I also recommend revisiting my Bandcamp roundups from March, May, June, July, August, September, and October—they total hundreds of releases, which ought to be enough music to drown out the ceaseless updates about ballot counts for as long as you need. Lama Lobsang Palden and Jim Becker, Compassion, Pool Holograph, Love Touched Time and Time Began to Sweat, Frankie "Hollywood" Rodriguez, 555 soundtrack, Dayna Stephens Quartet, Right Now! livingdarknessmetal.bandcamp.com/album/the-bishop. Since March, when the Covid-19 crisis flattened the livelihoods of many in the music business, Bandcamp has held a monthly holiday in which it waives its full revenue share on all sales. It's a small thing, but so-called Bandcamp Fridays can make a real difference for independent musicians and labels—and the next one is coming up on November 6. Metal Assault Records has premiered a … Bandcamp will forgo its usual cut of revenue on Friday November 6, making it a perfect time to pick up some new music and give some artists a little more money. Digipack CDs, t-shirts, posters and digital downloads are available now via seasleeper.bandcamp.com. Avaialble Friday November 13th. 2 and Vol. The new teachers’ union fears the administration is treating them like commodities, not inspirations. Watch the video premiere on Mosh Pit Nation, and while you’re at it, pre-order the album. Nonlocal Forecast, Holographic Universe(s?)! In keeping with a monthly tradition that began in April, Bandcamp will wave its sales fee today, so that all money spent on the site from midnight to midnight PDT goes to labels and artists. Mr. Bungle, The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo, Aquiles Navarro & Tcheser Holmes, Heritage of the Invisible II, Tawny Newsome & Bethany Thomas, Material Flats. Here’s a quick rundown. 3. 5. The 12-track project features Maassai’s sharp lyricism over JWords’ whirling, experimental soundscape. With his next album, he wants to make the music he wishes he’d heard as a young man. The Hood’s Got Talent: Vol. Editors' Picks Bandcamp began this practice shortly after COVID-19 brought live music to a halt in March, and listeners spent $4.3 million on the site that first day. Stream on Spotify, purchase on iTunes, download for free at, Preorders now OPEN for my next album “GREENBACK”, official release Friday 4th December 2020 first available track is called “MISSING”, asking my law school peers if they're familiar with bandcamp friday. In my own Bandcamp Friday tradition, I've rounded up links to the past month's Reader coverage of music you can buy through the platform. Bandcamp Friday, which falls on November 6th this month, has successfully directed millions of fans’ dollars to […] 7. Since May, the first Friday of each month has been "Bandcamp Friday," and they'll continue at least through December. I'm not going to pretend I'm thinking about much besides yesterday's election. 3 by Metal Assault Records, Never Without The Pentagram by Hvile I Kaos & Emerson Sinclair, Metal Assault Mixtape: Vol. Five new online mixes chart the evolution of the hip-hop beat into a freestanding art form. Stay connected to our city’s pulse by joining the Reader Revolution. | Music Feature. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 8 months and did not know, here’s the deal. Fri, Nov 06, 2020 LOGIN Subscribe Through all of today (until 11:59 PM Pacific Time), Bandcamp is waiving its revenue share, and letting us keep 100% of our sales revenue. The production duo discuss the classic hip-hop, soul, gospel, and jazz records that inspired the reverent sonic collage on their debut album. The idea was an immediate hit. The calendar dates for 2020’s remaining Bandcamp Fridays are: August 7th, September 4th, October 2nd, November 6th, and, just in time for the holidays, December 4th. SEA SLEEPER – Nostophobia: Portland, Oregon progressive death metal band and newest MAR signee Sea Sleeper has unveiled a spectacular music video for “Old Guard”, the lead single off of their debut album Nostophobia (releasing February 5 2021 via MAR). Show your support for all things MAR and wear this explosive shirt loud and proud. This month's haul of indie artists to support features studious jazz nerds, underground r&b royalty, rap dynamos, and so much more. This week’s featured gig poster was created by local artist and musician Jay Ryan. 1 is a power-packed mixtape compilation of 14 brand new tracks spotlighting 9 killer heavy metal bands, all based out of Los Angeles. For these 24-hour periods, the beloved digital music retailer passes along its usual 10 to 15 percent share of sales revenue. Bask in the glory of the “Pentahead” music video below, and head over to oldbloodgroup.bandcamp.com to get yourselves some goodies. by Veronica Irwin • 08/06/2020 12:16 pm - … Rich Jones & Montana Macks, How Do You Sleep at Night? In case you've been living under a rock for the last 8 months and did not know, here's the deal. Metal Assault Records has premiered a bunch of new music and launched a whole host of new merchandise items to coincide with Bandcamp Friday. 2 by Metal Assault Records, Metal Assault Mixtape: Vol. These guides not only provide helpful windows into the rich trove of music on Bandcamp but also double as cross sections of the Reader's archives of great music writing. 1. Our album ‘Live at London Astoria’ will be available for the first time as a digital download on November 6, for Bandcamp commission-free Friday. HAUNTED GARAGE – Slenderman … and Other Strange Tales [Expanded EP]: The first full-length release from the LA horror punk / shock rock / heavy metal legends in 30 years, plus the band’s first vinyl offering in just as long! Bandcamp began this practice shortly after COVID-19 brought live music to a halt in March, and listeners spent $4.3 million on the site that first day. ROADRASH – Self-Titled 7″ Test Press: We released this Canadian speed metal band’s self-titled 7″ earlier this year, and now for the first time, we are putting up the test pressings for this release up for sale. Not ready to commit? This week’s featured gig poster was designed by the folks at Experimental Sound Studio. Through all of today (until 11:59 PM Pacific Time), Bandcamp is waiving its revenue share, and letting us keep 100% of our sales revenue. Lineup (in alphabetical order): Attack Of The Rising 24 Hours only starting at Midnight Tonight EST. Jim Baker, Keefe Jackson, and Julian Kirshner, CSO Sessions Episode 3: Stravinsky, Saint-Georges, & Dvořák, The Daily Reader, Early Warnings, and Food & Drink e-mails, The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo, Love Touched Time and Time Began to Sweat, Jim Baker, Keefe Jackson, and Julian Kirshner, Time to jump on the Bandcamp stuff you’ve been waiting to buy, The pandemic is still with us, so Bandcamp day is too, Another chance for a Bandcamp binge to help musicians, This Friday’s ‘Bandcamp day’ benefits more than the artists, Hardcore four-piece Wrong War show Trumpism the door, Rising drill star King Von refines his storytelling and stunting on, The cosmic egg hatches on the gig poster of the week, If enough of us celebrate Independent Venue Week, we might have one next year too, Rapbrarian Roy Kinsey finds his voice in queer hip-hop, A monument to Pierre Kezdy on the gig poster of the week. 4. The Hood's Got Talent: Vol. Jim Baker, Keefe Jackson, and Julian Kirshner, So Glossy and So Thin, Nate Barksdale, Summer Was Over Before It Started, Chris Connelly and Jessica Gallo, "Prayer" (tribute to Bill Rieflin), Fraxiom, Music and Feeling Cool and Normal, Zachary Good and Lia Kohl, Standing Lenticular, Growing Concerns Poetry Collective, Big Dark Bright Futures, Mary Halvorson's Code Girl, Artlessly Falling, Judith Hamann, Shaking Studies and Music for Cello and Humming. Bandcamp Friday is back. Released on October 30, and featuring the original ‘Slenderman’ EP along with brand new songs and special bonus tracks. Chicago pop wiz Luke Titus steps out from behind his drum kit, Bless the Mad share their private pantheon of Black Chicago music, Chicago extreme music pioneers Macabre release their first album in nearly a decade. 