good QB for accurately pinpoint Claypool with a 70.3% completion percentage. There are snaps where Claypool shows the ability to sink his hips on in-breaking and out-breaking stop routes, but he doesn’t do it consistently enough. Teams that are smart enough to do the former will have him high on their board, and the team that pulls the trigger on Claypool will get a player with rare traits. Where he really emerged was his final season, where he became the clear #1 in the Notre Dame passing offense. ATHLETICISM: When I first started reading outside analysis of Claypool prior to the combine I was shocked to see evaluators mention athleticism as a knock for Claypool. If the NFL does not value Claypool enough to draft him in the second or third round, my pre-draft positional will definitely be irrational exuberance.

Claypool’s size and strength also makes him a highly effective blocker when he’s focused on it. Follow full coverage of Chase Claypool during the 2020 NFL Draft on A case could be made that timing and the ability to quickly get off the ground as a leaper is just as important, if not more important, than the actual distance off the ground a receiver gets. The snaps were limited, but there were times when he made defensive backs look silly in press coverage this season. Would not call him a natural hands catcher and he prefers to guide it into his frame. Claypool uses his size well to box out defenders, giving himself the best possible chance at coming down with the ball. Makes good adjustments running routes against zone, showcasing good pace and timing. He finds success in contested situations and has the ability to out-muscle most defenders. Chris has written about professional and collegiate sports for more than 3 years. 2021 NFL Draft TDN100: 5 Biggest October Risers, 2021 NFL Draft Targets Giants Fans Should Watch On 10/3. The film watchers mostly agree that Claypool has physical tools needed to be an NFL player.

But he's not just a sure-handed receiver; Claypool seems to relish the downfield blocking aspect of the game, which is just as important when it comes to the game. Does well to extend his catch radius, particularly above the rim. It also factors into why he’s such an effective player on special teams. During his first three seasons it was consistency of focus, technique, finish and effort. Still, Claypool has a lot of upside for a team willing to work with him and help shape him into a viable receiver. Should The NFL Move The Combine Out Of Indianapolis? This is a perfect example of Claypool's overall raw game. Are they going to rank him based on his overall strengths (size, power, production, testing numbers) and view him as someone that they can refine from a technical standpoint?

In the above clip there is zero nuance to Claypool's release and route, and I would never use this for teaching tape with a wide receiver, unless it was an example of what not to do.

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