The idea of the ‘weary' flower seeking where the ‘traveller's journey is done' sounds attractive and the ‘Ah!' His tone is sad, meditative and intimate; it is, nevertheless, unemotional.

He felt that the desire for eternity was not noble but belonged to those who have not had the courage to face their other desires. In Ah! Copyright © 2020 - All rights reserved.

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Among other issues involved in reading a poem, the issue of discerning and determining inner experience in the web of words has assumed pivotal importance.

Garden City, NY. Their dreaming to go to the golden land speaks of their innocence. These words also suggest his desire, waiting and dismay.

Lethbridge Undergraduate Research Journal. What new ideas about this theme do you gain from this poem. The narrator, in the second stanza, reveals that the flower “countest steps of the Sun”. Bloom, Harold. Basically we have to remember that it is not the poet, but the poetic persona in a fictional text that attracts the attention of a reader. The third line depicts the sun's desire to go to the “sweet golden clime” where the journey would come to an end. Since the sun is traditionally seen as the source of life, the sunflower can also be used as an image which affirms life. Shah, Bilal A.

He is sensitive, intelligent and lover of Nature. According to how you read the poem, this positive tone continues, if the ‘sweet golden clime' is the place where the youth and virgin ‘Arise from their grave' and regain their desires (‘aspire'), which is what the sunflower wishes for. The buried lover and the Virgin arise from their respective graves and surprisingly wish to go to that land which is coveted by the flower-the land where they lived and where they come to life again, but paradoxically the land turns to be their graveyard. Songs of Innocence and Experience » Ah! In Christianity the sun's rising in the east is seen as a sign of the resurrection and, therefore, of eternal life. In this context, the sunflower's turning to the sun denotes longing for eternal life, rather than affirmation of this one.

He is either a traveller in possession of an individual identity, unraveling one more dimension of the poem or is the sun himself.

Some recent theories of literary criticism based on the concepts of structural linguistics have undoubtedly opened new vistas of literary comprehension and appreciation, sidelining the traditional, impressionistic and representational modes of interpretation. Sunflower". Blake attacks the approach of some forms of contemporary Christianity. The lines: indicate desolation of the sun flower's heaven-like dream which is realizable by the presence of the sun flower, changes into the cold winter in which snow becomes a “shroud”. Their studies as such are interpretations, fragmentary, desultory and purposive.

Sunflower, Blake combines two common images, but employs them against expectation.

He in a pensive tone informs that the sun flower is weary of the passage of time-”weary of time”.

It also encouraged the denial of sexuality and other powers in the present, in the hope of future reward. While revealing the heartfelt relation with the flower, he keeps an eye on his inner and outer life. He has also ignored a harmonious dramatic situation created by the “traveler”, his “journey, shroud of snow”, the “youth” and “Virgin; their rising from the graves” etc. Shah, Bilal A. . This decayed land is inhabited by a young lover and his beloved (the pale Virgin) who are buried in their graves.

He says that the flower in the poem has the predilection to follow the sun by 'counting' and 'seeking' after that sweet golden clime; thereby affirming “an instance of human aspiration” (1973: 115).

For both of them the dream land turns to be the graveyard. Understanding and Sense: Investigating William Blake's "Ah!

He further relates and extends the meaning to the end of “temporal time”, resulting “in eternity”.

The John Hopkins University Press.

weary of time, Who countest the steps of the Sun: Seeking after that sweet golden clime Where the travellers journey is done.

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