Of course, you’ll also need to consider the color of the fabric you choose. The answer will depend on your needs and preferences.

There is less cutting, and sewing involved in these large widths. The binding is the fabric that is sewn around the outside of a T-shirt quilt.

Don't forget that our quilt backing fabrics are also a great choice for projects like tablecloths, duvets, and more! The other two layers of a quilt are the top, and the batting (the middle layer).

We don't use solid color fabrics as they have a horrible tendency to show lint, pet hair and just everyday use. Please be patient as we fill orders and answer emails.

With these wide widths, there is much less cutting, sewing, and pattern matching involved. We don't use solid color fabrics as they have a horrible tendency to show lint,  pet hair and just everyday use.

Her birthday is coming up, so you can expect another package from me once she decides which tee shirts she wants to memorialize.

Personally, tone-on tone fabrics do not appear as 'flat' as solids. All fabrics are 100% cotton, 104 inches, 106 inches, 108 inches or more. However, selecting the right fabric for the backing is also important. Linen offers a nice textured look and a cool feel.

Cotton has many great benefits.

The fabric is available in a number of colors including gold, olive, red, and chocolate.

The professional quilting shows up beautifully on both the front and the back of the quilt.

Some lines of fabric make 108” width cuts which really do cut down on prep time, cutting, sewing, pinning, gluing, tacking, fabric matching, and more. The Mybecca cotton muslin fabric is a medium weight fabric that is great for use as a quilt backing. Some cottons come in larger widths, to make sewing a quilt backing even easier. Flannel is a great fabric because it is soft, durable, and generally washes well. This flannel fabric is available in a wide range of colors. This will give allowance for the shrinkage and distortions that will creep in during the quilting process. Once you’ve done that, measure the width of your quilt.

Founded in 1984, BestFabricStore.com is pleased to be the best online fabric store in the industry today. Just about any fabric can be used (depending on what type of fabric is used on the top of the quilt).

Quilting cotton fabrics are medium weight fabrics that are made from 100% cotton.

Thus, they’re quite cost effective and convenient. You could also hand wash and air dry your cotton fabrics for the best results.

In addition to being larger than a normal cut of quilting fabric, solid and patterned bed sheets are typically soft, making for extra-cozy quilt backs. Cut the pieces of fabric to the length of your quilt. For crib-size quilts like the Baby Boy Quilt pictured above, you’ll often be able to using a single cut of fabric to cover the entire quilt back. Quilting cotton is a popular choice for quilt backing.
The fabric is very well made and the color options and designs are lovely. For larger quilts, you may need to piece together two cuts of backing fabric to make a quilt backing that’s large enough for your quilt. The Pinwheel and Prairie Point Baby Quilt is one example of a pieced quilt backing. Best Fabric for Quilt Backing. It’s a nice product to consider if you want to experiment with Essex linen fabrics.

It’s great for making baby quilting projects. It’s generally durable, easy to care for, versatile, and easy to sew with. Before you start sewing, you’ll need to calculate the yardage length for a single piece. Other fabrics like muslin  and flannel can also be good choices. For the sake of this article, I’m going to use it to refer to when you use the same 44″-wide fabric to create your quilt backing using one or two seams. Thank you so much!
In order to make the most of your available fabric, it’s best to use vertical seams for quilts that are larger than 60 inches in width, and horizontal seams for smaller quilts. You should also consider the thread colors (or choose from our list of the best invisible thread) you plan to use for the quilting. Buying large quantities of fabric might be hard to budget for, but the good news is that quilting cotton can generally be purchased even on a tight budget.

We are also proud to offer a 5 to 10 business day turnaround on professional-quality custom drapes and more — all at wholesale prices. New York.

Thus, it’s a unique fabric that you can use for different quilting projects. This fabric would be perfect for backing a flannel quilt. If you would like the quilting to stand out on the back, it’s best to choose a fabric with a solid color. They usually come in pieces that are only 44 inches wide. Even doing a double or twin quilt backing can be a real process. Nonetheless, piecing scraps together can be interesting compared to the other quick and easy options. The old adage about getting what you pay for is true. You have them from the hospital where you were born, grade school and high school. Like other lines, this fabric come sin 108” widths that make doing quilt backing less time consuming. This quilting cotton is comes in 108” widths, which makes backing far easier. The sports teams or clubs you were in during high school. Quilting stitches will show up differently only minky fabric than on regular quilting cotton, and the thicker texture may even make it more forgiving. This makes patterned fabrics are a great option! Brown Minky Baby via Bluprint member Hemmed In. 108″ Wide Cotton Blenders.

Some quilters choose to decorate their quilt backs with some blocks featured on the quilt front, or just use several cuts of quilting cotton.

document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); We sell only the best brands including Timeless Treasures Fabrics, Robert Kaufman Fabrics, & Wilmington Prints. We truly hope you find value on our blog, and are here to help if you have any questions! 4. How do you select a t-shirt quilt maker?

These backing fabrics are designed to coordinate with our exclusive collection prints, but can be used for any project! The steel-colored fabric is made from 100% cotton. Pinwheel and Prairie Point Baby Quilt via Bluprint member Amanda. Up Next: The Best Thread For Free-Motion Hand Quilting.

Black is the exception, we do use a deep, dark saturated black as an accent border. These fabrics tend to hold their shape even after a lot of washing. If its oversized it can be trimmed and the scraps incorporated into the front quilt pattern, Enter in your email and password to create a FREE account. Generally, the binding fabric used is the same fabric as used on the back and/or border of the quilt.

Hopefully, we have got our ducks in a row and everything works great. We are quilt-makers and quality of YOUR finished quilt is very important to us. The product is sold by the yard and cut to order. He is so very thrilled.

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