[2] The cottage had a small amount of surrounding agricultural land, perhaps 2 or three acres, from which the resident gained his livlihood and sustenance. The province is home to over half the population of Pakistan, and is the world's fifth-most populous subnational entity, and the most populous outside China or India.Punjabis are a heterogeneous group comprising different tribes, clans (Urdu: برادری‎) and communities. 6. Weather extremes are notable from the hot and barren south to the cool hills of the north. What Eastern Canadians refer to as "cottages" (seasonal-use dwellings), are generally referred to as "cabins" in most of North America. The fairs and festivals of Punjab reflect the entire gamut of its folk life and cultural traditions. A labourer's or fisherman's one-roomed house, often attached to a larger property, is a particular type of cottage and is called a penty. Rainy season (July to September). However, Alexander had to encounter and reduce the tribes on the border of Punjab before entering the luxuriant plains. [56] It occupies 25.8% of the total landmass of Pakistan. accommodation meaning in Punjabi: ਰਿਹਾਇਸ਼ | Learn detailed meaning of accommodation in Punjabi dictionary with audio prononciations, definitions and usage. One of its instructors was the Mauryan statesman and philosopher Chanakya. For the popular taste however, light music, particularly Ghazals and folk songs, which have an appeal of their own, the names of Mehdi Hassan, Ghulam Ali, Nur Jehan, Malika Pukhraj, Farida Khanum, Roshen Ara Begum, and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan are well-known. In 1758 Raghunath Rao, the general of the Hindu Maratha Empire, conquered Lahore and Attock. [73] The list of thinktanks, political organisations, cultural projects, and individuals that demand authorities at the national and provincial level to promote the use of the language in the public and official spheres includes: The population of Punjab (Pakistan) is estimated to be 97.21% Muslim with a Sunni Hanafi majority and Shia Ithna 'ashariyah minority.

Only a few monthly literary magazines constitute Punjabi press in Pakistan". info); lit. ' During the rapid urbanisation in the 1950s and 1960s, many families were able to retain their old farmhouses, village cottages and fisherman cabins and convert them into vacation houses. Multibhashi’s Punjabi-English Dictionary will help you find the meaning of different words from Punjabi to English like the meaning of Sanadara, The Meaning of Mōhaka and from English to Punjabi like the meaning of Awesome, The meaning of Adorable etc. ", "This shows that Taxila was a seat not of elementary, but higher, education, of colleges or a university as distinguished from schools. Entrance Examinations (PU, DU, KU, HPU, AIL, Pbi. Choose a translucent powder to 'blend' with your skin tone and apply with a puff or brush.

Punjab has been the cradle of civilisation since time immemorial. [citation needed]. [35][36][37] Agriculture flourished and trading cities (such as Multan and Lahore) grew in wealth. [19] Its human development index rankings are high relative to the rest of Pakistan. [31] Tools up to two million years old have been recovered in the potohar plateau.

The Indo-Scythians seem to have been followers of Buddhism, and many of their practices apparently continued those of the Indo-Greeks. Average rainfall annual ranges between 96 cm sub-mountain region and 46 cm in the plains. Are we to live or perish forever? S. (2009). Syed Ahmad Barelvi was an Indian Muslim who declared Jihad against the Sikhs by garnering support from local Pashtun tribesmen and attempted to create an Islamic state with strict enforcement of Sharia. [52], Maharaja Ranjit Singh's death in the summer of 1839 brought political chaos and the subsequent battles of succession and the bloody infighting between the factions at court weakened the state.

Reports have 4,172 new cottages built in 2005. In 1823 Azim Khan took control of Peshawar and with support from Pashtun tribesmen faced off against the encroaching Khalsa army in the Battle of Nowshera. The use of Urdu and English as the near exclusive languages of broadcasting, the public sector, and formal education have led some to fear that Punjabi in Pakistan is being relegated to a low-status language and that it is being denied an environment where it can flourish. Mihirakula became a "terrible persecutor" of the Buddhist religion. Saraiki is mostly spoken in south Punjab,[65] and Pashto, spoken in some parts of north west Punjab, especially in Attock District and Mianwali District near Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

[93][94], Basant is a seasonal festival and is celebrated as a spring festival of kites. Cultural and research institutes: Punjabi Adabi Board, the Khoj Garh Research Centre, Punjabi Prachar, Institute for Peace and Secular Studies, Adbi Sangat, Khaaksaar Tehreek, Saanjh, Maan Boli Research Centre, Punjabi Sangat Pakistan, Punjabi Markaz, Sver International. Other crops include rice, sugarcane, millet, corn, oilseeds, pulses, vegetables, and fruits such as kinoo. The peace process between India and Pakistan, which began in earnest in 2004, has helped pacify the situation. All Secretaries report to the Chief Secretary of Punjab, who is usually a BPS-22 Civil Servant. Today, thatched cottages are now mostly built for the tourist industry and many can be let out as accommodation.[7]. Around 20–10 BCE, he made conquests in the former Indo-Scythian kingdom, perhaps after the death of the important ruler Azes. The part of the Punjab now in Pakistan once formed a major region of British Punjab, and was home to a large minority population of Punjabi Hindus and Sikhs up to 1947 apart from the Muslim majority. Its canal-irrigation system established by the British is the largest in the world. The province was formed when the Punjab province of British India was divided along religious boundaries in 1947 by the Radcliffe Line after Partition.[12]. This term typically refers to the north and south shores of Georgian Bay, Ontario; Muskoka, Ontario; Haliburton, Ontario; and the Kawartha Lakes, Ontario; but has also been used to describe several other Canadian regions. Of the five great rivers of Punjab, four course through Pakistan's Punjab province. "Five waters"') is Pakistan's most populous province, with a population of about 110,012,442 as of 2017. The province's economy has quadrupled since 1972.

For the geographical region, see, Religious and seasonal fairs and festivals. Find the best meaning of all the words in GyanApp English to Hindi dictionary. Dube, I.

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