Because Semillon is a full-bodied white wine, it can stand up to different dishes than your typical light and acidic white. Go with it. F&W paired up chardonnays to complement delicious recipes, including the 2010 Foxglove Chardonnay and the smoked-trout salad with mustard dressing. Three pairing ideas for pairing oak-aged wines with food. Food Pairings. An aged Semillon will still have great acidity to cut through the duck fat, but will have gained texture from the aging process so it won’t be overwhelmed by the meat. Dry Semillon Oysters, scallops, prawns and light fish dishes. Enjoy with dessert or some fine handcrafted cheeses. This easy soup recipe has a rich flavor from crab, shrimp and from the savory vegetable stock. Elsey calls Barbera, "One of the most quintessential food friendly wines." This creamy risotto is an excellent savory side dish that you can pair with braised meat recipes. Thank you! Old Australian Semillon can rival the best of Bordeaux, its traditional home, and has become one of the country's benchmark styles. Or should it be the reverse? Chardonnay Semillon Taste Chardonnay Semillon contains hints of citrus, lemon, peach, fig and chamomile. Each recipe cards contains wine pairing suggestions that you can follow to complete a dining experience and to pair with the recipe that you have chosen. A rice and cheese recipe with a taste like a classic risotto but with a twist. This easy paella recipe is loaded with flavor and easier to make for a delicious dinner idea. Wash duck breasts, pat dry and allow to come to room temperature. Food Pairing. I love it poured straight over oysters in their shell. Shante Hutton. You can add some fresh herbs to the pizza after it’s cooked. The fruit from this vintage was selected for its finesse and balance that have allowed me to make a semillon with lots of acid and a fine structure, with age … The recipes are easy to follow and perfect for those homecooks who wants to expand their knowledge on different recipes. Long live Semillon! Get to know the regions and the wines of Napa Valley on this illustrated map. Food Pairing. An excellent recipe for chicken thighs packed with a savory flavor that melts in your mouth. 30 minutes prior to cooking apply rub to both sides of breasts. Three pairing ideas for pairing oak-aged wines with food. Friday, 1 May, 2015. Richer styles of Semillon, or those that have aged, pair better with richer food such as lobster or smoked fish. Elsewhere, Semillon is grown in Italy ( Tuscany), Argentina , Chile , Australia (Hunter Valley), South Africa and in the USA ( California and Washington State) . The grapes are picked early, and the wines are aged in oak, resulting in a complex, dry white wine, that can easily age 10 or 20 years. Sushi lovers, if you’ve never tried sushi paired with a Bordeaux White, I highly recommend you give it a go! As any other condiment, the purpose of wine is to complement or contrast, and in so doing, to highlight some special aspect of the dish, … For today’s Pairing, Sommelier Jenna Briscoe has combined the acidic citrus notes of Lock & Worth Semillon with St. Lawrence’s Citrus Salt, plus our weekly ro Semillon will pair well with Sydney rock oysters, sashimi or simple scallops in the shell. Sometimes it’s useful to understand some of the rules or conventional wisdom behind food and wine pairing, though. Food Pairings. ... For more semillon pairing ideas read this post . Looking for simple recipes that is a perfect semillon food pairing? A light golden dessert wine with very typical Semillon characters of honey blossom, citrus and creme brulee on the nose. Tropical and Balanced. Wine with Banana Crisp Sweet. Food Pairing. Looking for a healthy chicken sandwich recipe? Semillon and spicy food or Asian cuisine is another natural wine and food match. Go with it. As a young varietal, Australian Sémillon is fuller-bodied than a white Bordeaux and has more of the warm climate flavors of apricots and mangoes. March 29, 2013 Posted In Popular Wine Varietals & Styles Wine & Food Pairing Barbera. With correct cellaring this late harvest will age exceptionally well. Shante Hutton. Pop some bottles of rich white wine and pair it with this delicious garlic crab recipe. James Beard Award-winning author and Wine Communicator of the Year. Although it does go with fish, its fuller body makes it equal to rich sauces, spicy foods and even meats such as chicken and pork. Add the vegetables from sauté pan into cast-iron, shaking the pan to evenly distribute mixture. A Hunter Valley Semillon will pair well with Sydney rock oysters, sashimi or simple scallops in the shell. 11-19-1999, 11:36 AM, #1. anna Registered: Posts: 58 Threads: 26 Joined: Oct 1999 I have a bottle of 1997 L'Ecole No. Plus, learn about the terroir that Semillon grows best in, what wine styles it can produce and what wine regions are having success with this grape variety. Sauternes Food Pairing - 3 Delicious Ways to Pair Sauternes Wine with Food You'll Love - Curious how to pair sweet Sauternes wine from Bordeaux with food? Learn the best regions for growing the white wine and global flavors. A delicious chicken stew recipe with tomato sauce and apples. Fuller and riper, often with a lick of oak, Southern Australian Semillons can take richer fish and shellfish dishes and light meats like chicken and pork - again with an Asian accent. Summary Less. Don’t worry lovers of white wine, we didn’t forget about you! Food and wine pairing can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. As the wine ages, it attains a more oily and complex texture, which makes it even better for pairing with food. Syrah is a famous wine that has a wide range of tastes depending on where it grows. March 29, 2013 Posted In Popular Wine Varietals & Styles Wine & Food Pairing Barbera. Posted by Fiona Beckett on April 4 2017 at 13:39. It’s “smashing with fish and chips”. Semillon works well with seafood, especially shellfish, pork, veal, chicken, game birds or dishes with cream sauces. Which is a crying shame because a good Semillon is a great wine, giving complexity, length, food-friendliness and distinctly-delicious flavours.

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