Ella Fitzgerald Kirk Hammett begins by tapping all over the place, then he throws some power chords atop Lars Ulrich’s machine-gun drumming. Sorry. Friday night in San Francisco (Di Meola – De Lucia – McLaughin)

Amazing list, though very anglosaxen. 50) "Shock Me" (Ace Frehley) - Kiss Alive II, 1977 Yes, I lot of great players but the list is incomplete without Ted Greene. Absolutely indispensable. Russ Freeman? Top 10 Best Jazz Guitar Solos ( + 10 Licks), Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) – Nancy Sinatra. Benson earned some success at jazz indie label CTI, but it was when he signed to Warner Bros in 1975, and started singing on his records as well as playing guitar, that his career truly exploded. Ritchie Blackmore Highway Star, Lady Double Dealer, Burn, Kill The King, on and on and on….Michael Schenker Rock Bottom, Lights Out, Desert Song, Rock You To The Ground…on and on and on…Everyone has their own list I suppose. Louis Armstrong & His Hot Seven He was a self-taught guitar player and a damn good one, too. I love two of his arrangements in particular: Unity and Latin Quarter. Dancing With the Moonlit Knight “Eight Miles High” sees The Byrds in full flight, forever changing the possibilities of electric 12-string and inventing the “raga rock” subgenre. You can usually tell when these lists are written by someone who doesn’t play guitar. Terry Kath,probably the best guitar player of his time, Gary Moore so underrated, no Clem Clemson… and too much Harrison with all the love we can have… It’s not a real and believable list. Not even ONE? Elvin Jones in 1957 (photo by Francis Wolff/Mosaic Images), Soloist: Rahsaan Roland Kirk This was the Los Angeles-born guitarist’s tribute to guitar great Wes Montgomery. Ranked as the 8th best jazz guitar solo of all time by our readers, “I’ll See You In My Dreams” is a classic Django improvisation. A member of the 60s LA session mafia dubbed The Wrecking Crew, this guitar master was originally from Tuskegee, Oklahoma, and came to prominence in the 50s, both as a leader and a sideman (he famously accompanied singer Julie London on her 1955 LP, Julie Is Her Name, which featured ‘Cry Me A River’). Too far outside for these folks. I might have included the Pizzarelli’s in lieu of some other entries.. That makes a great improvisation, no matter the music or style. Miles keeps it simple, like it’s a new melody [draws his finger horizontally].”, You can see what Fresu means: There’s a moment around 1:45 into the tune (00:15 into the solo) when Miles plays five straight, stuttering D’s in a row, tying together one phrase with the next across a huge pause, defining a straight horizontal line: so simple and so rhythmically hip.

Unnecessary. THE LIST GOES ON AND ON. He later put it to good use with both Elvises (Presley and Costello) but few of his solos were iconic as this one. Danny Gatton – Les Paul – Chet Atkins – Attila Zoller – Joe Puma – Chuck Wayne – Tal Farlow – Billy Butler – Jimmy Raney ? Over-all, while the placement of some of the players is not where I would have placed them, Barney Kessel, Herb Ellis, Kenny Burrel, Jimmy Raney, Johnny SMith, George Benson, West Montgomery, Bucky pizzareli, Freddie “Fatha’ Time” Green, Grant Green, and Jimmy Bruno would round out the top eleven or so, with Jimmy Bruno at the top of the list, especially considering his swing feel, his ability to dig in to the rhythm unlike most other guitarists, his freakish, top percentile speed and dexterity, his musicality, his tone, and phrasing. This drum solo is a 9 minute musical journey that has everything you … Not a jazz guitarist, but influenced by jazz. He revisited those days with a 90s comeback album; the title tune finds his powers intact and gives him more time to solo than the early singles did.. You get your producer and guitar wizard to simulate the effect, which he then uses as the jumping-off point for a speed-demon guitar solo – exactly what a track about the power of teenage hormones calls for. The lick then goes into a new melody, melody 2, as Wes completes the four-bar phrase. Your overlooking Jesse Ed in the Taj Mahal band…Statesboro Blues, Leaving Trunk, etc. He was a DownBeat magazine poll winner in the mid-50s and worked with Red Morvo, Artie Shaw, Stan Getz, Lalo Schifrin, Eddie Harris and Cal Tjader. Martino should be in top 3, easily. Despite his membership in the Wrecking Crew, Glen Campbell wasn’t a flashy player by nature.

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