3, and existing digital releases and physical stock items from WARWIND, THE BLUE PRISON, HVILE I KAOS, EMERSON SINCLAIR, SOLAR HAZE and DAWN FADES available via the MA bandcamp as well. Live at the Village Vanguard, Verbal Kent & the Other Guys, The Blade of the Short Cut  v, Tags: Music Feature, Bandcamp, Bandcamp day, Bandcamp Friday, Angry Blackmen, Jim Baker, Keefe Jackson, and Julian Kirshner, Nate Barksdale, BBsitters Club, Bless the Mad, Brandy, Chris Connelly and Jessica Gallo, Contorno, Cordoba, Crippled Black Phoenix, Food House, Fraxiom, Gabriel Garzón-Montano, Zachary Good and Lia Kohl, Laura Jane Grace, Growing Concerns Poetry Collective, Mary Halvorson’s Code Girl, Judith Hamann, Loraine James, Mohawk Johnson, Rich Jones & Montana Macks, Adrianne Lenker, Lifeguard, Molasses, Mooner, Sen Morimoto, Mr. Bungle, Aquiles Navarro & Tcheser Holmes, Tawny Newsome & Bethany Thomas, No Slogan, Nonlocal Forecast, Optic Sink, Lama Lobsang Palden and Jim Becker, Pallbearer, Pool Holograph, Frankie “Hollywood” Rodriguez, Secret Drum Band, Shamir, Sheet Ghosts, Matthew Shipp Trio, Spirit Adrift, Star, Dayna Stephens Quartet, Sumac, Sun Ra Arkestra, Tricky, Jeff Tweedy, The Twilite Tone, Quattracenta, Distort Midwest 2020, Mini MIDI Mixtape, New Neighborhoods, Verbal Kent & the Other Guys. 1 by Metal Assault Records. Happy Bandcamp Friday! Copyright(c) 2020 https://tweet-per-sec.com/ All rights reserved. Thank you for your support! 1: Metal Assault Records is collaborating with fellow LA label Candlepower Records for a few releases, and this is the first of them. metalassault.bandcamp.com/merch/metal-assault-classic-logo-t-shirt-pre-order. They released their debut project today, right in time for Bandcamp Friday. A collectors’ bundle including a Haunted Garage logo patch, logo pin, and the original ‘Slenderman’ EP on CD is also available. 2. SQUASHED BEEF dropping black friday on bandcamp 4 tracks of lettuce tomato pickles onions gore grinding cheeseburger madness, When bands hand deliver bandcamp Friday merch to yr front door (sorry I missed you, Days after the election was called for Joe Biden, President Trump continues to falsely maintain that he “will win.”, Here Comes This Dreamer: The Audiobook. hauntedgarage.bandcamp.com/album/slenderman-and-other-strange-tales-expanded-ep. Temple Lit Soul We speak Chicago to Chicagoans, but we couldn’t do it without your help. Three Sixes THE HOOD’S GOT TALENT – Vol. What’s more, they have launched a new two-album vinyl bundle which gives the newly initiated a chance to pick up both of their LPs at a bundle price. 50% of proceeds from all sales of the new t-shirt as well as its corresponding t-shirt + album CD bundle will go to the Child Mind Institute. OLD BLOOD – “Pentahead”: The LA psychedelic doom unit has unveiled another stunning new music video for a song off of their recently released sophomore full-length Acid Doom, and this one might well be their most ambitious one till date, complete with stop-motion animation. Every dollar you give helps us continue to explore and report on the diverse happenings of our city. Happy Bandcamp Friday! We cover a ton of ground in the music section, so I suspect you'll be able to discover at least one new release to love. To complement IVW's live programming, the. Music LIVING DARKNESS – “Darkest Moments Make You Stronger” T-Shirt for Mental Health Awareness: LA traditional heavy metal group Living Darkness has launched a new t-shirt design specially to raise funds for Mental Health Awareness. Warwitch, metalassault.bandcamp.com/album/the-hoods-got-talent-vol-1. Only 4 copies in stock! MX Machine The entire album has been released digitally as of today.

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