60 percent are very or somewhat concerned, while 40 percent are not at all concerned about losing their job. FOCUS OF BUSH ADMINISTRATION:(Registered Voters)Too much on Iraq 47% Too much on al Qaeda 4% Balance about right 44%. THE CANDIDATES, THE VOTE AND IRAQVoters' opinions of the war are strongly tied to their vote preference for president. About nine in ten Republican voters and Democratic voters will vote for their party's candidate in November. Ron Klain, a longtime Democratic adviser, will serve as Biden's first chief of staff. A majority -- 52 percent -- of voters have confidence in Dick Cheney to be an effective President if necessary, while 37 percent do not -- probably reflecting the close partisan division in the poll, and not necessarily Cheney's experience as Vice President. KERRY VS. BUSH VS. NADER: CHOICE IN NOVEMBER(Registered Voters). (1195 LV), Los Views on Iraq are clearly mirrored in the race: nearly eight in ten voters who think the U.S. should have stayed out of Iraq -- including most independents who say this -- are backing John Kerry, while seven in ten of those who say the war was the right thing to do plan to side with Bush in November. CONFIDENCE IN BUSH TO PROTECT U.S. FROM TERRORISM(Registered voters)A lotNow 52%Pre-debate 50%. Research (745 LV), CNN/USAT/Gallup But the children in her neighborhood had a sweet Halloween surprise for her. THE NEXT DEBATE: EDWARDS VS. CHENEYTuesday night the two candidates for Vice President will meet in their debate. 85 percent of those who think the U.S. should have stayed out of Iraq plan to cast their vote for Kerry. Dyn. "Time to set a new and BIGGER Goal for 2021.". Correspondent Martha Teichner takes a look at this divide, and what it means for our nation moving forward. (788 LV), Time 3-Way U.S INVOLVEMENT IN IRAQ IS …(Registered Voters)Creating more terrorists 45%Eliminating terrorists 27% Having no effect 19%. Times (678 LV), CNN/USAT/Gallup Ron Klain to serve as Biden's chief of staff, Democrat Cal Cunningham concedes North Carolina Senate race, Georgia secretary of state announces hand recount of presidential race, Pentagon upheaval in Trump's final weeks in office, Here's Why People Don't Buy Global Warming. 54 percent of Independents now say Kerry has strong leadership qualities, up from 47 percent before the debate. Angeles Times (881 LV), Marist His overall approval rating among all Americans is now 47 percent. Kerry trailed Bush by eight points the week before. Militias take aim at gun laws: "It's about shooting tyrants in the face", Live Updates: Biden names chief of staff as team takes shape, 6 Americans among 8 peacekeepers killed in helicopter crash, Whistleblower: VA failed to assess vets for traumatic brain injuries, Eta dumps torrents of rain Florida; man electrocuted, Watch Live: Officials nationwide give COVID updates as cases surge, Biden plans sweeping reversal of Trump's immigration agenda, Russia says vaccine 92% effective as 4 doctors who got it catch COVID, A first-hand look at ballot counting in Pennsylvania. But while it survived a Great Depression, World War II, 9/11 and Amazon, it has struggled during the era of COVID-19. A 12-year-old boy in Iowa is making a bid to be the MVP of his community by helping people affected by a massive storm. for the same field data, RealClearPolitics will use the Washington Kerry made up some -- but not all -- of the ground he lost on belief that he possesses strong qualities of leadership since his nominating convention. Only 3 percent of voters volunteer terrorism. First published on October 4, 2004 / 5:49 PM, The former president will return to CBS News to speak with Gayle King for "CBS Sunday Morning," and Scott Pelley for "60 Minutes.". 48 percent now say Bush has been spending most of his time attacking Kerry, up from 44 percent before the debate. WAS SADDAM HUSSEIN PERSONALLY INVOLVED IN THE ATTACKS OF SEPTEMBER 11? Since 1935 the Van Winkles, of Louisville, has been producing a whiskey now so sought-after that a single bottle may fetch thousands of dollars on the resale market.

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